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Finlay Massie

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About Finlay Massie

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  • Birthday 2000-03-22

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    Canned Soup
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    Canned Soup
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    14 Marakari Crescent, Mount Coolum, QLD 4573
  • Interests
    Computers, Gaming, Hardware, Intel, AMD, Nvidia, Asus ROG, Motorcycles
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    Russell The Dog, A.K.A Canned Soup


  • CPU
    i7 7700K 5GHZ @ 1.355v (Safe? Who gives a shit!?!)
  • Motherboard
    Asus Rog Strix Z270G
  • RAM
    16GB (2x8) Corsair LPX 2666MHZ
  • GPU
    Intel HD630 1GB
  • Case
    Corsair Air 240
  • Storage
    Crucial MX300 275GB SSD + 1TB WD Blue 7200RPM
  • PSU
    EVGA SuperNova G2 750W
  • Display(s)
    BenQ RL2455HM 1080P 24"
  • Cooling
    Corsair H100i v2
  • Keyboard
    Razer Deathstalker Essential
  • Mouse
    Razer Mamba 2012
  • Sound
    Shitty $2 Earbuds
  • Operating System
    Windows 10
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  1. Finlay Massie

    Load Line Calibration

  2. cAN I HAVE A HAD PLS, I Cant find any info that i can understand, What is LLC, What Does it do and should i use it because i currently have it at default and am struggling to keep 5ghz stable @1.345V On an i7 7700k, any advice for that would be appreciated as well, thanks
  3. Finlay Massie

    Help with 5GHZ OC 7700K

    In QLD on the coast so not super hot, worst last year was 43C
  4. Finlay Massie

    Help with 5GHZ OC 7700K

    So lucky, i love the cold haha
  5. Finlay Massie

    Help with 5GHZ OC 7700K

    HAHAHAH YOu Guessed it, i live in australia, just winter now, bloody hot summers, no ac, fml you guessed everything right lol
  6. Finlay Massie

    Help with 5GHZ OC 7700K

  7. Finlay Massie

    Help with 5GHZ OC 7700K

    I Might give it a shot, would be sad as i wanted the golden 5GHZ Lol ;(
  8. Finlay Massie

    Help with 5GHZ OC 7700K

    Cool, 89C just Looks Fuckin Scary man!
  9. Finlay Massie

    Help with 5GHZ OC 7700K

    Balanced Preset in Corsair Link i think 1000RPM and pump is at around 1950RPM And i think im at about 1.360VCore im trying to push lower but i think t at where its gonna get
  10. Finlay Massie

    Help with 5GHZ OC 7700K

    Hey guys just wondering if this seems safe, i have a Corsair air 240 case with a h100iv2 240mm rad and an i7 7700k oc'd to 5ghz but my max synthetic load temps in realbench are 89 at max and anywhere from 70-85 avg, is this safe and is there anything i can do to lower temps with keeping 5ghz, i cant go any lower on voltage, and should i adjust my CPU Cache Frequency? Thanks
  11. Finlay Massie

    looking for an ultra wide

    have a look at the LG 29UM55 or the 29UM68 Jut be wary that that one is 6 Bit+FRC and not true 8 bit, (Still okay)
  12. Finlay Massie

    LG Ultrawide Not Actully 8 Bit (6 Bit+FRC)

    PS I Live in Australia if thats any help, i don't need someone to tell me where to buy it i just need help with the Product codes and LG's Crap website that only lists an 8th of their actual products
  13. I Have an issue, Im looking to get a "Reasonably" Priced LG Ultra-wide, and I'm looking at the LG 29" 29UM68 But that isn't sold anymore only the 29UM68-P Which I'm led to believe is an Eco IPS With a 6 Bit+FRC Panel, I Want to know if anyone can figure out the Crap naming scheme LG has going and help me finding the right monitor which is essentially the same but i want the True actual 8 Bit colour variant. (2560x1080 21:9 LG Ultra-wide 29" TRUE 8 BIT!!!) I Had my heart set on the 29UM55 But it's no longer sold, Any help would be greatly appreciated..