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    Intel Core I5 4460
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    Gigabyte Z97-D3H
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    16 GB DDR3 Cruical RAM
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    GTX 970 Reference Cooler (Because it's sexy)
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    NZXT S340 elite, it's 2017 who doesn't like glass
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    250 Samsung Evo 850 SDD, 1TB Samsung HDD, 500GB Samsung HDD
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    Coolermaster B700
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    BenQ XL2720Z/ LG 4K HDR TV
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    Basic cause i'm a peasant
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    Razer Blackwidow Tournament Chroma
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    Razer Deathadder
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    Hyper X Cloud 2 / Audio Technica ATH M50x
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    Windows 10

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    Pretty Much Everything Tech, Love Hardware and learning networks
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    I'm from the UK and i'm 18, i'm running a decent rig but want to upgrade it in the near future, i'm new here and just signed back into my profile, i want to be a contributor and help who i can when i can, helping people with computer problems is great whilst sometimes frustrating!
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  1. Amp for PC that can push ~ 38 ohms (headphones)

    That's £110 where i am, that's a little steep considering i don't listen to music a load, enough to warrant spending £110 iygm, would it even make a noticeable difference?
  2. Basically i've got my Audio Technica M50x's connected my PC via the typical audio jack, it's not really quiet and it's not really loud either, people have recommended i buy an Amp, just looking they seem super expensive, can anyone recommend one that: A) will work with a PC b) actually be able to push my headphones c) doesn't make me or my wallet cry (£) Thanks
  3. Where can i buy legit s8/s9 AKG earbuds

    So i got them amazing earbuds with my s8, but like any earphones that get carried around in your pocket, the eventually do get damaged, for now they work but i can only see them dying soon Does anyone know where to buy them other than Samsung directly? i refuse to spend £90 on some earphones, even though i just bought some audio-technica ath-m50x's https://www.uk-mobilestore.co.uk/samsung-s8-s8-plus-akg-in-ear-headphones-eo-ig955bsegww-grey.html?gclid=Cj0KCQjwv73VBRCdARIsAOnG8u0NKcTV_BPgvkfGvrLm0bbcEXAaSkk75og2LxL5pBubKb6Gqq_89tYaAuTcEALw_wcB I found this but i assume they are the same as the "genuine" amazon listings?
  4. A strange situation

    Finally sorted this the first DAC didn't work, well it did kind of.. i plugged my audio technicas in and i could hear a local radio station so a replacement DAC solved this thanks for your help
  5. A strange situation

    I've bought a DAC: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B074P5PHYM/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 this is my plan bear with me - Optical audio to optical audio into my Sony soundbar (My TV has no Optical out just HDMI ARC) then the soundbar to my TV using HDMI ARC, and then i can plug my headphones in the front and they will work, all is okay, hopefully
  6. A strange situation

    I was thinking that, how would i use it though? the PS4 takes up a HDMI port and there is no 3.5mm Jack on the TV
  7. A strange situation

    So basically i'm using a Hyper X Cloud 2 on my PS4 and it's super quiet like really quiet regardless if it's plugged in via USB or into the controller, My TV doesn't have a headphone Jack either What are my options? get a DAC? or something, it has to support 4k@60hz Any ideas?
  8. Large house Wifi Issues

    Ah, but you forget this is an ISP provided router, i'd honestly be surprised if their ISP even knows POE even means
  9. Large house Wifi Issues

    True, what Wifi Extenders would you recommend? budget is about £100 - £150
  10. Large house Wifi Issues

    They are quite good and i like this idea, few issues though, they are quite expensive and their budget isn't overly huge, and unless i buy a decent switch POE won't be an option
  11. Large house Wifi Issues

    So i'm planning out Wifi for a friends house who's having issue getting WifI on the third floor - Ground floor coverage is good - Second floor coverage is excellent (ISP supplied AP is on this level) - Third floor is poor (A powerline extender is been used however they have difficulty using a smart TV and their smart phones) signal strength to the powerline connector is poor besides the fact it is in the next room, and speeds are less than impressive. Things to bare in mind: - They have a VDSL circuit, not that having Fibre boosts signal strengths but poor speeds shouldn't really be a thing - The nearest comms cabinet is the end of the street (quite close) - The house is relatively old (however i wouldn't think internal wiring would be an issue) - The walls are not that thick meaning connectivity isn't been blocked by thick materials - Both the AP and Powerline connector is using 2/.4 ghz Any ideas would be welcome Cheers
  12. Fallout 3 Crash windows 10

    The game crashes after about 5-10 mins of gameplay, very randomly, free roaming chatting combat ect... i know this game on windows 10 is ♥♥♥♥ing awful at any time Heres my load order sorted by BOSSFallout 3.esmAnchorageThePitt StreetLightsBrokenLightsPointLookoutZetaUnoffical fallout patch CRAFTCALIBRFO3 wanders ed main file Project Beauty FCOMasterBetter Game Performance Floar OverhaulRealistic enterior lighting FO3 Wanders edition main file FO3 Wanders edition Followers Edition FO3 Wanders edition Broken Steel FO3 Wanders edition Point Lookout FO3 Wanders edition Anchorage FO3 Wanders edition The PittFO3 Wanders edition Mothership ZetaF3 Project Reality Project Beauty Broken Steel Project Beauty Point lookout MegalightRealistic Interior Lighting OARealistic Interior Lighting BSRealistic Interior Lighting PLHZSmoothLightChems and Meds dD Enhanced blood Rubble Piles I'm not running any ENB's Any ideas?
  13. Motherboard caps really hot

    Update: we took it out of the case and it worked, and then placing it in the case worked? We didn't change anything at all either, But it works, which is the main thing...
  14. Motherboard caps really hot

    Define hot - My finger now has a blister on it and it briefly touched it, for like a second, i could feel the heat just by holding my hand near the board, Did i try the other 4 pin slot - no, it took up the middle 4 so there was 2 free pins either side, and it wouldn't fit the other way Update: tried another PSU with no luck, however once we removed it from the case it posted again and was stable? seems odd
  15. Motherboard caps really hot

    A cheap one apparently, but that didn't answer my question.