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    Intel Core I5 4460
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    Gigabyte Z97-D3H
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    16 GB DDR3 Cruical RAM
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    GTX 970 Reference Cooler (Because it's sexy)
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    NZXT S340 elite, it's 2017 who doesn't like glass
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    250 Samsung Evo 850 SDD, 1TB Samsung HDD, 500GB Samsung HDD
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    Coolermaster B700
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    BenQ XL2720Z
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    Basic cause i'm a peasant
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    Razer Blackwidow Tournament
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    Razer Deathadder
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    Hyper X Cloud 2
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    Windows 10

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    United Kingdom
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    Pretty Much Everything Tech, Love Hardware and learning networks
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    I'm from the UK and i'm 18, i'm running a decent rig but want to upgrade it in the near future, i'm new here and just signed back into my profile, i want to be a contributor and help who i can when i can, helping people with computer problems is great whilst sometimes frustrating!
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  1. Fallout 3 Crash windows 10

    The game crashes after about 5-10 mins of gameplay, very randomly, free roaming chatting combat ect... i know this game on windows 10 is ♥♥♥♥ing awful at any time Heres my load order sorted by BOSSFallout 3.esmAnchorageThePitt StreetLightsBrokenLightsPointLookoutZetaUnoffical fallout patch CRAFTCALIBRFO3 wanders ed main file Project Beauty FCOMasterBetter Game Performance Floar OverhaulRealistic enterior lighting FO3 Wanders edition main file FO3 Wanders edition Followers Edition FO3 Wanders edition Broken Steel FO3 Wanders edition Point Lookout FO3 Wanders edition Anchorage FO3 Wanders edition The PittFO3 Wanders edition Mothership ZetaF3 Project Reality Project Beauty Broken Steel Project Beauty Point lookout MegalightRealistic Interior Lighting OARealistic Interior Lighting BSRealistic Interior Lighting PLHZSmoothLightChems and Meds dD Enhanced blood Rubble Piles I'm not running any ENB's Any ideas?
  2. Motherboard caps really hot

    Update: we took it out of the case and it worked, and then placing it in the case worked? We didn't change anything at all either, But it works, which is the main thing...
  3. Motherboard caps really hot

    Define hot - My finger now has a blister on it and it briefly touched it, for like a second, i could feel the heat just by holding my hand near the board, Did i try the other 4 pin slot - no, it took up the middle 4 so there was 2 free pins either side, and it wouldn't fit the other way Update: tried another PSU with no luck, however once we removed it from the case it posted again and was stable? seems odd
  4. Motherboard caps really hot

    A cheap one apparently, but that didn't answer my question.
  5. Hi guys, Not sure if they're capacitors or chokes? probably need to some more research (see attached image) But i've just been building a PC with a friend, now i've built a few myself including my own PC and this is the first time i've encountered this issue Basically we're using a Ryzen 1500 and 550w PSU it only has 4 pins for the CPU and the board has a 8 pin slot, now i know Ryzen can run off a 4pin connection it has, it also happily supplied power gtx 1060, but when we connected fans it wouldn't post at all, the PSU didn't even seem to have any life, i could hear the boar whining a little and i could feel heat coming from the board, and stupidly i touched the capacitor/choke and it was really hot like really really hot, it burnt my skin and it was on there for a second if that, any ideas why this happened?
  6. Best Monitor $ can buy

    $100? US CAD AUS?
  7. Best Skyrim SE Mods

    Sooooo, I've picked Skyrim SE up for PC and i want a few mods to make the game look pretty, My hardware is as follows: GTX 970 i5 4460 16GB RAM 250GB SSD
  8. Ah right some good progress, doubt it's a virus then My advice would be to go the following 1) download Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) you've already re-installed the display driver but this will get rid of everything 2) Boot into safe mode and launch DDU and uninstall all the video drivers 3) then re-install the latest drivers and see if it works
  9. need desperate help H100i

    Try not boot up your PC that many times too, if it doesn't having any cooling due to a dead cooler, you could kill your CPU
  10. Try the following Run the program (presumably Nvidia control panel) as an admin Try making a new account that's a system admin and run the program Look for some regedits to grant permission Usually when you have admin rights taken from you or you cannot make changes to your own PC it would usually point to an infected system, as most Malware/Virus usually gives itself admin rights and takes them from you, try running a virus scan I know this probably isn't the case but it's worth a go!
  11. Motherboard bent pins.

    You can always try bending them back, as the board is more than likely already toast it won't really matter if you break it some more, hell it even fix it if you're lucky, just use this as an expensive lesson, don't touch the socket!
  12. tbh, 60 degrees isn't even that bad, even if that's idle, anyhow AMD won't let you cook your processor so it'll thermal throttle automatically if it gets too hot, i really wouldn't worry about, if you see drop in performance because of it or instability i'd recommend dialing it back or getting more efficient cooling
  13. Sony HT CT390 Worth a buy?

    Looking to upgrade the speakers in my TV Would be used for a bit of everything Music Sports Films TV Gaming (sometimes)
  14. Sony HTCT390 slight lack of Bass

    So i bought this soundbar over a the Bose Solo 5 because the Sony system came with a Sub, However i've noticed a slight lack of bass, when i connect it to my PC and use an equalizer it sounds really really good, But when connected to my TV it doesn't sound quite as nice. Any ideas on what i can do
  15. Is this build worth it?

    Thanks bud, if only he'd stretch the budget a bit more, he could get a 1070!