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  1. It will come as a card(physical) you scratch for code then redeem it on steam
  2. http://www.bestbuy.com/site/logitech-g502-proteus-core-optical-gaming-mouse-black/4642008.p?id=1219100304021&skuId=4642008 You have to add the mouse to cart with bestbuy membership (free to sign up) to be able to see the gift card.
  3. Deal is live... Get it while it last Order one for myself today
  4. So beside gigabytes, what manufacter should i give the money to ? ASUS direct CUII, MSI Twin Frozer, Gigabytes or EVGA
  5. I felt like my old card still have decent framesrate toward old game like CSGO and COH2. But Once i moved toward new game, i can't play at High with 60 FPS. and it start to lag and tearing as well.
  6. Hello, I'm currently having 660TI hooked up with 2 TN panel 1080p 60Hz using the DVI. I wonder what is the next big things for me . I plan to just game and i don't know if i should get 780TI or 970 or even 980. What is the best dollar value deals right now ? 780TI is on sale right now since they try to get rid of that stuff. Linus said 970 is decent. What are you guy thought on it. I also have i7 3770k with Asus Z77 and H100. No plan for water cooled in the future
  7. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822236579&cm_re=WD_My_Passport_Ultra_1TB-_-22-236-579-_-Product That's better price. Just request the price. Should be 54 dollars. NOW this is the real deal
  8. I did unplug the power and nothing has happen
  9. SO you guy just want to clear the memory of BIOS ?
  10. unplug what ? theRJ45 or the power ?
  11. Before i bought the router, everything worked fine. This is weird because i turned off my computer and .... it's off but a bit later, it will turn itself back on. I went through the manual and nothing talked about this.
  12. I just recently got this router and get this to work. However, i got one problem FIrst and the only one weird problem. My computer is plug direct into the cable via the RJ45. However, after even i put my computer to sleep or SHUT DOWN , my computer still turn it self back on and .... i dont know how to fix it and i dont want.to leave my computer running 24-7. It's weird and the second problem, is there anyway that you guy can help me to do media streaming from my router if i plug my western ultra passport into the router ? Thanks