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  1. Conchusness

    Private Internet Access (Pre-Roll Landing Page)

    PIA cant help you access netflix for geo-locked content. Heres an Article about them releasing their new policy stating this.
  2. Conchusness

    $400 or less build

    I agree that the price you're getting all that is fine but thats a very dated rig. I doubt you'll have much to go with. Maybe it will last another year and a half.
  3. Conchusness

    $400 or less build

    Go to TipidPC.com where they have listing for brand new and 2nd hand parts from different sellers. I find Dynaquest to be a reasonable shop thats relatively unknown around cash and carry manila Area. They actually have a lot of better priced products as compared to the more well known shops such as PC express and Octagon. Sometimes their shit is unbearable. A lot of the people there also dont understand PC's so be wary of their advice. If you're okay with 2nd hand theres also a philippine gamers group where they trade GPU and old computers. Message me if you want help building your PC. PC part pickers will be useless since pricing here is stupid (I had one guy look at my stupid and dumbfounded by me asking if they had any 480's in stock, and he kept saying no such thing ever excited. So i just took the price list and realized PC express only has a shit ton of nvidia gpus.)
  4. Currently I'm looking at the Acer R11, Asus Chromebook Flip, Asus transformer book T100CHI-C1 and as for tablet I haven't really decided which to choose from. (there are great deals on these for blackfriday,except the flip) I'm gonna use this primarily for media consumption (reading comics, books, watching movies in a car and etc,) and net browsing. Maybe some typing but hardly. I'm very used to having multiple tabs (10-20 when im on dual screen) open and I have a lot of files on different external drives where i'll be hoping to watch some media files when internal storage is a problem. I'm hoping to use this for travelling and something portable for around the house. I currently have a heavy duty laptop so I dont need to to be powerful. I'm planning on having a fairly large 128gb USB or Micro SD card for storage of media files. Access to the android store to be able to play some light games would be nice just to kill time but i don't plan on gaming on it because I'll be building a rig fairly soon. I'm aware that I'll be able to have Bluestacks and steam on A windows OS but I'm unsure how responsive they would be since they weren't necessarily built for touch screen usage. My limitations to gaming are probably just some pass and play, turn based board games and whatever i use on mobile to kill downtime. Are there any advantages or disadvantages I'm missing that would swing me towards one option or another. Any different suggestions would also help.
  5. Conchusness

    Need a "gaming" headset under $100

    Cloud 2
  6. Conchusness


    Razer blade 14 without a doubt! It would do so much better than my current ASUS k55vd one
  7. My Criteria: I3 minimum Is using a 2.5 storage bay for HDD or SSD Touch screen (Very responsive touch screen) Low temps especially in tablet mode (Can actually be used on your laptop without the struggles) 14 inches or smaller. Could be 15 depending on the argument for it. Budget of $600 dollars or less. Less is better Light Preferably around 3lbs. This varies depending on the size. If its 14inches - 15inches. It should be less than 5lbs Respectable battery life more than 5 hours (again could be more or less depending on display and etc) So I've limited my options to a few which are Dell Inspirion 3158 or 3000 series Dell Inspirion 13 7000 series (Heat issues?) Hp Pavilion x360 (has heat issues though) Lenovo Yoga 300 (I hear it doesnt perform too well) Lenovo Yoga 500 Acer Aspire R13 (Heat issues?) Toshiba Satllite Radius 15 (Heat issues again?) Clearly theres a trend with these heat issues. Then again I've only seen one source that claims they have issues around 35-40C is a bit too much on the surface of the laptop. (not the actual temps of the CPU). Any other suggestions is acceptable too! I dont live in the US/Canda so my choices are fairly limited since i'm from SEA.
  8. Conchusness

    G502 or Zowie EC2-A/FK2

    The deathadder 2013 weighed around 80 grams if im not mistaken and thats pretty close to the EC2-A weight while the G502 weights in at about 11x somethin (weightless). Also the Deathadder has a similar shape with the EC2-A. Honestly if you're looking for an FPS mouse JUST FOR FPS (which i highly doubt) get the Zowie. Its very well built and the weight is perfect for serious gaming, also a lot of the current pros use the zowie brand. While most sponsored logitech CS players go for the 302-303 (this is pretty cheap) or rarely the 402, but the G502 is just an overall better mouse. If your primary concern isnt just playing CS but any other game then the G502 is perfect. You can program different macros into the mouse. It has 3 customizable onboard? profiles and the hyperscrolling is pretty useful but i hate the scroll wheel. Also the on the fly dpi switch helps me out a lot since i use two screens and i flip it on and off whenever i play csgo. Also the g-shift function of the sniper button is pretty dope. I also dont mind it being on the heavier side since my first mouse was the wireless mamba. I just couldnt justify the price of the EC2-A for its simplicity. There are other mice that use similar sensors. Razer synapse is absolute shit. The software for logitech is pretty spot on. My only issue is it cant be resized but its honestly not a big deal compared to synapse numerous crashing, having to have it start up each time your computer is on. Absolute shit softaware Check out Rocket Jump Ninja on youtube for some really great mouse reviews. He's a veteran ex-pro quake player and tests out mice and gives pretty good reviews. Not just looking at the specs and opening a box but actually testing in game and comparing sensor quality, build quality and blah blah blah .Check him out. Pretty underrated channel Source: I've tried both the G502 (i own it) and the EC2-A (my friends).