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    Planes, Simulation, Gaming, Technology, badminton


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    Core i 7 7700k @5.0 GHZ
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    Asus - STRIX Z270-E GAMING
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    Corsair - Vengeance LPX 16GB @ 3000
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    Geforce GTX 1080
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    NZXT H440
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    2TB Western Digital
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    2x samsung displays
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    NZXT x62 Rev 2
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    MX Master
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    Denon surround sound system
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    Windows 10 Pro
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  1. Yea that is way our of our price range they wanted over 10,000k for a non profit event so we would need a different service
  2. Hello everyone I am with a college business class, we are doing a large online talent show. We want it to be pay-per view and streamed somewhere like YouTube. I know that the YouTube pay-per view isn’t easily accessible. Any ideas?
  3. Yea the thing is that would normally be easy but they just save all of the files in random places and will put the directory for every program in different locations so I didn’t know what best practice would be
  4. Then do you know the best way to get all files off should I just copy the program files and documents folder
  5. Hi all, I am working on new computers for a local school and was upgrading all of the machines there when I stumbled across a few that have windows 7 still installed on them. For this project I have just been swapping the old hard drive into the newly built computer but I know that windows 7 oem versions are tied to the motherboard. If I just use the windows 10 upgrader can I switch to a new mobo then with all of the files or do I have to copy everything over and use a whole new copy of windows
  6. My PC turns on and and I see the windows logo and then the the screens turn black but are still detecting that there is an active input
  7. I am working on this Hp Compaq 4000 pro, that they say during a storm stopped working. When i got this back to my workshop i pluged it into a different power cord and now whenever i press down the power button a light on the front panel comes on. any thoughts and suggestions would help me alot
  8. I have an s8+ and today for no reason it just got unuseably slow. I tried putting it into safe mode but that made little difference and factory reset did nothing
  9. I have an kraken x62 so for all of its controls i use cam. Cam goes through spurts of where it is not finding the cooler, it seems like a pretty common issue. because of this my cpu is idling around 40-50 C. It is normally idling around 30 C
  10. I am having some trouble finding a dual monitor wallpaper that would look good with misaligned monitors. anyone know where i could find one
  11. nah i got the video coming out of the gpu i just needed to use integrated graphics yesterday
  12. Today my computer is having a problem where when i turn it on all the peripherals will turn on but it wont post. I havent changed anything in bios except i turned the igpu on yesterday, but i cant see why that would do anything. anythoughts ? Thanks In Advance