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  1. Active Directory Question(s)

    Active Directory is a security improvement. Just the user management alone is an imaginable improvement compared to having local users accounts on each computer. You can see exactly what users are on your network. When someone leaves it is very easy to disable or delete there account and remover there access completely. control when password expire etc. How the hell are you managing a couple hundred computers without active directory? I have clients that have 10 computers and we are running active directory.
  2. Wifi QR code help

    QR codes are not secure at all, it is basically plain text in QR form. Apart from security through obscurity. Almost any qr code app will tell you what the SSID and password is. I have one for our guess network at my house it is basically just for ease of use. The new version of IOS (I think 11 or something) can scan the QR code with the camera app. Anything older you will need a third party app, and it doesn't add it automatically. It just pops up a message telling you the wifi name and the password and you can copy and past the information into the wifi setup. Android is very similar except most third party QR code apps can add the wifi setting automatically.
  3. help me transfer files from other HDD

    Just easier to use most people don't want to take there computer apart to plug in a drive. Some computers don't have spare sata ports or spare power cable, like laptops or mini desktops. USB is a little bit better at being plug and play. some sata can support hot swap but USB is better at it. But I recommend turning you computer off, plugging the drive and then turning it back on.
  4. help me transfer files from other HDD

    Nope, infact you don't want to format it at all or it will erase everything and you will have an unhappy friend. just plug it in, and you should be good to go it will just appear as another drive in windows with all of the files that are on it. *Edit It may try to boot off that drive depending on how your bios is setup. But if it does just go into the biso and change the drive boot order back to your drive.
  5. THE BEST New video idea

    You will get better transfer speed on a sequential read/write but the seek time and latency wouldn't be much better then a normal drive. The SSD would still kill it.
  6. Powerline vs Wifi Gaming

    For gaming speed really doesn't matter any more, most games barely push 100kbps, your really want to look at latency. (ping) A connection over a power line will probably have a better ping vs a Wifi connection. I would also think a power line would be more stable. Wifi is good 98% of the time but that 2% can really screw you up on a game. Especially in an apartment with 50 other APs around can cause some intermittent interference. Is an Ethernet cable out of the question? If you looking at buying Powerline adapters your pretty close to the same price as a long Ethernet cable and a wire way (and paint) Depending on the apartment policy, maybe you could get away with adhesive wire way, or jerry rig something with thumb tacks, or running it under carpet. Call me old fashioned but I if something doesn't move I try everything possible get an Ethernet cable to it before I go with WiFi.
  7. 2 stand 3 Monitor Arm

    What about this? it doesn't take to much of the middle at all https://www.amazon.com/VIVO-Triple-Computer-Monitor-Mount/dp/B0798K58B4/ref=sr_1_16?ie=UTF8&qid=1526945410&sr=8-16&keywords=monitor+mount I just put two stands together for my desk. https://www.amazon.com/VIVO-Monitor-Adjustable-Screens-STAND-V002/dp/B009S750LA/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1526945410&sr=8-3&keywords=monitor+mount https://www.amazon.com/VIVO-Monitor-Adjustable-Articulating-STAND-V001/dp/B00B21TLQU/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1526945410&sr=8-5&keywords=monitor+mount
  8. How much would my PC sell for?

    Oh yeah you could get that price, You have way more RAM and better video card, that alone would add maybe $250-300 easy right there, plus the extra drives.
  9. What is a good OS for a NAS?

    Unfortunately the only way to "expand" a zfs pool is to replace all of the drives in the pool with bigger ones. That is a big limitation with ZFS unfortunately I believe this feature is coming, https://www.freebsdfoundation.org/blog/openzfs-raid-z-online-expansion-project-announcement/ Last I heard it might be in FreeNAS 12. So maybe in a year or two.
  10. What is a good OS for a NAS?

    Yeah I would bet you could get away with 6GB. I wouldn't recommend running any VMs or plugging with only 6GB that would probably push it over the limit. Another thought, if you happen to have a spare 8-16GB USB drive, I would install Freenas on a USB drive instead of the SSD. That way you could use the SSD for caching your data, maybe get a little bit better performance on popular files.
  11. What is a good OS for a NAS?

    Both FreeNAS and unRAID using BTRFS don't recommend using raid cards. As they are both software raid solutions. To do it properly your raid card needs to support jbod mode, passthough, or HBA Mode (basically all the same thing people just call them different names). Unfortunately the HP P400 RAID card does not support this, from what I understand. Now you have some options, if you motherboard had enough ports just use the on board SATA ports. you can buy a new raid card that supports jbod you can just use the current raid card and put each disk into its own raid 0 array. (By the end you should have 8 raid 0 volumes at ~2TB each.) You could just use the raid card's built in raid function and just setup the OS to that. (you do loose functionality software raid would have given you.)
  12. Turned my HDD to a "dynamic one".Did i mess up?

    Oh ok, I was thinking your boot drive was the one that got converted. That wouldn't be terrible but it could cause some issues depending on your setup. But this is just your data drive, you should be fine. Dynamic disks are just a different way of partitioning a drive. There is alot of difference between them under the hood, that gives you a bit more flexibility with somethings. For example you wanted to merge your first 577GB partition with that last 129GB partition. Basic disks didn't support support doing that. Dynamic disk can make it so the two partitions look like they are together. I personally don't like using dynamic disk, mainly because I don't have a very good understanding of them very well. But there is no way of going back to basic once you have converted it to dynamic without formatting the entire drive. At this point I would leave it the way it is it is just for data so it will work fine.
  13. Turned my HDD to a "dynamic one".Did i mess up?

    I think I understand but can you take a screen shot just in case?
  14. School Computer Room

    Oh for sure But from the photos doesn't look like they are actually using these computers.
  15. School Computer Room

    Why not? I think it is important to know a little bit about old technology. Gives kids some perceptive of where we where vs where we are now.