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  1. Easily Amazon 1) prime - $99 for free unlimited shipping to Hawaii, as of today 27 orders(32 items) no extra charges, 2) regular free shipping after $49 before i got prime i would just bundle my purchases for free shipping($35 at that time) 3) return policy - 4 returns, 2 exchanges all paid by Amazon 4) free video/music streaming 5) free customer appreciation products and items for product testing and reivews newegg 1) $50 shipping for a cpu, its about 20 now but about a year ago they were going to charge me $50 and send ups select 5-7 day service 2) restocking fee 3) does not ship to Hawaii through ebay where most of their best deals are +5 vs -3 easy win
  2. go into your router settings and make sure no one is hopping on to your wifi, neighbor, phone, etc., even if auto updates are off the xbox will continue to contact the microsoft server to check for updates for the xbox itself , if the xbox is set to energy saving instead of instant on it should not be doing that https://www.reddit.com/r/xboxone/comments/2midcy/whyhow_does_xbox_one_use_so_much_bandwidth/ many people have this problem, the only thing you could do to guarantee the xbox cant use your bandwidth is to put it on its own surge protector or power switch so you can cut off power to the xbox or just unplug it. just remember if you using the cloud feature to wait awhile for it to upload the saves or you might corrupt it. https://www.reddit.com/r/xboxone/comments/1vth78/xbox_one_data_usage/ https://www.reddit.com/r/xboxone/comments/2midcy/whyhow_does_xbox_one_use_so_much_bandwidth/
  3. i buy almost everything from amazon warehouse, i bought two half-mech and 1 aula, majority of the time its products with damaged packaging only so they drop the price. one box looked like somebody ran it over and some rats got to it, but it was brand new inside the box still had the original seal, the one good thing about buying from there is that you can return it for free.
  4. this guy was a college graduate and had his own business, when i look back i think it was more him being afraid to break or damage the pc, every person new to a pc has that thought. even when i build a pc i have that fear when i press that power button i have thoughts like "did i put enough thermal paste", are all the cables connected, i hope my psu is not a dud and frys my components,. now that i am older i have become a bit more patient and fix pc's for free and only charge for parts and dont mind answering any questions at any time since i'm usually up till 3-4 am anyway. especially if it's some 20 something year old hottie. The old guys , meh, i call em back in the morning , lol
  5. there are no major differences other than the speed from my understanding, though some have said that the 4690k was supposed to be an improvement when it came to chip used and heat produced meaning higher overclocks, so overall you can follow it also i didn't want to spend too much time so i ended up just changing the multiplier to 40 and left it there for now since i am only air cooling, maybe when im ready to upgrade i'll push it to the limit just to see what i can get.
  6. if you just need a phone with a long battery life i'd say go for it, i dont really care for the mediatek chipset, though that was because of their previous generations. one of the reviews said the charger got hot within a hour, i wonder if that was an isolated incident or the other reviewers didnt notice. the other drawback is the non removable battery, i used to buy a lot of chinese phones and that was usually the first thing to go bad due to the low quality chips
  7. if you did, i would take a pic and try to sell it on the bay as the ultimate overclocking 4670k , lol
  8. if you are getting 4.8 on a 4670k you have one hell of a cpu, i could barely get mine to 4.5, did you check cpu-z to see for sure what your multiplier and bus speed is?
  9. ah ok, lol. yea thats the standard connector, i have mixed and matched antenna on routers and wifi cards so it should work . http://wireless.gumph.org/content/3/7/011-cable-connectors.html
  10. it looks like the standard connector , idk if it will help with range, i bought one of those cantenna things and it really didnt help too much. why arent you going for the 300mbps version with two antennas and higher dl speed?
  11. i moved my pc from one room to another and it unistalled my wifi card drivers, who knows what is going on with this os nowadays, even when i plug in my phone it does the same thing. honestly its becoming a PITA, i'm going back to windows 7 soon
  12. its gonna be hard finding one, i dont think even calling msi would be an option. you could try craigslist or ebay and see if someone is selling the same card and be willing to sell just the box , most sellers there will not ship the box to save on postage since some boxes are mostly dead space.
