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    AMD FX-6300
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    Asrock 970M Pro3
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    Adata 2x4gb
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    EVGA GTX 950 Sc+/RX 460
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    DIYPC Cuboid
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    HyperX Savage and Seagate 1TB
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    Corsair CX430 Semi Modular
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    Some HP monitor and the old tv
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    Hyper 212 EVO
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    CM vengence 2
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    Hoping for a G502
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    HyperX Cloud/ATH-M50x
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    Windows 10/8

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    Computers, duh
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    Living life to the fullest and building computers

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  1. It'll catch whatever you throw at it. Just manually scan if you need to that bad on a usb.
  2. Just a folder? My school iPad gallery is all memes warped tf out of this with Adobe during class. We also had a watermark war. We also put the ifunny watermark with cropping.
  3. Never wanted to use dvd. Pcmr said its bad (jk)
  4. I forgot how to make an iso bootable. Trying to run gparted to fix linux but I forgot how to make the iso usable.
  5. Do you have this, have you overclocked, and are your temps low right now
  6. Have the 2 in there like under the mobo and say it's nine gigabytes of ram
  7. Ssssshhhh it's 8 if you believe
  8. What the guy above me said, maybe get a 1070 and water cooling would be better to afford a better monitor. 1440p would be ez with that and even 4k
  9. Looks nice but if you want get a second monitor if you stream. It dosent need to be anything special. I have my 1080p monitor but I found an old 768p tv and use that to see my chat when streaming and control discord and obs. EDIT: Didn't see you bought an operating system full price. Look online and you can save 40-50 bucks on Windows 10
  10. I have 20GB of unallocated and neither have the expand volume highlited any way to do this in linux and not windows?
  11. Am I able to expand or join to partitions in windows? I allocated too little in linux and I have an unallocated partition but it says I cant expand either of them.
  12. ok thanks im new to this stuff. Is there also any way to expand a partition used by linux from windows? I have unallocated space and I would like to use it for linux.