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  1. Trikein


    The fact that none of you can even read the thread like 3 under this one, makes me want to leave even more. I made this post to get the mods attention to delete my post after they gave me a warning for trying to stop a troller. This will be my last post on this forum.
  2. Trikein


    Then I will go through and manually delete all my post and requests all caches to be removed from Waybackmachine. I don't want to see a single letter that I have ever typed on this forum.
  3. Trikein


    Because I want all my posts deleted.
  4. Trikein


    Now can someone just point to a link where I can close my profile?
  5. Trikein


    I was going to devote a lot of time and effort to this forum. But after a act by a (IMO) foolish moderator, I choose to quit instead. Have fun 10x that WAN>LAN speed. Maybe some of you could watch the videos this forum is based on? Maybe?
  6. Trikein

    Quadrupling Internet Speed

    Actually no. The reason it's called a 100Mb switch is because of the throughput of the switch CPU, not the interface rates. Are you saying if you connect 16 CAT6 to a gigabit switch, will you get 16Gb throughput? I hope your trolling....
  7. Trikein

    Quadrupling Internet Speed

    Look of difference between speed between WAN>LAN and LAN>LAN. Pretty sure Linus even explained this in the video. What your asking is equivalent to this: This is a troll for anyone a bit too simple to realize.
  8. Trikein

    Wireless Standards WPA2-PSK

    No, it covered WPA2 with AES. 2m35 seconds. Did you not watch the entire video?
  9. Trikein

    Wireless Standards WPA2-PSK

    Do your LTT duty and watch more Techquickies.
  10. Trikein

    Network Setup Help

    Your failure to see why needing know the model number of a device while troubleshooting it make it impossible for me to help you. I see now you don't need help, so thread closed.
  11. Trikein

    Network Setup Help

    If a device can be put into bridged, AP,repeater, or adapter mode makes a big difference depending on the model number. You fixed the problem without knowing what you did. Hope it doesn't happen again.
  12. Trikein

    Network Setup Help

    I like that you take the time to say what model devices you are connecting, but not the model of the gateway or router. Or who your ISP is. Garbage in=garbage out.
  13. Trikein

    Looking for a good cable modem with good nat settings

    Agree 100%. Only exception might be a VPN, but if modem/router is out of tech range for OP, then I think VPN is too.
  14. Trikein

    Ways to pick up internet speed

    So you are asking if there is a product that will run a ethernet cable without running a ethernet cable? If so, no. Do you mean how do you get your PS4 online without running a cable? If so, why not wireless? The PS4 has a built in wireless adapter. Do you have a wireless router? If so, what model number? Powerline might work well, but then you have to buy stuff, and depending on which adapters you get, how your house is wired, and what wireless router you have, it might not even work better.
  15. Trikein

    Fibre Setup HELP

    The NETGEAR D6300 is a DSL modem/router gateway. It doesnn't produce a phone signal, it uses a phone signal to create the internet connection. The extra WAN port is if you want to put in AP or separate router mode. What device did you get from your ISP? "Triple Play 150" isn't a model, it's slang. Look for the actual model number, or call your ISP and ask. What device it is will determine if you can use your own router and get telephone. Most time telephone is output from the fiber terminal(ONT).