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  1. Scoutingnugget

    Raspberry Pi 3 B Power Help

    I runned my Pi 3 with a 1A once, so I think you should be fine
  2. Scoutingnugget

    HDDs for a home NAS

    Thanks for your feedback, and dont worry I have multiple Backups on external drives. And I will soon put a encrypted Backup in the cloud. @Scheer Your idea sounds interesting, I will look into it.
  3. Scoutingnugget

    WQHD vs 4K monitor?

    I would recommend getting a WQHD (1440p) Monitor with 144Hz and maybe FreeSync. Linus did a video about this a short while ago:
  4. Scoutingnugget

    HDDs for a home NAS

    Thanks for your feedback, I think I'm gonna go with three or four WD Blues in RAID then.
  5. Scoutingnugget

    how do i download centos?

    http://vault.centos.org/ you can download pretty much every version here, just select the version you want, click on iso and go from there
  6. Scoutingnugget

    High end PC extremely slow in every single task?

    Sounds stupid, but I had the problem with a friend of mine. Is the Monitor plugged into the graphics card or the mainboard video?
  7. Scoutingnugget

    HDDs for a home NAS

    Hi guys, I'm planning to build myself a NAS for home. I'm using some old PC parts and a silent case for it, because it keeps the cost down, but I don't want to reuse my old 1TB HDDs. Therefore I want to buy probably three 4TB HDDs. But about this there are two things that do confuse me: 1. Why are most of the 4TB drives just 5400 RPM? I thought 7200 RPM is pretty normal nowadays. And will I be fine with 5400 RPM drives or is it worth it to spend extra to get 7200 RPM? I'm not doing heavy stuff on the NAS, just accesing my files (picutres/music/etc) and streaming media (videos, mostly Full-HD). 2. Should I invest in special NAS Drives (like the WD Red)? Because its a heavy bump in price. For example, for the price of three WD Red 4TB I could literally buy four WD Blue 4TB. Is the advantage of the WD Red so much bigger? I had some really old refurbished 1TB WD Blues in my Home Server for a few years and none of them broke. In my whole life just one HDD failed on me (a really old seagate). I would love to hear your advice and oppinions. Greetings Philip
  8. Scoutingnugget

    CPU that goes well with a H170 Mobo

    I would buy it from a college with 8GB of RAM and a Cooler for 50€.. Even with an H170 Chipset it is a pretty good deal
  9. Hey guys, What do you think is a good CPU to go with an H170 Mainboard? I was thinking about an 6600k, but I would loose the Overclocking Capability (or dont? a college said he could overclock with it a little, dunno why). Price budget would be around 200€. I would use it mainly for gaming
  10. Hey Guys, I have a quation, I get a Z170 Motherboard very cheap and need a new CPU to go with it. But should I buy an i5 - 6600k or spend 20€ more and get an i5 - 7600k? I think that the 7600k should work with it, but how well and is it worth the trouble where I maybe need to borrow a Skylake CPU to update the BIOS? Im curious to hear your oppinion! Greetings from Germany Philip
  11. Scoutingnugget

    Enough Airflow for GPU in High-End-Build?

    Nice, thank you!
  12. Scoutingnugget

    Enough Airflow for GPU in High-End-Build?

    I'm building it for a friend and he is a bit picky about the Case... And a really big case would be overkill and would seem empty I think...
  13. Hey there, so I am planning a High-End-Build: Product Price CPU: Intel Core i7 7700K 359,45 € Cooler: NZXT Kraken X62 159,85 € Motherboard: Asus ROG Strix Z270F 177,85 € RAM: 32GB G.Skill Trident Z RGB DDR4-3000 308,63 € GPU: 11GB Asus GeForce GTX 1080 Ti ROG Strix OC 869,00 € Case: NZXT Source S340 Elite 99,45 € PSU: 750 Watt Corsair RMx Series RM750x Modular 80+ Gold 109,85 € Storage: 256GB Samsung SM961 M.2 127,85 € HDD: 2000GB Seagate Desktop HDD 69,85 € LED: PHANTEKS RGB LED-Stip Combo Set 14,90 € Fan: Aer, RGB LED-Lüfter mit HUE+ LED-Controller - 140mm 89,90 € SUM 2.386,58 € But I have one concern, when I mount the rad in the front with a push/pull config, will there be enough airflow to cool the 1080 Ti? I want to use the 2 Fans in the Top left corner to exhaust. Jayztwocents said that the thermal of this perticular 1080 Ti are impressiv, but he tested on an open-air-testbench, so what about a closed case with a non blower-style-Graphics Card? I hope you can help me ^^ Greeting Baka P.S.: If you see something off in this build feel free to mention it ^^
  14. Scoutingnugget

    How can I monitor my GPU Throttling?

    I didnt use any overclock on my GPU, but I will try with Heaven, I just stressed it with Aida 64. I will try and watch at my core, thank you!
  15. Scoutingnugget

    How can I monitor my GPU Throttling?

    I installed Aida64 and noticed the CPU Throttling Graph in the System Stability TEst, but I cant find where I can get such a graph for GPU Throttling. How can I monitor if my GPU is throttling? I have MSI Afterburner installed, my GPU Usage is going up and down really fast, but my temps are 50 C°. So I dont know whats going on.