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  1. Now if only we could get Nvidia to make one in that color, it actually looks pretty sharp.
  2. I was literally just about to post this very same thread. Showing the difference between what reviewers have been tearing down, and what all the promo material says. I have been using TUF boards since... 3770k and they have all been extremely reliable. I miss the thermal shielding on the newest non-x299 versions. Software (ai-suite) is good when it works, though when it works seems to be never. I wanted a TUF 3080 or 3090 BEFORE seeing the problems, now I want one even more. Idk if I'm happy it will be the most reliable, or sad it will be harder to get. Hopefully the 3070 comes out and t
  3. Trying to decide on the best method to do a local redundant drive. Now understand, I know that for backups cloud storage or a NAS or other dedicated external solution is best. I don't care. I want to do what I want to do. So given the limitations here we go. Using my main PC I wan't to have some semblance of automatic parity for active projects and files. A long time ago (2007) I had 4 drive raid array managed through windows that worked fine. Eventually it fell out of sync and while I was able to recover all of my data easily (only 1 drive "failed" to sync) It wouldn't rebuild the array.
  4. or a 7950gx2 I love those thing's I want one to use as a decoration.
  5. I wonder if they ever made a 290x with a dual fan so I can test smaller cases too. Good one.
  6. Yeah I thought maybe I could just look up power consumption statistics because power basically is heat, but It's been hard finding a decent "list" compiled in one place. But those did come to mind.
  7. Is there a relatively current NOT blower style card that runs kind of hot in the 100-200 dollar range? I was thinking of doing some case reviews and I'm trying to build a low-cost system that produces above average heat to sort of get real world comparable results by transplanting the same system to various cases then loading them with a specific set of fans to compare. It's going to be more than just "graphs" opinions about how nice it is to build in and features will be included ill leave the hardcore laboratory stuff to gamers nexus. Anyway, none of that is important. I just need to find a
  8. Well the R7 has 2 5.25" bays but the problem is what I use them for. I make blu ray discs on occasion and still have an optical drive, but more important I use the second bay for a custom front panel connection board. The downside is the R7 has a door on the front, and isn't meant to be seen with the door "Always Open" as it would be in my case. this isn't a vanity project (well not entirely) my desk looks somewhat borg like with all the cables, but ill often have multiple devices quick charging or multiple external drives working on projects, etc. So right now my front panel has a 6 port usb
  9. Right now I have an ancient Mountain Mods H2GO case. I love it's full atx hoizontal deisgn but its... extremely dated... by today's standards. Is there anyone else who still makes custom cases that aren't designed from scratch anymore? (aka not looking for protocase) Short of that I want a new case but I have some unusual specifications. Specifications: 2x or more 5.25 drive bays. Space for at least 5x 3.5" drives. Non-horizontal GPU mount option that does not block PCI slots. So alternative mounting, or 90 degree rotated case, or horizontal MB config. Full ATX motherboa
  10. I never asked about GPU but by mentioning SLI It was implied I am going Nvidia. Although it dawned on me as soon as I posted this before the edit you may have been referring to the tile based rendering performance, which yes, is part driver bound. Anyway not entirely sure how that relates to my CPU choice, it's not like they make Nvidia chipsets anymore XD.
  11. I have a 3x NVME M.2 Setup with a single GPU, was thinking of going to SLI if they get this new tile based system going well. I tend to run triple 4k, play mostly sightseeing games at 60fps 4k. So that being the case, Can I still get by on a Ryzen 3, or do I need to go to Thread Ripper or X299? Currently I have a x99 setup. Is quad channel memory and more lanes required for my setup? Or will chipset lanes be enough. (I understand the memory and pice lanes are different things. Just going for brevity.) I also edit 4k video but not very long clips and not very often, so I'm not too worried about
  12. I have an old laptop I am putting a SSD into. However, the old laptop is not currently operational, so I thought "Hek I'll just toss it in my drive toaster and copy it to the new drive via my desktop." Should be easy enough. Whelp I was wrong. Since the SSD is smaller, and since EVERY FREE UTILITY ON EARTH only wants to migrate my MAIN OS DRIVE as the source and not let me choose a source I am at a startling lack of software to get the job done. To be clear. System: Boot OS: C: 500gb Blank Drive: D: 500gb Laptop Boot Drive: E: 1tb (only 89gb used) Want: I want to migrate E o
  13. Thinkpad may be the best option off the top of my head... still open to suggestions!
  14. I need a laptop for a very specific use application. I need to do a lot of writing while traveling. So I need something with an extremely durable keyboard and a very long battery life. I am a novelist, but I spend a lot of time outdoors and traveling. The closer the keyboard is to a normal one, the better, I have large hands and do a lot of typing on a standard mechanical keyboard at home. Things that do NOT matter. Size Weight Brand Gaming Price Literally, money/size is no object, I already carry around a GT80 Titan, but the battery life isn't enough. But if I can save money b
  15. nvidia control panel is a pain with interlaced, you can use it to make an interlaced resolution then you need to apply it through the display adapter properties, not through nvidia. it's annoying.