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Everything posted by IsaacDaGrazin

  1. IsaacDaGrazin

    Need antivirus suggestions without pop-ups

    give me like 10 mins, i can give you a SHIT TONNE of them
  2. IsaacDaGrazin

    I Can't Comprehend?

    i cant even use sfm
  3. ^ | | | |\ my best arrow! message me if you want
  4. IsaacDaGrazin

    f.lux will not go! D:

    os: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS trusty tahr monitor, some completely random 60hz 1920x1080 monitor from acer, pretty gewd doe heres the story stayed up all night to like 1am watching sao (wtf u gonna do lil' boy!?) realised my screen is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too bright so i remember this program called f.lux installed it then holy fucking shit my monitor turned into a banana try to use purge in terminal it goes 'fuck you, keep your fucking banana screen i don’t want it' does nothing program no longer opens only opens in the task bar at the top the right you see that circle? that’s the only way to open it i just want to delete it i mean, i have a fucking banana screen past 8pm ?!? wtf?! halp please ;-; i contacted them and they didn’t do shit, didn’t even respond
  5. IsaacDaGrazin

    Off topic chit chat

  6. IsaacDaGrazin

    f.lux will not go! D:

    whats the name of flux? just the whole name? will that work for sudo?
  7. IsaacDaGrazin

    Adding additional RAM to a system

    lmao wut, you tried a 4k gif and then obs just raped your ram?
  8. IsaacDaGrazin

    Fresh vr ready computer build

    np x3 anytime you need help, even if its already been done, we will gladly help you
  9. IsaacDaGrazin

    Adding additional RAM to a system

    OBS uses 2.7 GIGA BYYYYYYYYYYYTES?! dafuq
  10. IsaacDaGrazin

    Fresh vr ready computer build

    your allowed to these types of post, no matter how many times its already been, all it is is asking the community for help with your build edit: in fact most of us love these posts
  11. IsaacDaGrazin

    anyone know great earbuds for sale?

    ? what do you mean ?
  12. IsaacDaGrazin

    Anyone else got this stupid CSGO bug?

    it doesn't happen on cs go for me, only tf2
  13. IsaacDaGrazin

    Build for 300 euro's

    this doesn't apply to the build but its just funny x3
  14. IsaacDaGrazin

    Build for 300 euro's

    http://pcpartpicker.com/p/hHwzmG thats the best i could get, you can play csgo on low doubt you could get higher and cod idk
  15. IsaacDaGrazin

    Build for 300 euro's

    hm okay
  16. IsaacDaGrazin

    Build for 300 euro's

    it wont be amazing but itll be playable, what games do you want anyways?
  17. IsaacDaGrazin

    Build for 300 euro's

    nah im joking, ill whip up a pc for you just gimme a min
  18. IsaacDaGrazin

    Build for 300 euro's

  19. oh fuckiing shit

    oh no






    im fucking horrified

    i cant sleep now

    its 11:30 pm

    if i dont post something tomorrow

    call the police

    im dead

  20. No this isn't any of that April fools shit, its a legit question like lets say you have this mobo: then you smacked the booty in your pc, slapped a few gtx 980ti's then a couple hundred 6700ks (i am fucking aware that the 6700k will commit suicide if it went in lga 1150) then you see all dem green bits (near 'Acer Inc.' and such) what would happen if you licked it? like while it was fully on? i think it would taste 'shocking' ill let my self out now would you die? or is there no 'lethal' amounts of electric to kill you? (i mean like 9.5k watts like my fucking shower for some fucking reason)like around 10-20 watts, would you die? again this is a legit question, none of that april fools shit.
  21. IsaacDaGrazin

    Sell or keep GTX 970?

    eh keep it, its good enough for today maybe in a year sell it or just keep it and throw it in the basement then buy a new card
  22. IsaacDaGrazin

    Ressurecting Old Machines

    nice joke with the psu