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  1. there is a little speck that i can see on white screens on my lg 32ud99, it looks like a piece of dust or something and is only visible on a white screen, and even then its not very noticeable. Do all monitors have slight imperfections like this? because ive tried to get a replacement and the replacement monitors ive tried have had worse colors (ie yellower whites) and just slight differences like that even though its the same model monitor. Is this something that I should just put up with because all monitors have impurities and imperfections? or should i be able to find a monitor without these kinds of problems and ive just had bad luck?
  2. I got it on sale for like 200... I've tried buying another just to see if the same issue is on all monitors and that appears to be the case. it seems to get worse the closer I am to the monitor, and if im farther away from it the effect is basically non existent.
  3. the dell 2718d monitor has some weird effect when I look at it even slightly off angle... some kind fo distortion like there's a protective film on the screen (there isnt I checked) like a screen door or rainbow effect. hard to get a picture of but I did the best I could. the monitor is glossy if that helps in diagnosis and this effect is most easily viewable on a white screen but if anyone has any ideas for cause and solution it would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Luke32800


    i found exactly what im looking for at digikey but its out of stock https://www.digikey.bg/product-detail/en/tensility-international-corp/10-00545/839-1096-ND/2625317
  5. Luke32800


    It’s for the controller of a speaker set I have, that’s the connector and currently the controller has a straight one attached to it but the speaker is against a wall and sometimes it loses connection because of the cable getting squished.
  6. Luke32800


    I saw one that was 8 pin
  7. Luke32800


    Yes but I didn’t see any that were right angle
  8. Luke32800


    Looking for 9 pin mini din type b cable. One end has to be right angle male, the other end has to be female. If I have to buy multiple and solder them together that’s fine but I can’t find a right angle male that I can use.
  9. could a splitter be used to convert either the displayport or hdmi ports into 2?
  10. i plan to use the macbook as a desktop replacement (not doing gaming or anything so the macbook should be able to handle my workload) with this dock https://hengedocks.com/pages/vertical-macbook-pro-2016 but unsure how to divide connections up as i would need 4 usb a ports, 1 ethernet, 1 aux port, and preferable a few extra usb ports and sd card slot in case i want to plug anything else in. also unsure of the charging situation if using this dock, nor the the necessary graphics card configuration for the laptop. i dont have the laptop yet but i dont want to give up my 3 display setup so im making sure that everything i want to do with the macbook will work.
  11. all 4 are 1080p, unsure of the refresh rate, but one of them is a 3d tv so thats the one i wanted to use hdmi with
  12. im looking to do it for a macbook pro, which is not listed in this hubs compatibility list
  13. how many thunderbolt 3 ports would it take to run 3 dvi displays and 1 hdmi display? or preferably 2 dvi and 2 hdmi? i want to know if it could be done with 2 or less
  14. Luke32800

    RF interference

    i just got xfinity, and they have remotes that use rf signals as opposed to ir signals. i also have sennheiser rs 175 headphones, which also use rf waves. just when i got xfinity, the headphones started cutting in and out at random points. it there a way to fix this? such as changing the frequency or something?
  15. In Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Ease of Access Center\Change sign-in settings, the After Sign-in setting for Mouse Keys will not persist when I try to uncheck it. I can go to that page, uncheck the box, and hit apply/Ok, then immediately return to the sign-in settings page and find it checked again.