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  1. Okie dokie so if the only option is modem and then router separate maybe I should just keep the existing Hub in modem mode and get a new router for the wireless element?
  2. Yes please, any all in one recommendations would be best over having to have a separate modem and router using two plugs, two pieces of hardware etc is just a litle more annoying over a single even larger piece of kit I can have on what is the small porch table. I am happy to spend the cash so long as can sit where my current hub sits and not randomly drop devices as its limit gets hit lol. Thank you for the help so far cheers, Lewis
  3. Thanks for the help, glad to hear I am not the only one. I've been grandfathered in I think on the package, I think it used to be called Infinity or something. The actual hardware is the BT Smart Hub - Type A My package is; Your BT Broadband Your current BT Broadband: Fibre with BT Halo 1
  4. It was specifically the BT Hub replacement I was slightly worried about just as I have read some older posts about Netgear not being overly compatible with the BT systems in place. cheers, Lewis
  5. Any comments or advice on the following issue appreciated, The BT Hub I have had a few years is either failing or we are hitting the limit as to what can be connected, as it regular wont let devices connect and needs restarting. I was thinking about just replacing it but not sure what the best option would be? We have a fair amount of devices in the family from tablets, phones, smarts TV's and alexa's etc throughout. cheers Lewis
  6. My interest is more in the VR element, and the improvements and better future proofing over the 980Ti. I am a power game/sim user I guess so ignore the 1080p thing, its not an average use case for me.
  7. Hello peoples, I am a lowly 1080p gamer but also a heavy Vive VR gamer currently on a 980Ti. Looking forward to the newer headsets but enjoying my vive immensely for sitting, standing and roomscale immersive experiences and games. Time for me to think of a GPU upgrade and just wondering given the price I have to shell out on what people might recommend for an air cooled version. prices range from 1k to several hundred above that, is the several hundred more or less just brand pricing mark ups? cheers and thanks for any and all advice as ever, Lewis
  8. Hey peoples, wanting to get eldest daughter a little gaming PC for christmas. She plays minecraft, sonic racing, stardew etc. Because I want to turn it on and go rather than have to build it which I unfortunaly dont have time for in the christmas build up/hard to build it and keep it a secret I am going to go pre-built. I've looked on Amazon, ebuyer etc at the classic cyberpower PC's and cheap random amazon builds but before I buy a little cheap gaming desktop thought I'd ask in case anyone has any advice or deals on where is best to get such a little system ideally under £500, the cheaper the better. cheers Lewis
  9. Ended up with S9 Plus, getting on really well with it. The included transfer cable was pleasant surprise and made the change stupidly easy. Thanks for the advice peoples
  10. Thanks Aleks, the S8 is another option, I think ill go contract and from what I see the S9 was on a deal I can get like £1-3 more a month over the S8. When you say wait, is there any release dates or good guesses on how long the wait might be as I am on a bit of a potential month deadline. cheers, Lewis
  11. Hello peoples, Been out the loop phone wise for a while now. I have an iPhone6 and ready for an upgrade and change. My only requirements are headphone jack is needed as I regularly use headphones with the phone and also looking at a better camera than the somewhat rubbish iphone job. Whats the low down in peoples opinions right now, is the S9 worth a punt, and any advice on going from Iphone to samsung? cheers and thanks for any help and or advice, Lewis
  12. Thanks for the heads up on the laptops Pendragon duly noted for future use. Just trying to get budgets sorted for new financial year so I know when I can get my gurbby mits on one. cheers, Lewis
  13. yes you are right there are no laptops that will be as good as my desktop, but like it or not if I'm at a local airfield ill still have to work so will need something better than the cheap £500 laptop I have now really, I've managed just about till now but need something with more clout that can run the sims better than 10fps. Budget will be around £2k anything under is of course mega bonus points. thanks, Lewis
  14. I doubt a surface book will have the clout I need, I work in simulations so things like surface books tend to be ruled out from the get go. I've been looking over the scan.co.uk custom laptop systems as a rough guide price too.