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  1. Agree
    ANUPLUCIFERGAMER got a reaction from wall03 in Network layout showoff   
    I really love your Networking Setup. You're the only one who has a complicated (a very complicated indeed) setup. Until and Unless LMG has one
    I will look forward to have something like this
  2. Informative
    ANUPLUCIFERGAMER reacted to straight_stewie in Delete item at tail of singly linked list (C++)   
    Trivially, new creates a memory leak every time it's not matched with a delete.
    Since the pointer Node* = new Node is allocated on the stack, the pointer goes out of scope and gets lost at least as soon as the method ends. This does not destroy the object, it only loses the pointer. Since the method never had a call to delete Node there *appears to be a memory leak.
    Realistically, however, the pointer is saved in the Nodes previous Node. Therefore, it can be deleted by iterating through the list and calling delete there.
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    ANUPLUCIFERGAMER reacted to ALwin in Want a mid range DSLR   
    This will take time, you can't just buy a camera and dive right into doing professional work.  You need to gain knowledge and experience first.  Becoming a professional photographer requires that you learn how to be a photographer first, just knowing how to use a camera and take photos is not enough.
    Anyway aside from that, for the cameras:
    If all you want to do is concentrate on photography, and not really dabble with video for the moment. Get the Nikon D3300, though there really is nothing wrong with the Canon 1300D for photography. Sure you can also get a mirrorless camera like the Sony A6000. But... If you have a budget of $1000-1200, buy the cheapest entry level camera you are willing to buy (this will use up around $500-600 of your budget) and use the rest on buying a decent lens or two. I would start out with these lenses: The 18-55 kit lens, or if you can find a kit with a slightly longer focal range, perhaps an 18-105mm lens or something similar if it exists. Something like a 50mm or 85mm f/1.8 The zoom lens will teach you about how perspective and field of view changes with different focal lengths and the fixed focal length lens will teach you why control of DOF is important for portraitures. Don't worry about super fast lenses or constant aperture lenses for the moment. Buy some spare batteries and of course extra memory cards, and other accessories like bags, cleaning cloths, dust blowers, etc. With this sort of setup you are getting something very versatile for your investment, and something good for your learning and gaining experience period.  By the time you've become proficient and experienced enough to actually go pro, there will be newer and "better" cameras on the market you can acquire, and you'll have a better understanding of the gear needed.  If you start out buying the most expensive camera you can afford within your budget, all you'll get is likely one camera body and the kit lens.
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    ANUPLUCIFERGAMER reacted to asiancorruption in Getting a PS4. What to do next?   
    I use a pair of tritton kunais for about a year and counting. the removable mic is a great feature and the cord is a lot stronger than I thought. the amp that comes with it is shit though.
  5. Agree
    ANUPLUCIFERGAMER reacted to Sors in Getting a PS4. What to do next?   
    The PS4 have a headset jack build in the controller, you can use any headset with a 3.5mm plug.  Don't buy tritton or turtlebeach, they are rubbish.
    You can buy the games from the Playstation store, BUT unlike steam, the prices in PSN almost never go down, no matter how old the game is,  you do get some sales every now and then, but usually is easier to find a game cheaper if is old in a physical store than in the playstation store.  
    Also, most new games are close to 50 GB, and the largest disc size the PS4 comes with is only 1 TB.
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    ANUPLUCIFERGAMER reacted to Dredgy in Which game would you give this award to?   
    1. Super Mario Bros 3.
    2. Pokemon Gold & Silver
    3. Zelda: Twilight Princess (sorry, didn't play Ocarina)
    4. Crash Bandicoot 2.
    5. Grand Theft Auto IV. First time I bought into a game's world as realistic.
  7. Agree
    ANUPLUCIFERGAMER reacted to Groundedbeef in Which game would you give this award to?   
    Wolfenstein 3d, Still play it sometimes
    Epic shooter, best audio special effects. Just plain awesome nazi killing.
  8. Agree
    ANUPLUCIFERGAMER reacted to bdfull3r in Which game would you give this award to?   
    I don't think I could give that to just one game. There are so many games in so many genres it would be impossible for me to pick one. Witcher 3 jumps to mind for recently amazing. Fallout New Vegas probably the game before that I felt was incredible. Ocarina of Time, The OG Pokemon games. I can't pick one
  9. Agree
    ANUPLUCIFERGAMER reacted to MrHeaderr in Which game would you give this award to?   
