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  1. Good you mention stuck because it never goes away. Even after restart of HWinfo and Reset of Values, in Idle it's stuck to yes and running Prime95 doesn't change anything about it. Thanks, I will try that. But probably in a few hours, it's getting late here and that is something for tomorrow ^^
  2. Exaclty the difference, it stays at 4.5 under SIngle Core Load and Idle, Full Load, it drops down. I have a CoolerMaster 120mm AiO, don't know the exact model cause I bought it with the CPU and Board used. But like all the data shows, cooling doesn't seem to be the problem. Thanks for the tip, I tried it, but it doesn't detect any throtteling: Also the CPU Package Power spikes at around 80 and even the stock TDP is 91W (although I don't know if you can compare that). I added a whole Log file as an attachment, but I don't think it will tell you anymore. log.CSV
  3. the 4.5 GHz Overclock is set in BIOS, a friend said I whould install the tool to see if the configs stick. And also I can't take screenshots in BIOS
  4. Hey guys, so I'm not an expert or anyhing regarding overclocking. I bought a used i7-6700k with a Z170 board. I have it fixed to 4,5 GHz on all cores and the system is stable, here are my configs: As you can see, I haven't touched the Voltage there, because I'm scared I would brick it. So it runs on 4.5, but when I give it a multicore load it immediatly throttles. It's not a temperature problem tho: This was with Cinebench R20 Multicore (left) and the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility integrated Benchmark. Now this was Cinebench R20 Single Core and it pretty much stays at the frequency, although it does seem to spread the load between the cores when I look at Task Manager, which I don't really understand. I tried overvolting it a little (Offset of +0,020 V), but didn't had the courage to go for more and it didn't change anything. So I reverted it. Any experts here who might have some Ideas why it's behaving this way and what to do about it to keep the overclock stable?
  5. Thanks for the suggestions, but these are just too expensive. I just look for a somewhat color accurate 1440p Monitor that has a <5ms input delay. Don't need high refresh rate or something.
  6. Hi Guys, hope here are some Monitor Experts. I'm looking for a monitor for a friend. She does graphic design, but also gaming. Would like it to have 1440p and good color accuracy, but not a huge input delay. High refreshrate is not that important. The prive range would be around 300€. Is there something out there at this price? I found the "Dell UltraSharp U2719D", but it's a little expensive and it has a 8ms delay.
  7. Just tried that too, didn't do anything. (And ofc I'm restarting the service) I don't think its the config, when I got my firewall active or the entry isn't in the Config I get a orange connecting in my control. Now Its online, but as soon as I click on it it changes to yellow updating.
  8. I already written on the F@H Forum but got no response there. I set up my old dual Xon Server for this with a Virtual CentOs Machine and installed the FaH Client. But I got two problems with it I don't know how to resolve. Just before, here is my /etc/fahclient/config.xml: <config> <!-- Folding Slot Configuration --> <gpu v='false'/> <!-- Slot Control --> <power v='full'/> <!-- User Information --> <passkey v='XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX'/> <team v='223518'/> <user v='atlas'/> <!-- Folding Slots --> <slot id='0' type='CPU'/> <allow></allow> </config> And btw, When I start the service, it says Fail, but I can see in the Log that it is indeed running. 1. I can't connect to my control on my main PC which is The firewall is disabled and I can see the open Port on netstat. I can also connect via telnet on the port. I can add it into my Control, and when I'm not on it, it says Status = online. But when I click on it to see what it's doing, it changes to "Updating" and I can't see anything. Also, when I add <web-allow></web-allow> to my config, it won't start at all, no errors in the log, so I can't check what its doing from the web interface. 2. It seems to be folding hence the logs outputs these rows: 06:15:23:WU00:FS00:0xa7:Completed 490000 out of 500000 steps (98%) 06:16:38:WU00:FS00:0xa7:Completed 495000 out of 500000 steps (99%) But I don't think the points are contributed to my account. When I look here https://stats.foldingathome.org/donor/Atlas I see that the Date of the Last WU isn't the same as on my machine (I temp. disabled my PC Folding to see this). Also I think I would have more Points if it would actually count on that. I'm sorry that I'm posting here with this problem, but I couldn't get any help on the correct forum and thought here might be a few experts.
  9. Youn can still do it and just set your devices manually to the DNS IP. It will work just fine, just a little bit more hassel
  10. I work in a small Webshop Company in the tech department. Unfortunaly we dont get notebooks, we will just buy the newest HP ProDesk with an i7 for Java-Devs and normally i5 for the rest with RAM being between 8 - 32 GB and some random gpu, if even external. Although, out graphics department have Macs, the newest beeing from 2014 tho
  11. I runned my Pi 3 with a 1A once, so I think you should be fine
  12. Thanks for your feedback, and dont worry I have multiple Backups on external drives. And I will soon put a encrypted Backup in the cloud. @Scheer Your idea sounds interesting, I will look into it.
  13. I would recommend getting a WQHD (1440p) Monitor with 144Hz and maybe FreeSync. Linus did a video about this a short while ago:
  14. Thanks for your feedback, I think I'm gonna go with three or four WD Blues in RAID then.