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  1. How to make a Raid 6 w/ SSD Cache

    It looks like your card doesn't support it. At least it isn't listed as an option on the user guide. https://www.broadcom.com/products/storage/raid-controllers/megaraid-sas-9266-8i#documentation The MegaRAID SAS 9271 is listed as supporting that. I could be wrong, I have never used this brand before.
  2. Best Cooling Solution for Hot envoirment

    Thanks I will take a look at those
  3. True, but an OS with no security updates is basically dead in my book. And they have done their best to kill it off providing no driver support for newer CPUs.
  4. Best Cooling Solution for Hot envoirment

    I7 920 No they don't need to be particularly quiet, when they are in use there will be truck engine noise and such, and the older trucks have a generator on them that is super loud anyways.
  5. Best Cooling Solution for Hot envoirment

    We have two kinds of computers, the first ones are old first gen i7 CPUs, around 8-12GB of ram depending on the computer. They are in a 4U rack case, so I will need to figure out how tall of a cooler I can fit in that case. I am not on site today so I can't measure anything. But the case is similar to this https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811147263&cm_re=rack_mountcase-_-11-147-263-_-Product Unfortunately the second kind of computer is a 2U rack case unit that is the newer 8th Gen i7 16GB of ram. That one I don't think I am going to have much luck with a third party cooler Although I haven't opened it up yet to take a look, but there isn't a very big selection of 2U coolers. I am in the US. Probably Newegg or Amazon depending on prices
  6. Not a good investment, 7 is dead beginning of 2020.
  7. I personally don't know of an alternative to offline files, I have had major issues with it and it has turned me off of Offline files. My solution has be to just use Nextcloud as it lets me selectively sync folders. I separate everything I need into folders, then just uncheck the folders I don't want locally and check the ones I do want locally. For example I do this with my school work, I have a folder called school and under that folder I have folders for each semester of school for example 2017 01 Spring 2017 08 Fall 2018 02 Spring 2018 05 Summer When I finish with a semester I uncheck the folder because I don't want to sync anymore, it gets deleted locally. If I ever want it back again I just check it again, and it comes back. Or I could even check just an individual class within a semester folder to sync. The down sides is this isn't really cached. So now you going to have to deal with two locations, one is the local location that just has whatever you have synced and the other is the network location that has everything, so that kinda sucks. It is a bit of a pain because you need to use the Nextcloud client and it isn't integrated into file explore. So it would be another program you will need to learn how to use.
  8. Best Cooling Solution for Hot envoirment

    I will get one on order I don't think we could do a through wall fan, mostly because the garage is somewhat climatically controlled already, so it is cooler in the garage then it is outside. However the system just can't keep up when it is 40 C outside, plus the bay doors are all opened up, and all of the trucks come in at around 3 in the afternoon (almost at the hottest part of the day), so all of the cool air gets blown out, and hot vehicles pull in. I don't know how long it takes for the system to recover, I have been there until 6 and it is still very warm in the garage and even warmer in the trucks. I would guess it takes most of the night for the system to recover. But maybe one of those giant fans will still work to at least move the air around, or it could be positioned to blow air into the truck.
  9. I think I already know the answer to this however I thought I would ask. At work we have desktop computers in Trucks, during operation the Trucks are on and we can turn on the AC in the cabin of the trucks to keep things cool however at night the trucks are parked in a large garage. The garage is somewhat environmentally cool/heated but but when you park 10 hot trucks in the garage at the end of the day it is going to get a little warm. We plug in AC power to the trucks to power the computer, the computers need to be on at night so they can sync the data to our main database. The problem is the garage is getting 27°C-32°C (80-90°F),it is probably hotter in the truck as well (we do leave the truck's doors open to hopefully get some airflow.) Any recommendations on how to cool these poor computers. The CPUs are sitting at around 60 degrees idle, however if I do something on the computers it can jump easily to 70-80°C degrees. I ran a stress test and it went up to 100 °C before I freaked out and shutoff the stress test From what I understand from Air cooling it can only cool so much as the ambient temperature will allow. I think they are just stock heat syncs so nothing fancy. Do you think replacing them with larger heat syncs would make any difference? I was hoping a greater surface area on the heat sync would help, but with it already being so hot I am not sure if it will make much difference.
  10. Backup Server with FreeNas

    I use Veeam Endpoint for backups of physical computers (workstations). I have been very pleased with it. I just have it backup to my Freenas storage over a folder share and call it good. Unfortunately I don't know of a good free backup solution for VMs on ESXI. For the moment I am just using the built in backup solutions of FreeNAS/ZFS as FreeNAS is my VM backend storage. Everything just goes to a secondary freenas box. But that is very limiting, and you can't easily spin up a clone of a VM. There are free/ free versions of backup software for VMs for example Veeam. However as far as I am aware none of them work with the free version of ESXI because the free version doesn't support API calls the backup software needs to work properly. So you basically out of luck unless you buy a vSphere license. (They might have like educations version or something). Edit Oh never mind for some reason I thought you where using ESXI. Veeam backup free I believe supports Hyper V. I have never used the free version. But the but if it is anything like the Endpoint of Veeam Backup & Replication 9.5. It should do an good job.
  11. revive a ruined battery.

    If you are going to leave your laptop plugged in all of the time. Discharge the battery to about 70-80% and remove the battery until you need to use it. I never leave my laptop plugin 24/7 and my battery is still last for a good hour and a half after 4 years.
  12. Self taught I believe. You can learn a lot from searching online and just playing around with hardware. I bet a few new people maybe have a degree or some other formal schooling in the computer science field. They also have alot of support from the companies whose products they are working on. For example I remember on a video about an Asus server motherboard Linus was in contact with Asus support teams to figure out some features they weren't technically supported yet or ever. They even go a few alpha/beta/custom bios to install on the motherboard from Asus Support. But not every company will do that, so they are forced to learn or experiment themselves.
  13. What size of an UltraWide will match a 27" 16:9 monitor?

    Thanks for the info.
  14. I am thinking about getting an ultrawide monitor, however I want it to match on the high with my current 27" 16:9 monitor. It looks like 34" is a standard ultrawide size is that the same height as a 27" 16:9 monitor?
  15. $200 desk

    I had an Ikea desk and monitor mounts and I definitely damage the desk with my mount. However surprisingly it held up for the 3 years I had the desk. But i did put a 2x4 board under the desk to spread out the weight.