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  1. i would disagree with the Pallit gamerock cooling, I have an rtx 2080 super and it overclocks like a beats and stays nice and cool, previous card hd750, Gigabyte sc gtx 970 , Gamerock 1080, Gigabyte Aorus 1080ti (hot little b*astard even after thermal grizzly treatment), i would take Pallit card all day long
  2. i had a h115i with my old 4790k and it lasted 4 years, nh-d15 great choice and noctua mounting kit is a dream to use, but i went back to the new h115i pro from nd-n12.
  3. I had same cooler on my 3600 oc to 4.2 on all cores and i have swapped to a AIO but also a new case so its hard to tell but its around a 5-10 degree drop, the only thing i would say is it is a lot quieter and i do like the zero fan rpm option on my aio , but your temps are fine, my idle temps are the same as yours, gaming is 44-52,
  4. I have the x570 a pro, with a ryzen 3600, with all core overclock to 4.2, I have zero issues. i kinda bought it pretty much as soon as it came out so like a d*ck i did not check the reviews but if i had i would not of bought it, but on the other hand i have had zero issues. only thing that i do not like is the lack of a reset bios option on the i/o, you have to short the pins.
  5. i went from a 4790k paired with a gtx1080 to ryzen 3600 and i would personally say its worth it, but the 4790k is a great cpu.
  6. I have the super hub 3, connected to google wif and have no speed issues. Previously had a Netgear ac6250(dont quote me on the model was a while back) and had no speed issues with that either just then range. setting up either was just plugging it, then powering them on. i have got a feeling its got something to do with your Mac cloning because i set my Netgear to google DNS and obviously Google wifi is configured to googles own dns
  7. if you paid on credit card i would try that but here in the uk they have to accept returns in a certain period, i own the same motherboard it preforms well but I am only running with a 3600. but the thing that p*sses me off about the board is no reset cmos button on the back, in regard to the eps/power setup i only have the atx power and cpu1 pwr plugged in cpu pwr 2 is empty,
  8. the 5700xt probably sites between a 1080 and 1080ti, i recently had a 1080 but traded it in against a TI but was considering the 5700xt but at the time there was no aib cards and it would of worked out more expensive, but the 5700xt it will do 95% AAA games at 60fps at 1440p, my 1080ti is paired with a r5 3600 with all cores set to 4.2