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  1. That's the thing, outside and in no brand or manufacturer labels Well that was my second one, since the first would blue screen very fast so that one got returned and I managed to fix the replacement unit(the one above) and so I have what I now named the "BlueScreenMachine". But otherwise yeah it generally works, plus a nice 1080p IPS display which is good although the computer lacks power to run it
  2. I got them off a Dell ex business form factor desktop funnily enough.
  3. So after watching Linus's video on the new cheap dell fliptop laptops, I was reminded of my own super cheap fliptop laptop that I bought for less than the Inspiration P25T. For a start the basic specs: 2GB of RAM (soldered to the MOB) Cherry trail Intel Atom x5-Z8300 32GB of flash storage Windows 10 64-bit 11.9 inch 1920x1080p IPS touch screen display!! And an 6-9 hour battery life IO: 1 USB 2.0 1 USB 3.0 (type A) 1 headphone/microphone jack combo 1 Micro SD card slot 1 Micro HDMI port (yes Micro HDMI, it's about the size of a micro USB plug) Now this is as you might imagine not the fastest, not meant for any sort of productivity and also has trouble displaying video at the fullHD 1080p. But it had and has a few more major problems and flaws. The first major problem is that it would give me a nice big BSOD 5-60min after booting up. This was fortunately later solved by updating the WiFi drivers... That nice 1080p display, which has decent viewing angles considering it's meant to be an IPS display, is nice but the laptop has trouble running a 1080p(30fps) youtube video even on a good day. Now here's the thing with this laptop. I paid a total of $350 NZD ($250 USD) and for what it is, to be honest it works well. It gets through 2 full school days on a single charge (provided it isn't used at home) and I have done some very light video editing in Sony Vegas, but that was stitching together 2 or 3 video clips with a bit of text on screen, and in terms of games well Sonic R for pc runs well and NFS underground 2 is a little choppy at times but playable. The main issue now is the 32GB flash storage as I tend to install this and that and so I upgraded the storage using a 32GB micro sd. And since people will want to know, I find the keyboard to be perfectly fine although I am a smaller than usual man, but the trackpad at that size and with horrible gesture detection is the still remaining big annoyance. But when compared to the Dell that Linus reviewed, my laptop seems to be much better value for what you get the only advantage the Dell has is in terms of RAM and storage, but it sounds like the 500GB isn't worth it. All in all the warehouse (the NZ equivalent of target or Best buy) seems to have somewhat better laptops for the price. And did I mention this laptop has 0 manufacturer labels, 0 brand names, and was marketed as "Windows 10 11.6 Inch Touch Screen Convertible Grey" which just inspires confidence in a buyer. Here are some photos of the laptop, showing it's size (disregard the background, it was a dare and it triggers my friend to high hell XD, and the stickers are there as a joke since it's like using a core 2 and XP at times)
  4. a very simple basic setup: laptop keyboard, cheap wireless Logitech mouse and partially broken steel series Siberia (raw) prism headset.
  5. My current Laptop Cpu: i7 4700MQ Gpu: Nvidia geforce Gt 745m Ram: 8gb ddr3 Score: 0 if only there was a way to run it off my gt 745m results might be different?
  6. Plz the keyboard cause ive been using a super mushy laptop keyboard for 2 years now that may be starting to fail in some keys