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  1. Thanks a bunch for replying. It helps a lot. I decided to return this display and save up for one with better capabilities. The link that @SolarNova posted will be coming in handy. Thanks again
  2. A month ago i accidently smashed my MSI MAG271C, a VA, 1080p 144Hz display. So i ordered the new AOC CQ27G2U curved 1440p, VA, 144hz display, which i got delivered 2 days ago. Its a pretty good budget display but i am experiencing some text ghosting while scrolling or moving windows with the mouse like shown in the video. I tried capturing it via Shadowplay but ofcourse when you play it on a different display the problems do not occur. Here is a video i recorded using my phone. (fyi i love total commander and i am willing to return display just to have this progr
  3. Sup Captain, Unfortunatly i already brought the HDD to a data recovery company. I will get the diagnosis in the next 10 days with a price indication. If the diagnosis price is more than i can afford is when i will consider trying to get the data of it myself. But its a WD My Passport ultra 2TB. i do not really have any knowledge of NAS, ill need to read up more. But i was thinking of ressurecting an old pc i have lying around to be a storage server, (or is that considered a DAS?) connected through network. I have all the parts of the PC lying around but i still need the
  4. I dont really have a habit of breaking expensive stuff, but sometimes things happen and this time it turned out to be the HDD. But my original plan was when i bought the external drive was to put all of my stuff on and just put it somewhere safe. Which i didnt do, it was almost plugged in the most of the time. If im going to buy a housing its going to be in a cabinet or securely on a shelf so that its safe. Then somewhere along the line i'll get another external drive for copying stuff from my friends etc. But i have my answer. Thanks for the quick replys!
  5. Hello everyone, Im sorry if this thread is not in the correct subforum. I wasnt sure to post it here or in the Servers and NAS section.. A couple of days ago my external harddrive got accidently ripped out the USB and fell rather hard on the ground. Ofcourse it doesnt work anymore and i already contacted a data recovery company to see if my data can be restored.. Since i am a rather clumsy guy i would rather not get another external drive, because it may fall again or something else could happen to it. So i was looking around for a housing for a 3.5 drive. I stumb