  13. np, i watched alot of vids but this guide was easier cause all i had to do was copy the other users data, there isnt much for your exact cpu unfortunately but it gives you a general idea at least hopefully or a place to start at least i forgot to add linus did a vid on this for a visual help
  14. the actual box or a pic pf the box? i dont think there would be an impact on resell value without the box, but you should at least have an anti-static bag if you are going to ship it
  15. i used this for my i5-4670k + asus z97-ar , but ended up doing an easy 4.0 since i could only get to 4.4 ghz stable, im assuming it the cpu in your profile http://www.overclock.net/t/1411077/haswell-overclocking-guide-with-statistics
  16. the xbone cabled would be my choice, win 10 has drivers for it and a few games are already pre-configured for the xbone and it feels a bit more comfortable than the xbox 360, though if u can find the 360 wireless adapter you can use the 360 without wires. idk about the ps4 since i don't have one.
  17. hirens boot cd is something that has a bunch of freeware utilities to help do tasks on your pc when you can boot it or even diagnose some problems. check the site for more info, do a google search on it and you will a lot of references to it from reputable sources. i always have a copy of it whenever i troubleshoot someones pc. there are a few freeware software programs that will allow you to copy your files to a ext drive before you decide to refresh, repair or reinstall your os. http://www.hiren.info/pages/bootcd you shouldnt have to buy another copy , if im not mistaken if you dl win 10 again from microsoft you should be able to just repair your pc through advanced troubleshooting vs reinstalling, try to see what options are available upon booting
  18. there are a lot of software, i would recommend getting something like hirens boot cd, there is a bunch of software for you to use to copy files. you could also try to get a copy of win 10 and try to repair your computer as an option.
  19. depends on the xbox power setting, if you have set to the quick power on , it is pretty much putting it into sleep mode vs off, which means it can be installing updates at anytime it chooses, even if you think it is off.
  20. do a comparison/review of the oculus rift and its recommended spec vs lower end specs. low-end like with the gtx 950 gtx 960, amd r9 280, r9 270x etc i would like to know if people like me with "capable" cards should really have to invest in a better card to use it. eventually i will upgrade my card anyway but i dont want to rush out and upgrade my card if i can still enjoy vr without the extra cost. also, will game makers actually code into their games the minimum specs and not allow users with lower end specs to play at all, i doubt it but a lot of reviews say in bold caps that everyone "WILL" have to upgrade to vr ready specs. i should have preordered but because my pc wasn't "ready" i didn't, though if i did i could have sold it for $1k like my friend did and could have upgraded my pc with the extra cash. hope someone does these vid's if you decide not to, i think it might be informative to a lot of people on the vr bubble.
  21. microsoft is very bad sometimes, they keep adding updates and they keep screwing people over. just today i just moved my pc from one room to another and my wifi card wasnt working, its had been working for 1 month, i opened the case check to see if the card got unseated during the move, tried troubleshooting everything and after 2 hours i found out windows defended somehow quarantined my driver, WTF?? the worst part was i never installed a driver, win 10 did, i ended up having to search for my driver disc and install the drivers manually. for your situation i would just play with the resolutions to get it to work or check the tv for an horizontal/vertical setting , check to see if your gpu driver is current , if not install it. if you can get it working to the point you are satisfied then set up a restore point, that way if microsoft screws you again you can back up to the restore point
  22. what os you running? thats the win 10 desktop. did you recently upgrade or did windows install any updates?
  23. way back when i was building pc's to make money, i once encountered this one guy who knew nothing about computers. i custom built a pc for him, delivered it to his house, spent over 4 hours explaining to him all the ins and outs about the pc. 8 p.m (2hours after leaving his place) - he calls asking me how to hook up all the cables because he moved it into his room(why? because he wanted to search porn in private, lol) 10 p.m. call again asking me what his password was, he setup his own password i never knew what it was but he asked me anyway . OMG, drive back to his house , hack his password and spend time convincing him, that its not that easy to do, i just knew how to do it. 2 a.m - final straw, call asking "how do i turn off AOL(yes , Aol, it was that long ago) " , my answer i jokingly said, "pull the plug from the outlet" and he did next day, another 2 hours explaining everything again, got $20 gas for it but not worth the $1000000 headache. gave up building pc's for the next 10 years for anyone but myself, until i built one for a relative. but thank god for google and youtube the easy replacement tech support i didnt have to go though the same headache
  24. its a resolution error, try changing the resolution or check if your tv has and auto setting, i used to get that a lot when using an hdmi cable with a 32" tv. it should be ok if you are using a vga cable, it not you might have to go into graphics setting and setup a custom resolution
  25. are you running it on a hdtv?