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  1. I just Purchased a Chenbro RM41300-FS81 from Newegg. It has 8 pci-e slots and my primitive sketchup models suggest that an XL-ATX that is less than 13" long should be able to fit. I also found the XCase X465E could work; https://www.xcase.co.uk/products/new-x465e-4u-13-expansion-slots-due-20th-feb
  2. Does anyone have any first-hand, or I would accept second-hand, knowledge of a 4u Rackmountable Server Chassis that can hold an XL-ATX motherboard? XL-ATX defined as 13"x11" as the Motherboard I am looking to fit is a Gigabyte TRX40 Designare which states the size as 12.8"x10.6". Any help you may have would be appreciated.
  3. I don't suppose anyone could tell me where to find a replacement M.2 Standoff for my motherboard. I went to install a new M.2 Drive and found I was missing the Standoff, yet I have ~8 M.2 screws. I looked to see if it happened to be under my current M.2 drive, just in case, but alas, it was not so. So I come here, and to the ASRock forums, to ask.
  4. LordVe

    Behringer UM2 Help

    I was hoping someone could assist me with my small issue. I bought the ' XLR setup 1" group from the Top 5 Mics under $50 video. My issue, I can not for the life of me get Windows 10 to switch the UM2 into 1ch 'mode'... So I get the lovely Left Ear only audio from the mic rather than in Both. [Obligatory Steps Taken...] Attempted to use the Official ASIO4All Drivers... Nada (So far as I saw, the 'drivers' are more of a plugin...) Installed WDM Drivers... We have sound, but no 1 channel option in the Default Format dialog.... Spent ~3 hours looking up solutions on Google... Nada that is usable...I think... Any help would be appreciated.
  5. I am 99% sure it is the Ram... I swapped RAM with my MediaPC and thus far the Media PC is the one BSODing and Restarting... My question is: how could memtest86+ and WMD miss the issue with the Ram?
  6. New developments: Swapped out GPU with 1070 from friend's pc. No more, as far as I know, random turnoffs... Instead, we get Page_Faults and IRQL BSODs... So, progress I suppose. Decided to Clean Install win10 to remove possibility of a Driver issue... I am hopeful...
  7. Installed the GPU on the 13th, I think, didn't start having issues until about Wed. Also: Ran a test on the SSD... No issues reported.
  8. The system turns itself off, as though the power were cut. The GFX card that was in the PC before was a 270x. It died. Then used an HD7870 from my server until the new card came in. As a side note: I have had the PC lockup today while doing simple stuff like Solitaire... (Full lockup requireing holding the Power Button.)
  9. Recent change to system: New Video card ~1 week ago. Problem: PC turns off randomly (Think power being cut so no logs) There does not seem to be a trigger to cause the problem Steps taken to attempt to troubleshoot: Cleaned system Reseated all components Ran a 12 hour Stress Test on both CPU and GPU to rule out Overheating Computer: MSI Gaming Pro Carbon X370 Motherboard Ryzen 5 1600X 2x Corsair Vengeance LPX 8gb DDR4 3000 Memory MSI Twin Frozr 1070 Ti EVGA 650 GQ 80+ PSU Mushkin TRIACTOR-3DL - 512GB SSD Win7 Home (I know...) So, a few days ago one of my Computers started to turn off randomly. All temps are well within Range. I have had it turn off immediately after hitting the windows startup screen after a cold-boot once. Thus my problem. Having ruled out, as best as possible, overheating, I haven't the foggiest why the computer would just turn off like that. I would switch out the video card to rule out a bad one, but I haven't an extra to try and it had no issues I could see when being stressed at 100%.
  10. I created a Sketchup Version of his plans, well mostly,,, The parts include the .25" saw Kerf, you will need to adjust for larger/smaller saw Kerf. Until I see Part 2, I can't do the I/O Cutouts nor can I do the mounting holes for the various parts. Sketchup_Linus_Desk_No_LEDTrim.skp
  11. Oddly, the only Innovation that would be needed for this to work would be allowing each panel to have it's own sub-bios while the Processor panel can combine them together. Personally, I would love to buy a modular Motherboard.