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  1. Can I get 4k Netflix if I don't have a kaby lake cpu, but have a 1070 graphics card?
  2. Finally got my 30$ from the class action lawsuit with Nvidia, almost forgot about it! Drinks on me, Time to get rowdy!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Thanks, Yes the camera is connected to the splitter's input in both cases. If you plug in both outputs from the splitter then the camera it does two 480p streams The color tint is purple and their is only the one Mini hdmi output from the camera I haven't tested two monitor instead of monitor and recorder, but the monitor doesn't have a tint only the recorder so the recorder might be the reason for the tint In your secnario it would produce the tint
  4. it is a splitter with two outputs so it goes from the camera to the splitter then from the splitter to the two devices. no pass though
  5. Splitter: https://www.amazon.com/SIIG-CE-H21P11-S1-HDMI-Splitter-4Kx2K/dp/B00E1S8ELE/ref=sr_1_4?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1476903875&sr=1-4&keywords=siig+hdmi+splitter Recorder yes Feild monitor is a Feelworld 1280x800
  6. I have my camera outputting Mini-HDMI to HDMI input of the splitter (SIIG 4k splitter). From the splitter I have two HDMI outputs one going to my field monitor and the other going to a Blackmagic Mini Recorder. If I have just one at a time plugged in it does 1080p with no unwanted tint. However, If I plug in both it will send two 480p streams, or If I plug in the field monitor first then plug in the recorder it will send two 1080p streams but just the stream to the computer has a purple tint.
  7. Soooooooo I may have forgot that I had an extra TV plugged in and even though the bios doesn't normally show up on their when you change things like plugged in displays the bios will also seemingly randomly choose screens. I feel so dumb but at least it is fixed..............
  8. but when I put in my c: drive it boots up all good. Could it be a rootkit, I also have dual bios chips.
  9. Well now I have no sata drives or my pci-e m.2 drive plugged in (even my networking cable) and it still shows just black.
  10. Just remembered I had a driver cd inside the cd drive
  11. Yeah it just stays black after pressing it for like 5 min when the c: drive is plugged in and when it isn't. Doesn't even start windows when the c: drive is plugged in and pressing f12
  12. I mean intel has never really pushed forward with performance lately, but with amd possibly coming out with something maybe they do this time.
  13. I want to re-intall windows, but can't get into the bios. I disabled fast boot through asus gigabyte utility but still never see any bios screens on start up or when I press f12 and delete it just stays black. I even took out all of my drives and it is just a black screen. I also have my keyboard plugged into usb 2.0. I don't know were else to turn the computer starts up with the c: drive plugged in and no windows media plugged in.
  14. I got a tripod for free since I was working for a guy and he said he wasn't using it anymore. However, it has a extremely strong counter balance(I have a light G20) so I found a 60mm ball head manfrotto that doesn't break the bank. I measured the bowl diameter at the top and it was around 63mm does anyone know what it true bowl size is (now I am thinking 75mm) if it is bigger could I jerry rig it so that it still works? or is their an adapter?