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    Sherlock TV Series Master Race!
  • Birthday 1999-09-10

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    My room
  • Interests
    I like to play games, Listen to music,watch anime,build computers( programming,networks etc)..
  • Biography
    Just a young boy who doesn't know much about computers. I have interests in softwares, networking! These two are my loved ones in Computers :)

    My site ( still in beta): www.mouseclicks.weebly.com
  • Occupation
    student, part time job in my local store.


  • CPU
    Intel Celeron 420 @ 1.60GHz
  • Motherboard
  • RAM
    2.00GB Single-Channel DDR2 @ 399MHz (6-6-6-18)
  • GPU
    Intel HD Graphics 3000+ some Voodoo
  • Case
    Some Local Case
  • Storage
    75GB Seagate ST380215A (ATA) + Seagate 1000GB HDD
  • PSU
    Some 440w PSU
  • Display(s)
    AOC E970Sw
  • Cooling
    stock cooler and a couple of fans
  • Keyboard
    v7 (also logitech)
  • Mouse
  • Sound
    creative 245 speakers, realtek onboard sound
  • Operating System
    Windows and Linux

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    Python vs C++ vs Java vs other

    Tbh if you could somehow get a concrete base in C, you'd get a head start when you learn Python. Everything in it kind of revolves around C. But it takes a lot of time to learn and master C as it has a lot of concepts and you need to practice a lot. If you're not looking for that, just shoot Python in youtube or any other MOOCs and start learning. Its easy.

    Flash ROM THEN gapps?

    Yep. Wipe cache,dalvik, system and stuff>Flash rom>Flash latest gapps and reboot.
  3. Back on track after a long time. I hope much hasn't changed.


    Anyone ready for a giveaway?

    19 Whatever game's left.

    Want a mid range DSLR

    Hey guys! I have took some interest in photography these days. Anyways, I want to step up my game. All these days I was using my mobile as my main gear. Now i know that its not as good, but it somehow worked for me. But now I want to do some professional photography and I want some help here. What are some beginner/mid range DSLRs? I went through some reviews and the DSLR guide in ltt itself and I think I have two options. One, Nikon D3300 or Canon EOS1300D. Considering the fact that Nikon is a better camera between the two, am I limited between those two options only? Right now I'm not having a lot of cash and I have quite a lot of time to decide. I can max spend 1 grand. 1.2 max. I have a friend who can rent me lens, but i'll buy an original one myself later on. And btw i wont be doing wildlife photography. It would be still and portrait. Your help would be grateful Thanks
  6. Is there anybody who has a Minecraft account which they do not use? If yes, I'd like to have it as I'm starting a YT channel and will play Minecraft. Will give you credit/shoutout before and after the video (each). I would buy it myself but my card doesn't support sites like that. I don't know why. Would be very grateful if anyone could. 


    Getting a PS4. What to do next?

    200$? Will have to wait some time to get it LOL. 24 Ft. I meant 24'' Monitor. With low response time.

    Getting a PS4. What to do next?

    DISCLAIMER:FIRST THINGS FIRST. BEFORE YOU READ MY TOPIC AND TRY TO CLOSE THIS DOWN, I'D LIKE TO SAY A FEW WORDS: THIS IS NOT AN XBOX ONE VS PS4 THREAD. STRICTLY NO. I KNOW THAT THIS IS PC MASTER RACE FORUM. AND EVEN I SUPPORT IT. I JUST HAVE A FEW DOUBTS, SO IF YOU COULD READ THEM AND CLEAR THEM, I'D BE REALLY GRATEFUL TO YOU GUYS. WHICH I THINK I ALREADY AM. So, I'll be getting a PS4 anywhere from next week to..idk (Whenever my aunt comes here). So after I get it, i'll be making gaming videos. Not as a profession of course, just as a hobby Anyways, +What are some good 24' monitors out there which I should get? Try to keep it as low as possible. But that doesn't mean you get me some shitty product. Let's say, Keep it under 150$ if possible. I will mostly be playing First Person Shooters. BF4, Killzone etc +Gaming Headsets of course. Some good ones. Should last me at least a couple of years without wearing out. I'm thinking to get one from Tritton or TurtleBeach +Accessories. Custom Controllers(Scuff?), et cetera +Mic. +Cheap Games. Last thing. Isn't there any technology like steam for PS4? Do I HAVE TO buy the Disc for the game? May be quite noobish. But I'm new to this thing. That's it. Thanks.

    I need clean windows 10

    If you don't want it to be downloaded using the Media Creation Tool ( Wonder why, AFAIK, you want to install it in the same PC), You can get the techbench version. Would give you the direct ISO. No other apps.

    Which game would you give this award to?

    Well. The game was okay. On a scale of 10, I would give it 4. But, the way it was supposed to be made, it wasn.t And, I GFWL made it more shit.

    Good games to buy on Steam?

    Rise of the Tomb Raider?

    Which game would you give this award to?

    I don't know about the others. But GTA IV was shit.

    Which game would you give this award to?

    So title says it all. Which game(s) would you give the tile of "BEST GAME OF ALL TIME"? There could be many, as many as you want. You can even put it in the order.Mention the reason also if you can. PC game would be better. And usually, most of the games on PC are on consoles (GTFO Destiny) Mine are: 1:Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, Vice City and V of course 2:Microsoft Flight Simulator X GTA Series because it's Open World. I know, there are a lot more out there. But these will always be on my list , at the top. Flight Sim X? Because I wanna be a Pilot So what's yours?

    Reinstalling Windows 10 without losing files

    get some dvd's. They're cheap and you don't have to wait for shipping. Until of course, you bought them online BUT. Considering you have 60+, and as per the size of each dvd, I think you'll require anywhere from 10-15 of 'em

    Win 7 vs Win 10

    Windows 7 . But got no key. Have to use loaders