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  1. Well, they are not mine, but I am allowed to play music on them, yes (As I said, my friend, who sits next to me owns them ;))

    Do you care if he lets you use it or not?  :o



    Btw, there is one thing that sucks here. The wireless network. Trying to upload some pictures to Dropbox. 15 minutes and I'm at around 10% for a 3 MB picture.

  2. I would never recommend a phone with less RAM than 2 GB for people that are heavy multitaskers. The Nexus 5 is probably the perfect phone for most people because it is going to get updates for a long time, it has a very powerful SoC (S800), the display is beautiful and 2 GB RAM. The only problem is battery if you use your phone a lot during the day.

  3. School internet.




    I pay 50Euro/Month for unlimited phone calls and this crappy internet. And the irony is that 9 months ago they put fiber all over my neighbourhood but they are not using it! It's been ready for 9 months and they don't even use it! Its insane!I have been waiting for sooooo long! They don't have it as an option with a crazy high fee! It makes me furious.

    Tried calling them?