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  1. it is not often it is most my dad a hate for upgrade he say why upgrade when it work same whith is mac every think is same updat even if it free say he learn it hte hard way at his work
  2. yes we have the tv right now it ok my dad dont see why get somethink else just deal wit h it lock up once in a whiel and save mony lol
  3. hard to see a reason to get it vs the so common smart tv like vizio smartcast
  4. myoption is it depen on the game game like he show in the video works the one i play the are bulder game or city skyline or planet zoo some what ok they are so cpu demand game like factorio all it care about is fast ram and a fast cpu and the best singl core and some gpu wiht a ok amout of vram
  5. very bummed there is no cheap 4k one in the list since i am not a huge gamer lik fps gameer i am more nomrl game play game where 60fps is fine and care more about 4k for watch video
  6. wow people keep so much offline musice on there phone i use to before i got better cellphone plan now i most just liste to online musice let me have a huge libary with out take a lot of space up i will use offline once in a whiel if i am going to a area wiht not good cellphone signal at all then i dowload a play list or 2
  7. i wonder where i fit in with a rx580 and 2600x in a cheap case and 2 monitory one ok 1080p and one old one and a old dell keybord and a mouse and what is funny i plan to get 32 gig of ram becaser what i use a pc for ram keep on max out
  8. lol i was ask on other area ans some one tol me to reinstall the gpu drive and it fix hp woint talk to me with out charge some money since support end
  9. what info do i have to give or did i type in the incorect forums
  10. what do do about the randome not start up and get Error code: 1-4 and also randome not tracking liike every think working find then you move around and but the screen doint change at all but you see stuff moving in the video
  11. both hapen to me all the tieme i lost so many wired earbud even one blue tooth one because ear stop working
  12. how do people keep from losing them or the battry died in one year or one ear get soffer and you stuck paying for anohter pair
  13. look for a good pair of in eare headphone not full wire less try amazon basince one and they died on me not look for a pair that cost over 70$
  14. it is hard to figure out what kind of issue are norm and what i should let the provider know for example i keep seend almost dead signal on both verizon and sprint network att is out of my price zoon doint know if tmoble will be better or they have give up caring much about non city i live in tower and the area right out side it work / doint work is not a great a experience at time and all i get told is too move which wont help since often i am in a car or doing something while look at the cellphone i doint drive starting to think my celphone have a big issue
  15. hope it is ok i post a new topick since it is a differ question https://s4gru.com/entry/318-can-toggling-airplane-mode-actually-improve-your-3g-data-speeds/ what is people option on this try to figuter out what is nomrl amout of conecitn issue since nothink is perfect