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  1. You could try mounting the intake fans a bit lower.
  2. Ended up setting it up in windows. The performance (stripe) is actually decent. I was pleasantly surprised by the windows 10 implementation. Thanks. Done it through the disk manager, not storage spaces.
  3. Can't seem to add a RAID0 to a system. MSI B450m PRO-VDH-MAX (Ryzen 3600x) with an NVMe SSD as a boot drive running windows 10. I've plugged in x2 1tb Barracuda SATA HDDs, they show up in bios and I've changed SATA ports from AHCI mode to raid and... nothing - no prompts, no way to assign raid level, the manual only states that the board supports raid, but provides no instructions. Am I missing something? I've only used Intel's rapid storage technology to set up my raid arrays before. Help?
  4. Given the terrible pricing on RAM and GPUs, do you thing it is actually cheaper to game on laptop than on a similarly specced, freshly assembled PC? This came to mind when I was looking at 1060 prices and some laptop offerings from MSI and Assus. Bang for buck - is a gaming laptop a better deal?