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  1. Sounds like a plan to me. Thanks for you help.
  2. I don't know what output format it is using is there an easy way to figure it out? My guess would be composite or S-Video. It isn't RF because the monitor is not a TV as it doesn't have a tuner. The monitor is just a normal LCD monitor, it just happens to have a BNC connector on the back as well. The input is called AV1 so my guess would be composite. It is a proprietary robot camera for recording pipelines. I could just buy a new monitor from the company but they are very expensive.
  3. I have some proprietary camera equipment, the camera configuration controller connects to a screen via BNC. The screen is dying and I am looking for a replacement. The BNC is a single connector going to the monitor. Because monitors with BNC connections are so scarce I thought I might be better off just finding an BNC adapter to HDMI or VGA and just use standard monitor. I found this on newegg https://www.newegg.com/p/N82E16882203101 However it is 5 BNC connections to VGA, I am guessing that is not what I am looking for as I only have 1 BNC connector. Does that sound about right? I did find this guy https://www.newegg.com/bytecc-hm104-bnc-composite-s-video-to-vga/p/N82E16812270366?Description=BNC to VGA&cm_re=BNC_to_VGA-_-12-270-366-_-Product That looks like what I really want but I am a little bit disappointed because it needs to be powered. Not that it is a complete deal killer. I might just need a active device to convert the signals around.
  4. That is another point, if they did donate them to they leave the overclock enabled? Or scale it back down.
  5. I am just saying, how many computers have they built that have had problems even passing the benchmark test? How often have they picked the scary cheap power supplies? How many of them have had super strange and weird problem? They are not building these to last a year, they are building them to last 5 hours in a benchmark test that it is.
  6. I would almost guarantee if they did another SYW just like the first one you wouldn't enjoy it as much. There is only so much you can do with a plot of who can buy and build the best computer out of used parts. The first one was the best because it was the first one, It was new and something we have never seen before. But now it is not new and we have seen it before so the "magic" is gone. . I personally like them trying new things as it keeps them interesting. Rehashing the same thing over and over is going to get old very fast. My guess is they end up in inventory or recycling. Sure it sounds nice on paper to donate them, but realistically these computers are not very good options for donations. The computers themselves are barely working. Giving away a computer only to have it die a few days later doesn't help anyone.
  7. From my understanding we are just talking about migrating a secondary hard drive to a new drive we are not touching the main OS drive. In this case you can just do a standard file copy from one drive to the other even with program files. The only catch is you need to change the the drive letter on the new drive to what the old drive was so the program file paths remain the same.
  8. Yeah hard drive problems are the worst because it takes forever to troubleshoot.
  9. As long as it isn't the OS drive, and it is just program installers you should be able to just drag and drop the files over to the new drive and be fine. If your getting disk IO errors my guess some of the files will error out and not copy over, if your lucky it will hopefully just be a file you can download or install again and not have to worry about it. For example like a steam game, just have steam verify the game files and it will re download the missing files. However one important thing you need to do afterwards is change the drive letter of the new drive to be the same as the old one. So all of the software file paths will stay the same. You can do this in disk management.
  10. Ahh that is why your router IP is and it can still talk to devices on your subnet mask is huge. Your network is basically 10.x.x.x I am using LEDE so it might be slightly different interface then OpenWRT, but the range settings are under the LAN interfaces, edit the interface you want DHCP on and at the bottom. It is kind of primitive but start is where you want DHCP pool to start and Limit is where your want the DHCP pool to end. Personally I would change the router IP to then I would change the subnet mask to, then set the DHCP range to be 100 to 100. If you want the guest network totally separate, I would change it to be with a subnet mask of start it at 100 and go to 50 or something.
  11. What is your subnet mask? what is the DHCP range on the DHCP server?
  12. oh that is a good idea as well. I will look into that.
  13. Ahh, I didn't know that tab would translate into next cell. Do you know if there is a way to translate enter/return? Oh I forgot about access, yeah I have it, I will definitely play around with it and see what it can do. Thanks.
  14. Sorry but I can't post the file online or share it,is against work policies and such.
  15. I have a program with a proprietary database I am trying to export out into another database. The Proprietary database does have an export feature that gives me raw .xml file however Excel is having really trouble trying to figure out the file. The file if formated like this <variable><name>The name</name><datatype>String</datatype></variable><variable><name>The name2</name><datatype>String</datatype></variable> The actual file has like 50 more fields in between <variable></variable> but for simplicity I have just shown name and datatype I would like Excel or any Excel type program, LibraOffice Call to treat <variable></variable> as one row with the <name>The name</name><datatype>String</datatype> etc.. as columns in that row. Any ideas on a quick way of doing this? Thanks.