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  1. Catsrules

    Had an idea about a supercharged Alexa

    Why don't you just buy multiple echos and place them in every room in your house? Honestly it would probably be cheaper then trying to do your own thing. Your average house probably has maybe 7-10 rooms. At $40 per echo your looking at $400 for a total coverage Alexa home.
  2. Catsrules

    Windows 8 instal

    OP should be able to download the drivers to a secondary memory stick and then add them using the browse button on the screen correct?
  3. Catsrules

    Confused with installing Windows 10 on new computer

    Yes, and screen savers. Also maybe power settings but I can't remember.
  4. Catsrules

    Raid card problems

    There are a few raid cards that can be unofficially flashed to support JBOD mode basically turning them into a HBA that are somewhat cheap. (At least here in the US) However I have no idea if they will work with that expansion card. LSI 9211-8i (you can even buy them pre flashed on ebay) IBM Serveraid M1015 Dell Perc H200 It is called flashed to it mode. I think the LSI 9211-8i is the best one. I bought a Dell Perc H200 off ebay and flashed it with it firmware. It was a little cumbersome to do, and I thought I bricked it once but I manage to do it. There are a few guides on how to do it https://techmattr.wordpress.com/2016/04/11/updated-sas-hba-crossflashing-or-flashing-to-it-mode-dell-perc-h200-and-h310/ https://forums.servethehome.com/index.php?threads/dell-h200-flash-to-it-firmware-procedure-for-dell-servers.467/
  5. Catsrules

    Raid card problems

    True but I think this will only work if the SAS expander card supports JBOD mode. I am looking around to see if that particular card does or if I can be flashed to support it. But I am not positive I have never used a SAS expander card before so this is unfamiliar territory for me.
  6. Catsrules

    Which monitor is better

    I can't find much info on the TV unfortunately but I still stick with my original thought.
  7. Catsrules

    Bad POE injector???

    Weird, Try plugging in all of the Ethernet cables in first then providing power to the POE brick. It shoudln't matter but it is worth a shot. Do you have a switch you could plug the LAN side into see if you get the same result?
  8. Catsrules

    Problem with DisplayPort to HDMI cord

    Do you have issues if you unplug the oculus from the GPU? Do you have issues if you plug your monitor back to the HDMI port? Try unplugging the power on the monitor for 10 seconds. Some monitors can get screwed up if they get a weird signal and not work right until they are fully power cycle (turning them off by the power button isn't good enough, physically unplug the monitor from the wall) . What other ports do you have on the 960? I would try maybe a DVI to HDMI cable, that should be the cheapest option.
  9. Catsrules

    Which monitor is better

    We need more information on the 55" TV to give you an accrurate answer. However if I had to guess I would guess that the 19 inch has a better refresh rate at 75 Hz then the 55" TV. And it would probably have less latency. So for FPS multiplayer games your probably better off with the 19". But guessing the 55" TV will have better resolution and probably better colors etc so it will look nicer over all. Again this it all assuming the 55" is an average TV.
  10. Catsrules

    Dual monitors for work and gaming

    Also, what size are you looking for?
  11. I would get a gigabit switch (can also be called 10/100/1000). You will need at least 4 ports. (1 to the router and 3 to the computers) You can buy new 5 port switches for 30ish. Ebay also has some good options as well. 8 ports for 20ish. Stay away from anything with fast Ethernet or 10/100.
  12. Catsrules

    Windows 10 not detecting DVD Driver

    Check the SATA cables make sure they are all connected. If they are try a different SATA port on the motherboard. Does the DVD drive show up in the BIOS? What is the module number of your motherboard?
  13. Catsrules

    Tiered Storage Spaces Windows 10

    Make the hard drive and SSD sizes a little smaller then what the disk size is, the error your getting is saying their isn't enough physical drive space to create the storage. Try this. $vdisk1 = New-VirtualDisk -StoragePoolFriendlyName TieredPool1 -FriendlyName Tiered_Space -StorageTiers @($tier_ssd, $tier_hdd) -StorageTierSizes @(70GB, 230GB) -WriteCacheSize 25GB I don't know what your drive sizes are but it looks like you have a 100GB SSD and a 250GB HDD, so the sizes would probably be something like 90GB SSD and 230GB HDD. I am too lazy to look up the exact drive space but for testing try the above command. I am not positive but I think this has something to do with how hard drive sizes aren't exactly the advertised size. For each GB of space you loose like 70.3 MB of space. For example a 1TB drive is actually 931GB, the bigger the drive the more you need to shave off. Also I believe the write cache size eats into your SSD size. So a 100GB ssd with a 25GB write cache should be more like 70GB.
  14. Catsrules

    Any Slim Keyboards?

    Why not just get the Apple keyboard? Should work fine with windows.
  15. I wonder if there is patents that prevent this? Each manufacturer patented it's own cable connection, and it is so easy to make your one that no other companies wants to pay the other.