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  1. It looks super cool, it's small and you can bring it anywhere. It would be perfect for an Home Cinema Set-Up that i'm currently planning.
  2. Yes, i know FreeNAS uses all the drive space for itself, i was just unsure about it speed and reliability. From what you've said i'd go straight with an USB, but from what djdwosk97 said i simply can't if i wanna use Skylake. And yeah, i've put freenas on a VM and used for a while, that's what made me chose it, i like it a lot and it's great and simple for what i'm doing. Thanks a lot for answering. Thank you really much for the time you spent to answer this. And you configuration is really great, it's 200€ less than what i did, but it's still badass. I might go with Haswell then, i wo
  3. Hello Everyone, so, i am planning to build a new NAS for my personal use and install FreeNAS on it. I've already built some computers, but i have no experience building a NAS or with FreeNAS itself, so i decided to ask here, cause you guys are certainly more experienced that i am and i hope that you can help me make the right decisions. I'll use this NAS mainly for streaming movies with Plex and to store files and other stuff. Here is the components list, i know it may looks overkill, and maybe it is, i'll explain why i chose each component so that you can tell me is it i