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  1. Scorcher646

    CCP games and Hadean tech demo the aether engine at GDC

    I noticed that issue early on while people were still logging in, it seemed to calm down after the servers settled in and were just remapping to account for more sprites and elements in space and less on allowing more people to log in. Nearing the end of the demo it smoothed out and got more bearable
  2. https://www.eveonline.com/article/popydg/eve-aether-wars-round-one On Wednesday, Hadean technologies with the help of CCP games demoed the Aether engine at GDC. The aether engine has the capability to dynamically spread the compute load for online MMO game servers over multiple compute servers in the cloud as more players come online. The live demo took 3,852 live human players and added 14,274 AI clients to push the aether tech to its limits More reading on the even and the engine as a whole can be found on Hadean Tech's blog PCGamesn article mmorpg article CCP games' official post
  3. Scorcher646

    Am I killing my CPU?

    the only part I would be worried about might be the board chip set, while your CPU might be staying cool, it may be getting taxed more due to custom settings, I would recommend trying to find and install some monitoring software to track its temps and increasing case airflow to compensate. aida 64 offers chip set monitoring, and throttlestop can be used with the BDprochot setting to throttle the CPU if other sensors read extreme temps
  4. Scorcher646

    The under 100 line challenge!

    https://pastebin.com/6qTPYQZb a little text based ellipse solver that asks for defining variables and then outputs useful information such as the vertexes, endpoints, foci, and what kind of ellipse has been defined (horizontal, vertical, or a circle) inspired by my college math class unit on conics and ellipses.
  5. This year in school I am required to complete a year long project that results in a final product and learned skills. I have decided that I want to learn parallel/multi-core programing. The linked form is for the sole purpose of deciding which language I should use for my project based on ease of use and possible support base (popularity). I would greatly appreciate if you guys, and gals, could fill out the included Google form to assist me with this research. Thanks, scorcher646 https://goo.gl/forms/mrTSilLs72idd64v2
  6. Scorcher646

    Where do programs execute?

    unless any trickery was set up on the nas, you computer will be running the file locally and not off the NAS, for optimal speed and lowest latency I would recommend always storing the files for a program you are executing localy
  7. Scorcher646

    cane i use a core i3 6100 for vr

    at that price I personally would not go with that, as Mohenjo stated the Ryzen offerings are possibly better, also you can overclock those.
  8. Scorcher646

    soft or hard

    it all depends on your preference, I personally use the invicta and have no issues with accuracy in games like Planetside 2, or with speed in Esports like CSGO, however if your work surface gets dirty often a hard surface will wear down the pads on the bottom of the mouse and may create tracking inconsistencies. best of luck with your purchase
  9. Scorcher646

    XPS 15 VRM overheating

    Update: my thermal pads came in today, will check back in if that fixes the issue
  10. Scorcher646

    XPS 15 VRM overheating

    laptop is clean, I cleaned it yesterday before doing some tests. Ordering some new thermal paste for it. I guess what I really need to know is, will placing the pads on the VRMs choke them or somehow cause them to work worse
  11. Scorcher646

    XPS 15 VRM overheating

    I own a XPS 15 9550, the 1080p, 960m, and i7 6700HQ version. when I first started using it it was good, really good, but now that I have started to play some more intensive games and ran some benchmarks, I have noticed an issue. Under mixed GPU and CPU load the computer cuts down on the wattage regardless of the CPU and GPU temps. I followed some of the troubleshooting tips like checking throttlestop or XTU for a throttling reason, they both say TDP or power limit, and even going as far as to undervolt the CPU to -125 mv. However I am still seeing an issue here. upon further investigation it appears that the VRMs are not properly cooled, they aren't even touching a heat pipe and don't have an open vent over them, and are overheating, one user saw 105 C on his VRMs when he started to se throttling. One proposed solution was to place thermal pads over the VRMs to provide conductive contact with the metal back of the laptop. My question here is, will this work, if so how best to do it? Or is there a better solution out there? Note: I am already going to re-paste the GPU and CPU with some better thermal compound.
  12. Scorcher646

    Looking for good monitor

    I am looking for a monitor in the sub $300 dollar range, don't need 144hz as I am hooking it to a laptop, I want 1080p for the monitor and it needs to have a few important functions 1. I want to be able to run it in DP over my USB C thunderbolt port 2. I would prefer USC C passthrough and prefer an integrated dock on the back 3. Needs to take up minimal space with the base. Thanks for your help in advanced
  13. Scorcher646

    Feenix Gaming Bundle Giveaway

    Currently running a Razer black Widow classic, a Razer Naga hex red, and a Logitech G930
  14. Scorcher646

    Tesoro Excalibur v2 & Sagitta Spectrum Giveaway

    I would get the most use out of the keyboard as I would not have to carry a keyboard wherever I go just leave on at point a and have one at point b