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  1. i would recommend that you change all your passwords and contact your bank to notify them.
  2. knew it was fake. but what cpu is it? that is my real question
  3. ok so i found this cpu on gearbest and it looks fake. like really fake, it says its an intel cpu that supports AM2,AM3+,FM2,FM2+,LGA1150,LGA1151,LGA2011,LGA2011-V3,LGA771,LGA775,Socket AM2,Socket AM3+,Socket FM1 here is the link. https://www.gearbest.com/cpu/pp_623900.html
  4. So i dont have thousands of dollars for a pc. not many of us do. i was wondering if there was a cpu i could get (probably off of ebay) that would suit me. (cycles)
  5. oh havent thought about changing the density!! i will try that.
  6. sorry i guess i worded it wrong.so the particles effects under hair. object setting. so like if i wanted feathers i would make a feather and put the effect onto my object. it just eats up so much cpu!
  7. SO i was wondering. is there a way to make object particals not take up so much system power??? thanks!
  8. but would it be good for 3d modeling? dont really care for gaming but maya and blender are my two main programs