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  1. Catsrules

    Am I missing any DOS games?

    I used to play a game called Quest for Glory when I was little. Looks like it is on GOG, and it wasn't the remake version but the original Quest for Glory I
  2. Catsrules

    3rd Monitor Suddenly Not Detected

    There is a small chance that if you updated your display drivers before running the windows updates again that might solve it.
  3. Catsrules

    3rd Monitor Suddenly Not Detected

    Is there still a system restore point to go back before windows updated? If you can I would restore back to that point. Make sure the monitors are working again. Update all of the display drivers to the latest version then try windows update again.
  4. Yes and that is what we have done, but it isn't a nice as a SN that is burned in. With a burned in SN that SN is added automatically when a computer is added to the network. Computer management software like Spiceworks can automatically grab it and add it. . What makes this very powerfull is you can now format the computer and add it to the network again and it will automatically add that number again to the inventory. Where as if I were to reformat then readd a computer without a burned in SN number it just appears as a blank number and I would have to manualy enter in the SN number. A burned in SN number makes computer management and inventory 1000 times better IMO.
  5. We have a few custom built computers at work. Most of our computers are from an OEM so they come with computer serial number. However these custom computers don't as they are custom built. Is it possible to add serial numbers to these computers so computer inventory software can pick up the numbers and we can better keep track of these computers? We have a few different builds of computers but they all have ASUS motherboards I was hopping ASUS would have some type of software that could flash these numbers into the BIOS but I haven't been able to find anything like that. Thanks.
  6. Catsrules

    Windows Hello without TPM module

    Well so much for that, the CPU supports it but my chipset doesn't support it.
  7. Catsrules

    Windows Hello without TPM module

    Yes I have verified that I don't have it. One of my computers that has a 4820K doesn't support the Trusted Execution Technology, but I have access to another computer with a 8700K that does support it according to Intel Ark.
  8. Catsrules

    Windows Hello without TPM module

    So I recently started doing research into Windows Hello. It looks like it accesses the TPM module to provide a two-factor authentication login. This makes it better then a standard password because it is using something you know the PIN or something you are fingerprint/face with a cryptographic key. However most of my computers I have built myself so they don't have a TPM module. Depending on the motherboard manufacture you can add this functionality with add in modules. But I am wondering how Windows Hello is working at all without the TPM module. My desktop (without TPM) acts the same as my laptop (with TPM).
  9. Catsrules

    The gaming PC days are NUMBERED! (Sponsored)

    Ahh darn it they thought of that already. Well it was a happy thought of mine before it got shot down.
  10. Catsrules

    The gaming PC days are NUMBERED! (Sponsored)

    Isn't $25 or even $35 a month actually really good for a semi-dedicated cloud computer with a video card? I think a somewhat compatible computer is like .50-.75 per hour on other services. This is $35 a month for 24/7 access correct? Why couldn't I just game on it a few hours a day and leave it mining crypto currencies the rest of the time? I never really got into crypto mining and with it comming crashing down I don't know if I would break even but that would certainly cut down my monthly cost.
  11. Catsrules

    Should i wait for the new amd gpus 3000 series?

    If might be beneficial to wait until CES in January as we are only a month away from that,. My rule of thumb is there will always be a new thing coming out. If your current GPU does what you need it to do you can wait. If it doesn't do what you need it to do then buy something now.
  12. Catsrules

    Stop Spam Calling

    There use to be an app the would send a fax machine sound to the caller. This would trick the robocalling machine into thinking your phone number was a fax line. But I can't seam to find the app any more it was along time ago, it may not even be possible anymore. It was a cool idea, if any developers out there are feeling board maybe you could make something?
  13. Oh reading some of the YouTube comments it sounds like a lot of people are having the same issue as I am. Very interesting I wonder why this is happening, if it is Youtube's doing or a setting on the Techlinked channel. .
  14. No I haven't but that shouldn't matter, if I am subscribed it should show up in my Subscriptions. As far as I aware the bell is just for alerts to new videos I don't want that. I just want new video to show up in my Subscription page.
  15. Anyone else having issues with TechLinked video not showing up in your subscription feed? This happened on two video that I am aware of, the video today, and the video that was released on the 5th. I found both videos on the recommend section on my home screen. But it was not in my Subscriptions. It looks like it eventually appears as I can now see the video Edge is Dead (released on the 5th) but that it certainly wasn't there the day when it came out, I thought it was just a Youtube bug so I didn't pay too much attention. But now can't see the video that was released today yet on my Subscriptions only on my home screen. Super strange, I haven't had this issue before, at least that I am aware of.