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    i7-8700k @5.0GHz delidded
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    G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 3200MHz
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  1. Hi Everyone, I'm looking for a FeiyuTech Handle Battery Charger but it seems like everything is out of stock. Is there anything similar to it that I can use? It's specifically a mountable handle and is a battery at the same time. It's got a 1/4" mounting point and a USB port output.
  2. Sweet awesome! Thank you for your insight!
  3. Hi Everyone, I have a question about power in general and I thought this power supplies section might be able to assist. I have a Cheero Energy Plus 12000 mAh battery pack that's capable of input DC 5V/1.6A. I'm looking at this wall charger: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B07JLV4SW5/?coliid=I2LW9LTZIP7AVJ&colid=37V3ATZ8FPRCC&psc=0&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it it shows it can charge via USB with 2A, and has a smart charge port (no idea) at 2.4A. Will this work with my battery bank then or will my battery bank simply blow the fuse? Thanks!
  4. tomoki

    Help - Best IEM's for Under $150 USD???

    Ah crap. ANC would be nice! Sound isolation is minimum! I think the 3 cone tip would be preferred if possible. I have a 3 cone tip and some foam earbuds that i could try on the IEMs if those fit
  5. tomoki

    Help - Best IEM's for Under $150 USD???

    I would definitely need active noise canceling first priority and hopefully it works with both the plane and the phone. Then I'd consider being able to listen to whatever quality next because the current earphones I'm using can't do the first thing well. I will do that thank you
  6. Hi Everyone, I'm hoping to look for some good recommendations/help on purchasing the best IEMs I can get for $150 USD or less. I need it to work with my OnePlus 3 Android phone however. My current IEMs are the Beyerdynamic ie 200. They do not work well with plane flights' infotanment system and are no good with my phone. They're good with a decent power source like my computer or work laptop. Alternatively, I would be open to the idea of closed back noise isolation or noise canceling over-ear headphones for about $200 USD or less as well. I'm just trying to look for the best thing I can use for my phone while waiting at the airport and on the plane with the infotanment system. I will be traveling but my current earbuds are no good. Help is very much appreciated. Thanks in advance!! I'll be looking for some myself in the meantime. EDIT: I do not need to make phone calls and volume adjustments are optional to me.
  7. Hi Everyone, I just wanted to see what everyone thinks about the Klipsch R6i. I currently own the Beyerdyanmic 200 ie earphones but they don't work with my phone; I can't listen to music using them and the in-line mic + volume adjustments aren't compatible with Android. Are the Klipsch R6i's any good? If so, how do they compare? I only use my Beyerdynamic 200 ie earphones at work and attached to my laptop ever.... I'm looking for something good to use with my phone though. Thanks!
  8. tomoki

    Cloning Drive Questions

    Sweettttt thank you for that! I didn't think the solution would be that simple... I thought I would have to use that program called Virtual CloneDrive or whatever. All I remember is that sheep icon! Thanks!
  9. tomoki

    Cloning Drive Questions

    Hi Everyone, I have a couple questions floating around in my head about how I could possibly clone my main drive (that has Windows running) and clone that to another drive. So I am using a 256GB Samsung 850 Pro and I want all the contents cloned onto a new M.2 Samsung 970 Pro 512GB. How would I clone the drive? - I know there are programs but I'm not sure which to use. How would I swap my main C:\ drive from the SATA SSD to the M.2 SSD? I haven't bought the M.2 SSD yet. I'm just inquiring for the time being. Thanks!
  10. tomoki

    Chromecast Questions

    Hahaha definitely not. They're streaming some asian dramas off some random website and so loading times are long to begin with but once it does finish it's initial buffer to load, it's consistently loading throughout the video so there's no stopping while playback. The random website has been hit with advertisements though and the LG smart TV can't have extensions be added to block some ads; the ads take you to some other website regardless of what you do and so it's extremely annoying. I guess that's what free means haha. We don't have a streaming box but maybe that might be the solution as opposed to getting a Chromecast. I have 0 knowledge in streaming boxes though really. Thanks for your honest reply
  11. tomoki

