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  1. I really want to stream games, but i keep getting stream lag for some reason. Sometimes everything seems fine (4kbps, no problem) but then all of a sudden it drops to like 800kbps and sometimes even to 0kbps. My connection should be fast enough (120/25) and i do actually get those speeds when i do network tests. I have tried moving my router to the network "source" in my house, i have tried switching DNS servers, i have tried different stream servers, i even had an ISP technician out here who couldn't find any issues. Nothing seems to be working. When i run a pathping to twitch.tv i get the results shown below, with link 4 having a 99% packet loss? This one reeeeeally confuses me. I'm trying to stream on a 3900x, 1080ti and with an ethernet connection. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  2. So, basically. I tore down my whole water cooling loop and cleaned everything. And then my cpu block turns out to be totally clogged by junk, not from the actual coolant. idk what it was, and i find it really weird cause i cleaned the cpu block very recently and i have no idea how it became that dirty. Anyways, my temps are great now so i'm not complaining Thank you to everybody for trying to help me
  3. I used to have the EK-Cryofuel green. I did totally disassemble my water blocks when cleaning my loop, and i flushed my radiators. There's a real possibility that i put too much of the pastel, i used the ultra concentrated version. I'll take a look later today when i have time to totally disassemble my loop. I wasn't able to run my system for 7 days, because of vacationing. Could that be part of the issue as well?
  4. I put it on 80% (approx 2500 RPM) but that only seems to have put temperature back to what it was when it was plugged directly into the PSU
  5. I've tried plugging it into a system fan and a cpu fan header, but it only seems to make the overheating worse
  6. Yes, that would be the correct order. The pump is directly connected to the PSU (only temporally while troubleshooting) and the fans are the EK Varder F3-120 running at 1850RPM (full speed)
  7. I didn't change that either, the pump output is on the left
  8. Hi I've had my CPU (i7 4790k) and GPU (GTX 1080ti) in a custom loop for just over 2 years now, with a 320 and a 240 mm rad, no issues. i recently went from soft tubes to PETG and got a new coolant, but my temperatures seem extremely high and my PC has actually shut down cause of overheating (GPU 46°C, CPU 50°C both at idle with 100% fan speed) I cant figure out why this is the case, my rads, water blocks and pump are the same. I've tried to bleed my system of air boubles, but i don't seem to be able to get anymore out, i've also thought that it could be one of my rads that has become clogged (i flushed my whole system before switching the coolant and cleaned both waterblocks) My pump is running, but i guess it could have an issue as well i'm not sure, but it sounds normal. Please help me, Thank you
  9. Update: I tried everything, nothing worked. Then i set the printer to print at 60mm/s instead of 45mm/s and the clogging is suddenly gone. This is really weird to me and seems counter intuitive, if anyone has an idea of why this could be, please tell me. Thanks to everyone who tried to help me
  10. I'm using standard PLA as filament (tried different brands) and the nozzle is the standard 0.4mm E3D v6 one, looks like brass, but i'm not 100% sure
  11. It happens like 10ish layers in, I have tried putting a resistor on my fan, but no difference and its not close to any AC. I'm currently printing at 45mm/s which i thought was slow enough, but i'll try slower, but if its a heating issue wouldn't it help turning up the heat to like 220°C?
  12. Hi I have an Anet A8 with an E3D v6 Bowden extruder instead of the standard Anet extruder but for some reason it keep clogging, although it is easily fixed by pulling out the filament and cutting the end of it (since it gets a thicker end) but i can't figure out why this is happening. I'm printing with PLA, tried different brands and printing with tempretures between 190°C-210°C, and i'm even printing without retraction turned on in Cura, cause i read that can be the main issue which i presume it isn't since the clogging still happens with it turned off. I also calibrated the extruder. Please help, i'm desperate.
  13. Not if you're gonna play at higher resolutions, but if you want to play at higher refresh rates, then probably yes you will be bottlenecked by your CPU
  14. Sry for the late reply, i got busy. But i figured out the issue. Apparently my nossle was leaking because it was screwed in too tight, creating positive pressure on the inside when it gets heated up/metal expansion. Thanks to everybody, taking their time to try and help me