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  1. Plug it in again and let it charge for a while. The battery % might have been glitched and it takes some time before it does anything if the battery is completely empty.
  2. I would move my monitor further away from me if I were you. I bought a desk that's deep enough to be able to do it.
  3. I'm sorry for whining, and I'm probably gonna keep playing legit. I have a botting account in case they fuckup the game and a legit account for if the game is fun to play without cheats I have been playing on the legit account for days but not finding a lot of pokémon like people in urban areas and having a broken tracker ( and no pokevision ) is really annoying. You can catch more pokemon in an urban area without pokevision than I can with pokevision so it wasn't really "cheating" for me it was just a way to not walk 10 kilometers without finding a pokémon. PS: My botting account doesn't ruin the game for others, I'm not the dude that has 6 max dragonites in a gym. I haven't even taken a single gym.
  4. They did remove the damn tracker, the game is all about exploring and finding pokémon since the battling system is trash. ( just tap to fight ) Then they told a site that fixed their game to quit ( pokevision ) And they still refuse to communicate about it, like seriously 1 tweet: "Footsteps currently disabled, will be fixed as soon as possible" would make a huge difference.
  5. Tones.be has some 1080's in stock, I'm not sure if they ship to The Netherlands though. NVM they show prices but don't have them in stock. Seems like amazon.de is your only option and most cards have none in stock or 1 in stock.
  6. Works fine for me And how I am supposed to legit play if the game doesn't work on my phone and they're removed the pokémon from a pokémon game ...
  7. First thing to try is reinstall the drivers, make sure you get the right ones for your OS version.
  8. Calculate in the cost for a mobo, some ( old, xeon ) chipsets have cheap cpu's but really expensive motherboards. I am not sure if it still applies today. But I assume an intel mobo will cost a bit more than an amd motherboard since amd is more budget oriented.
  9. what error? ( screenshot if possible )
  10. Personal preference for me, I really feel like they've taken the easy to do things from windows 7 and made them hard. And took the hard to do things and made them easy. example: the search bar in the start menu works much better in 7 for me, in 10 it shows a bunch of files but not the file I want example 2: changing keyboard layout always felt like a pain in the arse in 7, in 10 it works much better for me.
  11. Just found this: isopropyl alcohol seems to be harmless to electronics and a pretty good cleaner.
  12. I own the BenQ XL2411 and I'm very happy with it. Quality isn't as good as an IPS panel but as a gaming/internet browsing monitor it's very good, not so good for wachting movies/pictures though.