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    Intel Core I5 4460
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    Gigabyte Z97-D3H
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    16 GB DDR3 Cruical RAM
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    GTX 970 Reference Cooler (Because it's sexy)
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    NZXT S340 elite, it's 2017 who doesn't like glass
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    250 Samsung Evo 850 SDD, 1TB Samsung HDD, 500GB Samsung HDD
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    Coolermaster B700
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    BenQ XL2720Z
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    Basic cause i'm a peasant
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    Razer Blackwidow Tournament
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    Razer Deathadder
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    Hyper X Cloud 2
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    Windows 10

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    United Kingdom
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    Pretty Much Everything Tech, Love Hardware and learning networks
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    I'm from the UK and i'm 18, i'm running a decent rig but want to upgrade it in the near future, i'm new here and just signed back into my profile, i want to be a contributor and help who i can when i can, helping people with computer problems is great whilst sometimes frustrating!
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    Cloud Specialist

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  1. It won't make any difference, you're headphones are 2.0 unless you have virtual 7.1 surround found on newer gaming headsets like the Hyper X cloud 2, stick with 2.0 you really won't notice any difference
  2. Random Reset on Freshly Built Rig.

    Does it happen when you doing anything in particular? like playing a game or running a benchmark ect?
  3. IPhone X Thoughts

    Don't get me wrong i liked the simplicity of an Iphone and still would recommend an Iphone to anyone who tech knowledge is limited, and wants a simple phone to use that's snappy and has an outstanding camera as techy point of view android is the best it offer far more customization and features when compared to an Iphone, based on the fact Iphones will always be premium priced phone even if they don't cutting edge specs like Samsung offer for less
  4. IPhone X Thoughts

    No but he's right, My s8 demands i enter my pin to unlock it after restarting or powering on
  5. IPhone X Thoughts

    Nah, i just feel most of the people on here have a high enough level of intelligence to know the difference between a good phone and a bad phone
  6. IPhone X Thoughts

    Oh cute, Apple rolled out yet another overpriced smart phone last night, As someone who's used an Iphone i really cannot see why anyone would invest in the Iphone X (10) This phone is essentially a dumbed down Galaxy s8 with no finger print scanner that costs almost £300 more Why would anyone buy this when the Note 8 is £100 cheaper than it? you get more phone and more features. The reason this will sell is to people who want animate emojis which will quickly become boring and for simple people who can't their heads around the "complicated" AOS Honestly, hats off to Apple if this actually sells well considering facial regimentation didn't work properly last night
  7. Small blower card?

    You'd also have to make sure the back of the card doesn't make contact with the case or you might have issues with shorts!
  8. Small blower card?

    http://www.ebuyer.com/772133-gigabyte-geforce-gtx-1050-ti-oc-low-profile-4gb-gddr5-graphics-cards-gv-n105toc-4gl?mkwid=s_dc&pcrid=51482416259&pkw=&pmt=&gclid=Cj0KCQjwruPNBRCKARIsAEYNXIgUJI8nHtlmqYgGMa2BnfEs965QEadWigvXcJ6WgkJA4XlgbvFlQ-0aAr5IEALw_wcB A small form factor 1050ti , it won't be smashing crysis at 4k anytime soon, but it's more than capable card for the money, it a relatively new card too! i don't have one myself but from what i hear if you want solid gaming performance look this is the card!
  9. Small blower card?

    I'm almost certain there isn't any cards like this, pretty much all blower style GPU's are standard or larger size, blower style cards usually aren't as good at cooling as normal cards, hence why there isn't any smaller versions, i can recommend some smaller sized gpu's if you want
  10. First desktop pc

    So at that $1000 - 1500 price point you can play 4k Games but not at the mentioned ultra settings, as for VR it would be fine, personally unless you're willing to spend more i'd aim for 1080p maybe even 1440p at a higher than 60hz refresh rate? sound okay? if so i'll help you build a PC
  11. mismatching ram?

    I run completely different moduels myself, whilst i can't take advantage of dual channel, i still have a inexpensive 16gb kit of RAM now!
  12. Do hard drives not require screws

    Most drives don't come with them, if it's a mechanical drive i'd always recommend screws (some come with you case) because if you don't it's going to rattle and drive you crazy, it won't damage the drive it'll just damage your brain if it's an SSD you'll be fine, they're near silent
  13. New Build

    Any Particular res on the monitors?
  14. How do you clean thr pcb of a GPU?

    My main question is how did vape juice even get on the card in the first place?