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  1. adm0n

    Does this RX 560 required a 6 pin connector?

    That is interesting. https://videocardz.net/powercolor-radeon-rx-560-2gb-red-dragon-oc-2/ They say it needs one too.
  2. adm0n

    Does this RX 560 required a 6 pin connector?

    If you scroll down and look at the specification, you can see that is says nothing about a extension power connector. That means it doesn't need one.
  3. adm0n

    Need some help with Pc.

    Reapplying the thermal paste should only be able to solve your temperature problems not the error message. Well, if you can't figure it out, you can always just return it
  4. adm0n

    Need some help with Pc.

    Did you replug the pump connector as well as the fan on the radiator. The fan on the radiator should go on the CPU fan header. Maybe you can feel if water is flowing through it. And if you are lucky the monitor option in your UEFI can tell you if the pump is working or not. Well, to troubleshoot the GPU, we would first need to get your computer running again, right?
  5. adm0n

    Need some help with Pc.

    The stock cooler could eliminate your cpu fan problem. If you took apart the assembly and put it back together without reapplying thermal compound, that could be the reason for the bad temps ...
  6. adm0n

    Need some help with Pc.

    leave the GPU unplugged for now. Can you hear the pump working? Does it show any information on the pump? Did you try taking the AIO out, cleaning the CPU and then reapplying the thermal paste?
  7. adm0n

    Need some help with Pc.

    PCIe cable? Well first, you could try taking out your GPU, then look if the cables of your AIO are still attached. Are you able to go into your UEFI?
  8. adm0n

    NEED Help Finding the Right Graphics Card!!!

    There are rumors of it being revealed either at hot chips (20 August) or gamescom (21-25 aug).
  9. It usually is just a simple as plugging it in ._. just don't convert them to MBR anymore I'm only gonna be awake for another hour or so ... It's already 10pm. If I don't reply, I'm already asleep ._.
  10. If you want help with that, just ask ._. otherwise, I hope you will have fewer problems with your new SSD from now on (:
  11. You are just deleting the Partition. The drive itself won't be gone. It will instead show you a black bar (in the lower left corner you see a legend, it will change from blue to black). After that you can reinitialize it. And it should show up in your explorer as well
  12. then click on the volume, delete it. And then reinitialize it with a GPT partitioning table.
  13. does it show up in the device manager
  14. First you check your UEFI, if it isn't recognized there, then the SSD is the problem. Maybe reconnecting it might help or using a different connector. It usually is that easy ._. And you wouldn't be installing anything. You would boot from the USB stick in a completely different OS that might cooperate better with your drive.
  15. MBR is the partion table the drive uses (basically how the drive orders everything on the drive) See if your SSD shows up in your BIOS/UEFI. If it does and widows doesn't want to be nice to you, try booting with a linux live usb stick and reformat the drive with a GPT partion table. GParted should work fine, but you can use whichever distro suits you (: https://gparted.org/liveusb.php