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  1. Thank you. Its a Kershaw Emerson CQC Series, cheap but fun little knife.
  2. As I promised yesterday I installed EKWB predator and a Laserhive radiator mounting plate. Empty case with the radiator mount on the left. First I started by replacing the standard backplate with the one EKWB included. The fans on the Predator come configured as pull but because i wanted to use it as intake in needed to turn the fans around. Done. I mounted the radiator and motherboard. Everything mounted and ready to go. Now i just need to do some cable management, but I ran out of zip-ties..
  3. UPDATE! I have always wanted to watercool my PC but the price always made me hesitate, since I did not want to spend over 500 euros on watercooling equipment. But when EKWB announced they will be designing Predator I decided to buy it as soon as it was available, as it is a compact pre-filled and pre-assembled product that would satisfy my needs for watercooling. I preordered it as soon as it launched and it arrived yesterday. And today I will mount it into my case with the help of Laserhives 2x120 front fan mount.
  4. I know I have not updated in a while, but I filmed a short stop-motion video as a part of my entrance exam. I decided to post it here to maybe get some feedback on my work. Hope you guys like it.
  5. Update! I did not know how to start cutting, because I do not own any power tools, so this was all cut with hand tools. I found a handsaw that was suitable for the job, and cutting was not that big of a hassle. Picture quality is not as on par as before, because the lightning was bad. The photos are also out of focus... Template The first cut. With the flash on, it was better. I had to file some of the handsaw’s handle as there was no room for it to fit. I had to cut it in paterns because of the form of the handsaw. Then I forgot to take more pictures but it involved a lot more cutting and a ton of filing. Backplate assembled. (somewhat)
  6. Nice one, will there be a build log? Someone has routed his optical eject button to the top and it just barely protrudes through the mesh, it's a nifty idea. I hope not to much Yes and the locking mechanism is amazing, a pain to put apart, but it works like a charm. Thanks for looking! I have done so already, the parts are reused, from my first build that was a hackintosh. I have seen your G4, if you manage to make everything not cluttered it will look amazing.
  7. Thanks Be careful with the MacPro since it can fit only matx and the drive caddies are in the way. Do yourself a favour and take a look at laserhive and if you have any questions they can probably answer you. You do not really need power tools, the outside cuts, on my machine, were made using a handsaw. Some of them are water cooled, but mine is not. ATX is simple, I have it running on my desk, but i need to rebuild it, because I need to take some more photos of the progress, better cable management and I need to find a company to laser cut aluminium for me to clean the overall look. Here is a photo for comparison. (G5 vs Define R4) Internal design of the G5 is, when compared to a trashcan MacPro, conventional. You can swap graphics cards, hard drives and it has internal expansion, this is where the new mac pro fails for me.
  8. Dissasembly! I think I never want to dissasemble another G5, it was painful, but luckily I am not putting it back together in the original form. Artistic shot This did not want to get out It is out! CPUs and their heatsinks, this was a quad core computer, two cores per CPU. The empty area Also removed the two exaust fans and the power suply, this thing is huge! Ram slots PCI slots Dirty, dirty Empty! (almost…) Next time I will make some cuts, thank you!
  9. Thanks for the subs I may have an update incoming soon(ish) I am using a conversion kit from thelaserhive.com which comes with aluminium backplate and acrylic motherboard tray along with all the screws you will ever need and detailed instructions. You can easily fit an ATX motherboard in, with around 1.5 cm of space at the bottom (I will measure it, when I get home), with the power supply mounted on the top. If you were to use the original power supply housing, then I believe that EATX could easily be mounted. That is one of two reasons I started this build as late as I have, and the second one being money. G5 is far from a small case. I believe it is taller than Define R4.
  10. Thank you, I just corrected it Hope you enjoy it!
  11. Hello everyone This is my first build log ever written, so be gentle My goal for this build is to fit an atx sized motherboard inside the case and to make it as silent as possible. Most parts are going to be reused from my previous build, which was my first PC build, but I got bored of my case (Fractal Design Define R4 in white) and I have always wanted to do a build in G5 case, even before I have built my first PC. Parts I re-used: - Intel i7 3770K - Gigabyte Z77X-UD5H - Kingston Value Ram 16 GB - Samsung 840 SSD 500GB - Corsair TX650M power supply - Msi GTX 660ti PE - Noctua NH-D14 w/ 2x eLoop Fans - eLoop fan for exhaust - Bitfenix cable extensions Parts I bought: - Silverstone AP181 - 2x Samsung 840 EVO SSD 120GB - Zalman ZM-MFC1 Plus fan controller To mount the motherboard I will use a kit from Laserhive and there are only good things I can say about this company. I got the case from a semi-local seller and I had to spend 100 euros on it, but considering that it is almost in pristine condition (small bump in the front of the side panel). Pictures: That is all for now, but I have made more progress so I will update soon. Thanks for looking!
  12. Tripple slot cooler = quiet operation October 24 is my birthday (hint, hint)