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  1. Hi If you are wanting to share internet from one house to another Then set up the one on the house that has a internet connection to AP Bridge and the other to Client Bridge set up the ssid and password on the Ap and then connect to it from the Client using the ssid and password that you set up on the bridge, If you have any more questions please ask. Rgds Daniel.
  2. You might have a sata 3gb/s mother board plug or cable you could try getting a 6gb/s cable and check your motherboards specs on the manufacturers website.
  3. Try going into the control Panel and then power options and turn the setting to high performance that will stop the cpu from under clocking itself hope that fixes it.
  4. I would like the keyboard because I am a gamer and have been using an old hp keyboard for five years and it is starting to pack up
  5. thanks man I am going to build a computer to backup all the computers on our place ie 5 computers so i will not have to worry thanks again you guys are awsome.
  6. Thanks I used a program named testdisk and it recoverd the files thanks for the help
  7. I would go for the ADATA Premier Pro SP900 128 GB beacaus it has 550 mbs read and write adn good life span of 1 million hours
  8. hey linus my parents computer died thismornig and it is the hardive it has changed the format from ntfs it is raw so what can I do to recover the data?ps it is not backed up.



    1. Spencer109


      WOW thats a lot of space left dude!!!!

    2. dan theman

      dan theman

      when you go onto my computer it thinks  there is zero bytes free and zero used tho.



    3. dan theman

      dan theman

      THANKS  I Have managed to recover the data by using test disc.

  9. I am working on my parents computer and it does not have backups enabled so I need some sort of data recovery software.
  10. Hi yesterday my computer started very slowly and the primary partition was not working thankfully my running system was on the secondary partition but it changed the primary partition to raw format not ntfs as it is meant to be. so how do I recover the data?