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  1. m2234323


    what to do if you do the jump and the other isp give you the same plan and price that you had 2 year ago when you had them
  2. m2234323


    yes it is quite hig compart what i saw on the site for new peoople i thinke they are doing close to bate and switch non of them we only get 100 when new people get 10 time for same amout i think the easy way to try to to say to verizon i amgoing to comcast and tell them what rate i would get there
  3. m2234323


    what so bad about 3.1 my mom need it for doctor i think we go with voip so that mean more modems option
  4. m2234323


    we do need at lease phone would we save by going with a voce over ip and no going full cellphone will not wokr my famile want a home phone i perfer it to making phone call or how to get a good modem for comcast since i wnat to keep using the router we are using it our own
  5. m2234323


    that is what i am try to say we are old grand farmer plan and they would not give us new plan or let us remove tv or phone with out increaser the price i am think of going to comcast just internet for 2 year then come back
  6. m2234323


    we live in pa comcast say 60 for 100 download verizon say 40 but we pay 150 my dad try to change tv at all we can't go dow he tried price went up
  7. m2234323


    what can i do since verizon is charging us 150 for tv phone and internet dad try to change plan to add one more chanle and price were to go up becaser we lost more of discoudn it is 100 100 comcast only has bad upload like 10 or 20
  8. i can seen why it is so open to what option i have right now a 2600x and rx580 since some people may want a lot more gpu a lot of the game i have are cpu boudn limit to 60 and when you get going the fps can drop while the gpu do not do much it is alwasy the ram and cpu is the limit
  9. m2234323

    RX 580 and 570 Review

    I just upgrade only becaser i got triick on lanch day to get a rx480 reference and it soudn like a jet engin and saw a great saile on a rx580 kill 2 bird with one stone
  10. m2234323

    4K Gaming is Dumb

    For me i am just find on 60 fps my miain game is a open sand box game that is 60 fps limit since doint 120 in some save you can evne keep 30 and it can be wiht the fast cpu it is a game that lvoe the fast single core you can get
  11. m2234323

    What's the BEST Portable Gaming Setup?

    i seem to so far do the destop for home and a laptop for on the go since i doint often gam on the go just once in a while like some time only once a month i use the famiily mac book pro i am not a huge gamer
  12. m2234323

    Mac vs PC - ROLE REVERSAL feat. iJustine

    lol i seme to know both os i have to use both os all the time have a window desktop for gaming a mac os laptop
  13. i mean my dad have it for a long time and doint want to upgrade he say it does the job and he dislike window os or linus or hacking a mac os on a pc it get max out often he just say waite for it
  14. what do you mean it is a non gaming dad who just do some website view and very light photo editing and video he value mony instead of saving 1 second of a page loading
  15. what is people option of some who just get a mac mini and iPhone that work and do what they want then doint upgrade it all and just use it for ever