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  2. Thank you guys for your replies... It's weird to see that in other countries they still have it, while in the US it's completely gone... I'm completely aware that it's an overpriced piece of junk... But i still want it! is the only piece lacking to complete my rog setup Everything rog is overpriced i know, but i'm stubborn... LOL
  3. So i have been trying to buy this keyboard for the last month or so, and nobody has it on stock. Some sites even removed it completely... After a bit of research, i saw a lot of people complaining about it being defective from factory, some keys malfunctioning or not working at all... i still want it... LOL Does anyone know if it got discontinued or something? Anyone willing to sell it to me? USA... Thank you guys!
  4. It's just for the looks and matching my rog setup... silly gamery stuff...
  5. Dont laugh at me please, i'm aware of everything this keyboard is and isn't... It's the ROG Claymore... DONT LAUGH!
  6. The thing is that the keyboard i like only comes in Red or Brown...
  7. Hi guys! Just a quick question for you... Which combination do you think is going to be the most silent one? MX RED + O-RINGS or MX BROWN + O-RINGS I have heavy hands and i always bottom-out the keys. Annoying as hell for the people around me So yeah... O-rings is kind of a must... LOL Thank you guys!!!
  8. LOL Yeah.. i shouldn't get too cocky about that... #DavidVsGoliath
  9. i know right? thank you bro I'll give it a try though... Tomorrow, with a cleaner mind, i'll go though the whole process and keep you guys updated... If i get it right, i'll be the one who beated Microsoft's crap right? LOL
  10. I know right? I mean... I've got everything working, performing the way is supposed to... One more time i'll have to battle a litle bit until i get it working properly... Do you guys remember that everybody said and keeps saying that it's IMPOSSIBLE to get W7 working on z270 and kaby lake and usb 3 and this and that.... Look at me now, and tell me it's impossible! I just have one flaw in the device manager and is JUST THE NAMING of the m.2, everything else is working 100% fine
  11. That's what i'm talking about, positive and helping attitude... That would be a good start Enderman, i'll definetely give it a try... thank you bro
  12. Well... I use W7 because i want to use it... Do you guys really think that with my specs i dont know that i'll have to go through drivers issues??? I know that W10 will have zero issues with the newest hardware, but i just dont like W10 and i'm trying to make it work on W7...
  13. Hi everybody! Hope you guys can help me out with this... Here's the situation: I just bought a 960 PRO 1TB, installed it and cloned my old drive on it. Windows boots just fine, everything works. Then the benchs... in theory it should read at 3.500mb and write at 2.100mb. Mine does 2.500mb read and 1.900mb write so it called my attention... Then i go to device manager and i found this: As you can see the nvme controller is installed, but the drive shows as "disk drive" I've installed magician and samsung nvme drivers 2.2 before the m.2 swap... When i check the "disk drive" driver, it shows as generic driver, vendor microsoft... Hardware id says "samsung 960..." Weird right? Tried UserBenchmark just for fun, and it does not recognise this "disk drive" thing as well... Does anyone have a similar issue??? Specs: z270i Asus strix i7 7700k Dominator platinum 32gb m.2 960 PRO 1TB Windows 7 64bits ultimate 1080ti Asus strix
  14. well let me tell you.. my w7 "copy" is an unadultered iso from microsoft webpage, in which i've used the official tool from asus to add the mobo drivers... So yeah... nothing "unofficial"...
  15. I am running Windows 7 on an Asus z270i with a I7 7700k.... The internet it's full of bullcrap and myths about w7 not being compatible on up to date hardware...