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  1. You could try submerging it in a bag of rice overnight or even for a few days. Might be some moisture left inside and getting rid of it might completely fix it.
  2. Aha, that sucks. Pretty expensive pacifier.. Unless you want to consider a clip-on mic (1, 2), the V-Moda BoomPro and ModMic are the only options I've seen for the way they integrate into the headset.
  3. Because everyone has $400-500 to spend on a first-time entry-level road bike on top of the cost of accessories, locks, tools, and likely a new saddle which easily jumps the cost up to $600 or more. To be honest, you sound like snob. Use cases exist where $600 for a bike setup doesn't make sense. Maybe I'll do an overhaul of all the components on the bike once I'm really into using the bike and want more out of it, but for now there's nothing wrong with it after replacing the pedals, saddle, brake levers, and chain. As for your comment on not doing research, I've been doing plenty of it. However, I'm still very new to learning about bikes and don't know everything. Something was on sale and I wanted an immediate answer because Amazon prices fluctuate frequently and I didn't want to miss the sale.
  4. I've been recommending the Philips SHP9500 + V-MODA BoomPro combo to everyone looking for a gaming headset under $90. Does anyone know of a better alternative or am I justified in my suggestion to people?
  5. Yeah, I kind of expected that. After having done some research, as long as the tape isn't old, it's fine to reuse it. I just hope I'm decent at rewrapping it. I've never heard about hydraulic brakes for bikes, but that sounds fun to mess with
  6. I've had the bike for a few months, but haven't road it very much. I doubt it has even 15 miles on it.
  7. I thought so. Thanks. I don't know much about cars, but I can at least appreciate the symmetry
  8. I've been looking at replacing the cheap brake levers on my road bike for a little while now and the Tektro RL340s that I had in my favorites went on sale for a pretty low price of $16 and it's hard to pass up on them for that price. I'm just wondering if it's safe to assume I'll be able to use my existing brake cables without having to mess with them too much because I don't want to also have to buy new cables. This is my road bike. I don't know when the sale ends so a quick response would be awesome
  9. My main concern at that point is air bouncing off the rear of the case instead of going through it because the exhaust fan would be attached to the heatsink instead of the rear of the case. I don't understand how the top exhaust fan will screw up the airflow though. The heatsink has greater static pressure and airflow than the top exhaust fan has so most of the intake air should be going into the heatsink fans and then most of the air coming out the other side of the heatsink should be going through the exhaust fan. Or am I wrong?
  10. I don't have the components or else I would.
  11. Something that's always bugged me is the consistency, alignment, and symmetry of the CPU/CPU fans and the rear exhaust fans. Using the CPU fans as a rear exhaust fan paired with one up top seems to be an acceptable solution to this, but I'm not sure how well a fan will do getting air through small holes that are an inch or more away from it. These would be the fans used on the heatsink while the case fans would be these. Do you think this scenario will end up having too much positive pressure because the CPU fans won't act well enough exhausting air from the case?
  12. Basically what the title says. Does anyone have any recommendations for a portable music player that supports the formats in the title while also having support for digital output via micro USB? I bought a Fiio E10K a couple months ago and right now I can't use its DAC while on the go.
  13. I might not have internet access for a little while here soon enough so I'm looking to subscribe to a magazine to keep up with what's going on while I'm away. I'd love some recommendations. Maybe something like NCIX's YouTube that covers quite a lot of tech news, but I also want there to be benchmark comparisons and that sort of thing in there. Thanks.