    On my first place: Grand Theft Auto San Andreas because i love the Story and it was my first openworld game
    on the seccond hand: Minecraft because this is so unbelievably simpel and you can do what you want (i knew it since the first published hour).
  10. Agree
    ANUPLUCIFERGAMER reacted to Godlygamer23 in Reinstalling Windows 10 without losing files   
    This is also assuming they have an optical drive that burns discs. 
  11. Agree
    ANUPLUCIFERGAMER got a reaction from LeonHaker in Reinstalling Windows 10 without losing files   
    get some dvd's. They're cheap and you don't have to wait for shipping. Until of course, you bought them online
    BUT. Considering you have 60+, and as per the size of each dvd, I think you'll require anywhere from 10-15 of 'em 
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    ANUPLUCIFERGAMER reacted to GoodBytes in Can't dual boot Win7 with Win10   
    The problem is that you have Windows 7 that doesn't fully support UEFI. and Windows 10 does. So you either need to disable UEFI for legacy OS, and enable CSM, and format everything and install Windows 7, and 10. or do like zMeul suggests
  13. Agree
    ANUPLUCIFERGAMER reacted to DakeDravis in Let Me Explain . . .   
    Well I work a ton, and I spend a lot of time on my PC. So it felt like a good idea. But it definitely was not. I think it was just some sort of force in the world kicking my ass to teach me a lesson about saving money. Well played universe . . . well played.
  14. Agree
    ANUPLUCIFERGAMER got a reaction from DakeDravis in Let Me Explain . . .   
    I still have an i3, 2 gigs of shitty Nvidia GT 705, 4GB of ram. I'm satisfied
    Though I want to build a new PC, which would give me some good results
  15. Funny
    ANUPLUCIFERGAMER reacted to ZetZet in Silly Question..   
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    ANUPLUCIFERGAMER reacted to RavingSmurfGB in Raspberry Pi University Project   
    Hi, thanks for reading. I have been set a group project where we have to come up with something innovative/original to do with a Raspberry Pi/Arduino. We have some ideas and I was hoping to get some improvements, other good suggestions or even flaws you find in out plans.
    Raspberry Pi Home Server- This has been done before i know, however we wanted to add a little twist to it through the following features.   Have RAID  Wi-Fi repeater media server for a living room (maybe using XBMC) UPS battery backup (Since it's a raspberry pi with 2 or more hard drives attached I wouldn't think it would consume a lot of energy) Automaticly backup files from network attached computers (like Cobian Backup) Have a Web portal so you can access your files from work I know Cloud is a thing, but the idea is a personal cloud, where you can store as much data as you like. I don't like how this project isn't very original, maybe some more functionality could product more of a reason for existing. Was also thinking of 3d printing a enclosure for it, but am not experienced at 3d design.
           2. Raspberry VR - I know realise this isn't the best idea considering how phones can easily become a VR headset.
    We have 2 months to complete this project and will post the results on here if it goes well.
  17. Funny
    ANUPLUCIFERGAMER reacted to GirlFromYonder in Silly Question..   
    You have windows basic theme. Get it to normal (any aero theme) and you are gold.

  18. Agree
    ANUPLUCIFERGAMER reacted to themctipers in 3D Animation Software   
    after effects/premier pro
    cinema 4d
  19. Agree
    ANUPLUCIFERGAMER reacted to thekeemo in 3D Animation Software   
    Nothing from adobe
    you have C4D which is considered a easy to learn piece of software
    then you have 3Ds max and Maya which are more pro
    there is blender which is free
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    ANUPLUCIFERGAMER reacted to zsdegawe in Windows 7   
    For future installs and different versions
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    ANUPLUCIFERGAMER reacted to techguru in It seems I've lost interest in gaming all together.   
    might be more fun to just watching someone else play your games
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    ANUPLUCIFERGAMER reacted to TidaLWaveZ in GPU Upgrade recommendation   
    Will a full size GPU fit in your case? If so the sky is the limit, and you said price is not an issue so the GTX 980ti is the best answer.
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    ANUPLUCIFERGAMER got a reaction from Beeeyeee in Editing Softwares.   
    Hey Guys! I'd be more than happy to know what all editing programs do the LMG team use for their videos.
    That's it
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    ANUPLUCIFERGAMER reacted to Arty in What video editing software does LTT editing den use?   
    oh boy here we go
    Photoshop = photo editing
    Premiere =  video editing
    After effects = Video effects
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    ANUPLUCIFERGAMER reacted to Naeaes in Editing Softwares.   
    More like premiere Pro and After Effects.