    Chromecast Questions

    Wait so you're suggesting I do get Chromecast even though I have a smart TV that can run Plex no problem? I'm just trying to justify getting a Chromecast haha Right. I would be running powerline ethernet. There's no way I'll be using Wi-Fi haha. It feels like that defeats the purpose... especially when I'm kind of a quality freak.
  12. Hi Everyone, I have a problem I need solving and was thinking Chromecast would solve it but... I don't think that's going to be possible. My parents wish to watch online TV via websites on the smart LG TV we have but it's slightly stuttery due to the hardware specs of the TV itself. I've used one of the best powerline ethernet available to hook up the TV to the modem. I'm debating on whether getting Chromecast would solve the issues of lag or not. I told my mom to bring a laptop to the tv, get it hooked up and then watch tv that way but she refuses to have 2 devices on at the same time (phone is exception ...i know it's weird). I've also got a Plex server hooked up from my computer, to the modem ...which then reaches the TV. From what I've read... the only benefit I would have from getting Chromecast are to stream my phone games on to the tv... besides that, we won't have any benefit... given that we don't have any services like Netflix or Hulu. Are there any other approaches? I mean...HTPC is out of the question.
  13. tomoki

    Questions about VR

    Interesting feedback. Thanks for your input! I don't think I'll have enough room to be moving around too much sadly. I was really thinking of getting Zero Caliber VR to play and I'd imagine you wouldn't have to physically move around the room too much while staying seated or standing. Dang this is tough. I think I'll just go with the lens that @Sakkurasuggested. That or if there are other people wanting to try, maybe I'll get contacts as well. I will eventually need contacts for day to day (sunglasses on and off sorta thing). Noooo that means I can't use my headphones hahaha ~ sadlife. I can't convert my headphones into wireless either. Hmm.... And yeah I heard the same thing, budget VR versus full out VR is totally different.
  14. tomoki

    Questions about VR

    Ah right ... hmm... I don't like Facebook much but I don't really mind that it exists either? I mean... I no longer have Facebook cause they took me out of it for copyright issues they won't tell me about - I submitted my government issued ID just to talk to a person and they wouldn't tell me what was copyrighted. I couldn't even think of anything that would've been so yeah. I don't have FB. That's a side story besides this topic though. Ah... what about connectors? Oculus has 2 wires, does Rift only have 1 that works faster (USB C?) I don't know if either unit is configurable in any way besides lens, padding and maybe "headphone" additions for Vive. Besides that, I don't have very much physical space to move around. I think i could stand up and swing my arms around no problem but if I had to walk anywhere in a room space, that wouldn't be possible. Hahaha yeah! A couple friends and I went over to this one guy's house just to try it out and a couple of my friends felt like throwing up. I didn't feel THAT bad though I did have a headache. It's so trippy. Neat! I saw when that program launched and I wanted to get one but couldn't... I think VR is a neat experience but at the same time, it would mean I'd hole myself up at home even more than I already do (more than 80% of the free time I have outside of work, I stay home... manga, anime, video games - Monster Hunter World, reading articles and so forth). I don't have much of a social life at this point LOL and I'm also sure my friends wouldn't join me in VR with something like either a Rift or a Vive.
  15. tomoki

    Questions about VR

    Ohhh... wait if that's the case... why do more people get the Vive? I don't quite get it anymore. I'm just really behind in the talks between either getting the Vive or Oculus Rift. I think the company that made the Rift took a wrong turn somewhere and I'm under the impression they're now fine again? I'm already all ears for the Rift LOL Just by reading that! Oh yeah it looked like the picture you provided! The left one!! It's like a big screen square box. Those didn't have controllers though and you had to use a xbox-pc controller to play if the games did require input. That thing gave me a small headache afterwards. And yeah I've...definitely haven't seen the current Oculus Rift Interesting stuff! Thanks for all this info and enlightenment