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    AMD FX-6300
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    Asrock 970M Pro3
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    Adata 2x4gb
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    EVGA GTX 950 Sc+/RX 460
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    DIYPC Cuboid
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    Corsair CX430 Semi Modular
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    Some HP monitor and the old tv
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    Hyper 212 EVO
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    CM vengence 2
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    Hoping for a G502
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    HyperX Cloud/ATH-M50x
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    Windows 10/8

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  1. Cpu-z is reading 4 kilovolts being pulled from an lg g5 battery. Ampere is saying 60mA charging from a oneplus dash charger. What is reading wrong?
  2. About that...on restart windows said it couldnt boot and I had to reset cuz i couldnt find the problem
  3. Itried grub2disk on a usb but that didn't work. Rescatux saved me so hard
  4. I guess I did not uninstall grub correctly and I cannot boot into windows, only grub rescue. I tried auto repair and bootrec /fixmbr but no result. Anything else or the good ol' boot and nuke
  5. Should I factory reset? Grub rescue commands dont work.
  6. I use the bootrec commands to try to get rid of grub rescue because I uninstalled linux. When I do bootrec /rebuildbcd it comes up at 1 installation and every option says that the requested disc cannot be found. Any help?
  7. psu

    Power supply is probably working a little hard. The 760 can draw near 200 watts by itself.
  8. psu

    Completely sure the psu is hot. What are you specs and does the fan spin Edit: looks like you may be choking it if it's on the ground and there's no airflow
  9. Hey guys, I have a great idea. Buy laptop hard drives. Durr
  10. I got it I needed a driver for it to respond and function. I forgot how2computer there
  11. I think that might be just a windows problem. I have never had green bars go to the blue line. If you have, im just stupid
  12. running should be ok but idk about overclock
  13. I am in fastboot on my rs988, but my cmd will only say waiting for device. I have installed the drivers and I have the files. Any help?
  14. Hes life alright.
  15. Lg g5 got it January no root. I dont think its giving 3 kilovolts