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  1. I am using a software called luminon to render but suddenly this happened. https://photos.app.goo.gl/PiduvvBSFQrq79pd9 I tried disabling the GPU (mx150)
  2. Help me choose parts for a gaming rig under 600 dollars. I want a ryzen 5 1600 and overclockable motherbroad. No need for SSD as i have one. Thanks
  3. Help I have a hp stream 11 laptop and recently reinstalled Windows and upgraded to Windows 10. But the trackpad won't work. I tried everything and it still doesn't work . Maybe I don't have the right drivers. The trackpad has no problems I booted linux and it works. Help
  4. I just bought an ASUS VivoBook Max X541U And i dont know if i can upgrade any of the internals. Can us guys help. I am planning to add an ssd without removing the hdd. Is this a good laptop compared to lenovo ideapad 320(core i3 one)
  5. MeowPappa

    I want some help in editing

    My friends birthday is coming up and want to give an funny edit of this photo https://photos.app.goo.gl/6TiWpQUW2TfOo7yv2 to remind his of the good times. But I suck at editing Please help. Ps go Extreme Thanking you Nate
  6. MeowPappa

    SSD not getting rated speeds

    How do I find the SATA 3 port in mobo. Gigabyte something for i3 3220.
  7. MeowPappa

    SSD not getting rated speeds

    I have an Intel SSD rated at 520mbps And a WD green which is also 500mbps. But both are capped at 220 more or less. Please help.
  8. MeowPappa

    Windows 10 to AHCI mode

    I have a SSD which I am running Windows on. I want to run it in AHCI mode. For Faster speed. How to do it and is there any risk.
  9. MeowPappa

    Can a usb flash drive be faster than a hard dri

    Even stranger, hard disk boots slow but app lunch and close faster.
  10. MeowPappa

    Can a usb flash drive be faster than a hard dri

    I have a sandisk ultra 32. It boots fast but slow when opening and closing application.
  11. MeowPappa

    LTT Jokes Thread

    Ok, Why dig to find the sky on the other side. Might as well look up.
  12. MeowPappa

    LTT Jokes Thread

    Come Homer Simpson .It's not that bad
  13. I look to buy a super fast flash drive but a that price I can get hard drive . I boot Linux off of it. Suggest me one to buy.
  14. MeowPappa

    LTT Jokes Thread

    Man-1 You are going down Man-2 Without you Man-1 That's the point Man-2 The point of no return for me Man-1 I guess so Man-2 I have cancer so wait in line . Man 2 is me
  15. MeowPappa

    Well something isn't right here

    It's from all the files in c:/ including hidden