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  1. eugenius

    Best mechanical keyboard for writing ($250)

    Symmetrical is how symmetrical looks. Ok, here's a classic keyboard with good finish and elegant design for you. None of this chintzy led nonsense, a keyboard for grownups: http://www.feenixcollection.com/autore.html If I wasn't sold on ergo, this is the one I'd have.
  2. eugenius

    Best mechanical keyboard for writing ($250)

    Cherry ErgoPlus MX5000. Since you're not going to find one for $250, the truly ergonomic 227. https://trulyergonomic.com/store/truly-ergonomic-mechanical-keyboard-soft-tactile-kailh-cherry-mx-compatible-brown-keyswitches-227-english Here's my setup with the older TE, the real cherry switch version. Pretty symmetrical.
  3. eugenius

    Intel NUC HTPC for 4K

    The first real 4k mini-htpc's are going to be the mini AMD Carrizo pc's. They state Q2 2015 launch. Broadwell doesn't have HDMI 2.0 and Intel doesn't have good reputation with getting sound out of HDMI right. The latest J1900 fanless celerons can't even do bitstreaming right - in 2014. Carrizo will have HDMI 2.0, HSA and a better GPU that most probably will allow madVR. It will also have way better power consumption than previous AMD offerings which were not that bad on idle anyway. On the Intel side I don't know, maybe Skylake. I would be (even more) embarrassing if Skylake will launch without HDMI 2.0. Whatever NUC-like PC I'd get in 2015, I'd want it to be fanless and to have at least HDMI 2.0 and USB-C power input.
  4. You don't maximize. Solved.
  5. The first 2160p monitor that makes sense, the BDM4065UC: http://hexus.net/tech/news/displays/77973-40-inch-philips-brilliance-4k-monitor-launched-549/ Just say no to bad scaling and have extra real estate you can actually use for multiple windows. The TFTCentral review: http://www.tftcentral.co.uk/reviews/philips_bdm4065uc.htm PS: Waiting for the DP 1.2a FreeSync 46" version with near zero input lag (this one has ~20ms). It won't be long now ...
  6. http://www.digitalstormonline.com/bolt-ii.asp Here's the micro gaming system he's been rambling for a long time in his case reviews ... unfortunately it's proprietary. I have to say, for the price they want for it, i would expect it to be completely water-cooled. But that's me.
  7. I'll wait for the tiny bezel 4.5" AMOLED with the 3000mAh battery, 3GB of RAM, good speakers and ... you know, support.
  8. eugenius

    Phanteks Launches TC14S Slim Dual-tower CPU Cooler

    Ok, why so slim a fan? Make it as thick as the space between the towers. Dual behemoths are not needed anyway, not unless you're running lga2011x. Also, AIO watercooling the CPU is pointless. The CPU area is big enough for a cooler for god's sake. On the other hand, AIO watercooling the GPU is NOT pointless at all. Glad almost nobody's doing it.
  9. eugenius

    How to be less paranoid?

    Have your gf slap you hard three times each morning.
  10. I don't care about the start menu and the start screen. I can use both with no problems and each has it's advantages and disadvantages. I do care about the programming and the functionality of the apps though. Metro apps are interesting but too simplistic, too low information density and not as intuitive as they could be. They're also interpreted not compiled and they use subsystems that sometimes wait on one another and you get lag where you shouldn't.
  11. eugenius

    ESPN president: Esports are not sports.

    When they show a poker tournament they don't call it a sport. It's a game not a sport. Esports is a lazy engrish word for playing games for money.
  12. X99 will be worth it after you can buy a 4k driving GPU with DP1.3 and HDMI 2.0, a SSD that can come close to M2's 4GB/sec bandwidth and DDR4 prices come to near parity. Now it's only good to generate cheaper 3930k's on the used market. As for gaming, X99 is 100% the wrong thing to buy. Z97 and i5 4690k for gaming.
  13. eugenius

    Need Best Speakers for $5000 maybe

    Legacy Audio Signature SE - with a bit of dealer wiggle you might get them for 5000$. There's nothing better for that money. For something cheaper but still very good, Revel Performa3 F208 - this has a 5000$ list price - you don't have to pay that of course.
  14. eugenius

    ESPN president: Esports are not sports.

    Of course they're not sports. Neither are board games. Do you see much chess tournaments on TV?