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  1. As long as its dry, you're fine. If you leave it in the box until it warms to room temperature, you should be fine. Opening it while it's still cold in a warm room is what could cause condensation.
  2. Lol, I would have never thought of that as being a possible issue to this problem. I'm glad it didnt happen to me. I think I would have drove myself nuts trying to figure that one out!
  3. Apple has been pulling this stuff for years. Telling you to buy new units instead of SIMPLY REPLACING A BATTERY, soldering ram to motherboards, filing lawsuits to stop people from repairing easily repaired issues.
  4. Imagine you have a very hot pan that you just took off the stove. If you were to put water on it, it would cool very fast. That's basically what thermal paste does. It allows for the fast transfer of heat. Now imagine if instead of using water, you took another pan and tried to cool the first pan by merely making contact with the 2 pans. That's essentially what you did. There was WAY more heat being generated than could be transferred to the cooler. Your cooler will be fine. I would be more concerned about whether or not I damaged the cpu if I were you. Just because it still operates doesn't mean it hasn't been degraded. Operating at extreme temperatures can and will degrade the cpu.
  5. How is your case airflow? Maybe try speeding up your case fans to lower the temps inside your case. Simply turning down the fan on the video card is somewhat counterproductive. It will just get hotter and the fan will ramp up again to cool it down.
  6. I think it's a little early for that. If it's an issue with the power supply, what you did would have solved your problem as well. The integrated graphics doesn't draw nearly the same power load as a discrete gpu under full load. I would either test the video card in a different system, or try a new power supply in your system. You may go through the whole rma process and still have the same issue if you dont diagnose your problem first.
  7. Could be a power supply issue. I had the same issue and also had nothing showing under the event viewer. I swapped each part out until the issue stopped. It stopped when I changed my power supply.
  8. I upgraded from a 4690k to an 8086k and didnt see much of a gain in gaming. The joy of tinkering with a new cpu is always fun.
  9. I would love to see a radiator that is so dusty it causes 100 degree temps. You probably wouldn't even see the radiator at that point anymore, just a big clump of dust lol.
  10. Yep, pretty decent board. I would recommend it.
  11. Probably your fast boot. Boot into windows and hold shift when you hit restart.
  12. No, most who say this are probably miners who know what they're doing. Miners are in it to make money and you dont make money overclocking. Increases in clock speed results in an exponential increase in power consumption, thus the undervolting. It makes much more sense to get 50% performance at 25% of the power cost, rather than 110% performance at 250% of the cost(not real numbers). It would make absolutely zero sense to overclock for mining unless you are getting your power for free.
  13. In case you didnt know, you dont have to use a 390 board, 370 will work fine.
  14. When they told you they couldn't fix it under warranty, were you calm and rational? Or did you fly off the handle? Did you ask to speak to a supervisor at all? Front line service reps generally have little power to do anything and they are people as well. As such, anything other than kindness towards them will probably not help your case at all. I worked in a position like that once and 95% of people revert to being absolute jerks when they hear something they dont like.
  15. Intel didnt perform the benchmarks. They hired a 3rd party to do it. As to why the 3rd party did what they did, who knows. Could they be a bit incompetent when it comes to running gaming benchmarks? Possibly. Could it be that Intel hired them and PT intentionally did things to skew results so intel might hire them again in the future? Possibly. Could intel have directed them to run tests a certain way? Possibly. The point is, Intel didnt do the tests and as to why PT did what they did, who knows for sure. It's all speculation, as is knowing where to exactly place the blame for this.