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  1. Dramengo

    Are 1x pcie slot m.2 adapters any good?

    The computer I am wanting to do this in is an SFF Dell Optiplex 3020, it only has one full sized sata power and one mini sata power for the slim-optical drive. It is pretty cramped in there. Also I have a 3 year old that like shoving random objects in big holes in my computers, I am not aware of a 2.5 in drive caddy that fits were the slim-odd sits in this case so I can keep her from doing that.
  2. I have a Small Form factor Computer that I am wanting to put an 240 GB ssd of some sort in to speed up the operating system and some old games (Morrowind, X3, and the like). my only options are in order of most to least preferred: to use a m.2 adapter that will fit in a 1x pcie slot that is also low profile remove the slim optical drive and use a power adapter from its power to power a 2.5 sdd Replace my 500 GB HDD with a 500 GB+ SSD Also money is tight.
  3. the regular Hyper 212 replaces the stock brackets on the motherboard, so they will work just fine, the Hyper 212 LED (at least the newer ones) doesn't replace the stock brackets it uses the stock ones in their infinite wisdom. And to make matters worse they purposely redid the base of the LED model where you couldn't use their brackets if you wanted to. Yes the Hyper 212 LED mounts just fine in the AM4 socket if and only because the stock AM4 brackets haven't really changed at all since am2, but having the widest part of the cooler be designed to go over the ram perpendicularly and point up/down where last time I checked your avg case doesn't have any vents located is just bad design. And as far as drilling holes in my motherboard, I like my warranties they have saved me quite a few times just this past year alone.
  4. In order for me to have proper cooling with my tower cooler (Hyper 212LED) I need the stock cooler brackets to be to the right and left of the socket not above and below the socket, because the later will have the cooler perpendicular to the ram facing the top of the case where I don't have any vents. The reason why this is an issue is that my current case doesn't have the best cooling characteristics. The reason why I am looking for an MSI board is that I have a very small upgrade budget and am looking at getting the Athlon 200ge which is currently overclockable only on msi boards.
  5. Dramengo

    Fan vibration MSI n730-4GD3V2

    @LukeSavenije it is not reference most Nvidia geforce 730's I know of has a lot smaller fan, and as far as spending 50-60 bucks for it the card brand new is going for ~$80-$90 and I worry about compatibility with most 3rd party solutions because of the type of card and the price point it sits at.
  6. I think the fan is going out in my graphics card and I am wondering if anyone knows of a surefire way I can order a new fan to replace what is on the card. In my case the fan and shroud are one in the same so I would imagine that the chances of finding a good replacement slim. I did check ebay but didn't see anything. Any help would be apprecated.
  7. The version I have has two ddr3 and two ddr2 slots and supports am2-am3+ cpus, And as far as the 8gb ram goes I used to have 8gb of ram but one stick died, and as you said some/most of my ram issues could have been due to bandwidth, I will give that list to the head of finances as a preferred to check on for any price drops.
  8. I have found that windows and most media sites these days does not like 8gb of memory. I fill it up with one tab open trying to view a 720p 60fps stream on twitch(any browser) So I am leery of any ram less than 16 gb. Even then I wouldn't be able to purchase the list that you gave because it is outside of my absolute max budget. Granted it is only $8.88 more than it but the head of finances gave me a number to stick to and that outside of shipping and taxes I could not exceed what so ever. Thanks for the attempt though, I will keep an eye out to see if the prices drop any at all in the coming months in hopes that I can get up to that am4 platform.
  9. My current build is a AMD Phenom 9850 black edition running at stock 2.5 ghz 6 GB of gskill ram (DDR2 3x2 gb sticks) hyper 212 led ASUS M2N68-VM motherboard MSI n730-2gd3-r Graphics card Corsair force SSD 120 gb Western Digital HHD 300 gb my budget is only $160 US before tax and shipping and that is a hard unsurpassable limit. I want to play games that came out in the last 8 years at 1080p 20 fps+. My current build is so slow now that I have issues with twitter, twitch, and youtube much less gaming. The current main bottleneck that I experience is both cpu speed and RAM speed/capacity. Parts that I am looking at upgrading too: AMD FX-8300 currently $78.98 @ outletpc ASROCK N68C-GS4 FX $0.00 (downgraded from this so I can have more ram) G.Skill F3-1600C11D-16GNT (DDR3 2x8 gb sticks) currently $79.99 newegg So would this build work together? The motherboard supports am3+ that are 95 watts and lower and the fx-8300 is 95 watts, also ASROCKs QVL list doesn't list any modules over the capacity of 4gb even though they say that board supports up to 16 gb of ddr3 memory in its 2 ddr3 slots. I am open to other (better) options but given my strict budget I am grasping at straws here.
  10. Currently $209.99 PCPartpicker link to be fair according to pcpartpicker there is a little bit over a page worth of ram of 2400MHz+ till you get to this one, most of them wasn't one the document I had at the time and this is a rgb kit as well. it is $60 more than bottom line, and Memory prices seem to have gotten a bit of a wider spread in the last couple months.
  11. The main reason why I am asking about that particular kit of corsair memory is that for some reason it seams cheaper than most other kits of 2x8 GB 2400MHz+ sticks. At least the last time I checked in stock pricing on a variety of kits a couple months ago looking at supported memory for the older x370 Gaming 7 board.
  12. I would love to hit the 5GHz line but I won't do anything crazier than custom loop water cooling to try to achieve it. I am just trying to figure out if the ram makes the system volatile at much lower overclocks then some of the more common ram kits.
  13. I don't know how much they can overclock on avg and was going off of the oc GamerNexus applied when doing this article. I am curious if anybody has had bad experiences with said kit of ram vs say Corsair Vengeance 3200 MHz ram or even any of the Gskill Titan Z models. Pretty much I don't want to spend a bunch of money on ram just to have massive stability issues when overclocking the Ryzen 7 2nd gen cpus.
  14. I am going to be ordering parts for a new computer here in the next couple days and was wondering if anyone here has tried overclocking a Ryzen 2700 or 2700x cpu with this RAM for reference the motherboard I plan on ordering is the Gigabyte - X470 Aorus Gaming 7 WIFI. The RAM at least was on the qualified memory list but it looks like they trimmed the list down since launch and have added typos as well(I am waiting for reply from Gigabyte). I am mainly concerned with stability, but would like to overclock to 4.2GHz+ once I get to a place that has central heat and air.
  15. Dramengo

    Decent wireless audio for under $100

    I am curious what kind of wireless headset/buds that I can get for less than a $100. I just need a decent solution that wont make me want to fall on my sword. Or should I get a 4.1 bluetooth adapter and use my cheep bds-19 wireless phone headset?