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  1. A month ago i accidently smashed my MSI MAG271C, a VA, 1080p 144Hz display.

    So i ordered the new AOC CQ27G2U curved 1440p, VA, 144hz display, which i got delivered 2 days ago. 

    Its a pretty good budget display but i am experiencing some text ghosting while scrolling or moving windows with the mouse like shown in the video.

    I tried capturing it via Shadowplay but ofcourse when you play it on a different display the problems do not occur. Here is a video i recorded using my phone.


    (fyi i love total commander and i am willing to return display just to have this program look and work the way it should.) (Screen on the right is the AOC, Screen on the left is an old Samsung S24D340H


    The "ghosting" that you see also occurs when nightlight is activated, it made it quite a bit worse. 


    So my question is, is this fix-able in any shape or form? Or is it best to return the display and find a better one? If that is the best option, does anyone here have a recommendation?


    Im sorry if this post is somewhat hard to understand. English is not my native language so please bare with me.

  2. Sup Captain,


    Unfortunatly i already brought the HDD to a data recovery company. I will get the diagnosis in the next 10 days with a price indication. If the diagnosis price is more than i can afford is when i will consider trying to get the data of it myself. But its a WD My Passport ultra 2TB.


    i do not really have any knowledge of NAS, ill need to read up more. But i was thinking of ressurecting an old pc i have lying around to be a storage server, (or is that considered a DAS?) connected through network. I have all the parts of the PC lying around but i still need the drives itself. But that shouldnt be that big of a problem

  3. I dont really have a habit of breaking expensive stuff, but sometimes things happen and this time it turned out to be the HDD. But my original plan was when i bought the external drive was to put all of my stuff on and just put it somewhere safe. Which i didnt do, it was almost plugged in the most of the time. If im going to buy a housing its going to be in a cabinet or securely on a shelf so that its safe. Then somewhere along the line i'll get another external drive for copying stuff from my friends etc.

    But i have my answer. Thanks for the quick replys! :)

  4. Hello everyone, 


    Im sorry if this thread is not in the correct subforum. I wasnt sure to post it here or in the Servers and NAS section..


    A couple of days ago my external harddrive got accidently ripped out the USB and fell rather hard on the ground. Ofcourse it doesnt work anymore and i already contacted a data recovery company to see if my data can be restored..

    Since i am a rather clumsy guy i would rather not get another external drive, because it may fall again or something else could happen to it. So i was looking around for a housing for a 3.5 drive. I stumbled upon the Icy Box raid system, which holds 5 3.5" drives


    But the question is, is the purpose of such box solely for RAID or can i put for example just 2 drives in it and use it as external drive? If its possible it would be really handy for me, so i can put it in a cabinet and use it when i need it. I back up my stuff like once every 2 months. So i wouldnt need any auto back up software or anything. I also dont know if a actual RAID setup would be something i need, but if someone can give me a concrete reason to do so i might consider it.