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  1. If ryzen cpus support only dual channel.. why have 4 slots of ram on the motherboards? two is enouth I mean..
  2. External HDD was a good option? for work.. sometimes have slow performance because use of HDD and not SSD.. I want to buy NVME for system and SSD / HDD maybe 1TB SSD 860 EVO is the best or I can to buy another company?
  3. right now I have 1TB and it doesnt enough for me.. I buy new computer and see some deals on amazon on External Drives and some SSDs I need Big capacity.. I think to buy 3TB HDD but maybe on my new computer use only on NVme and Sata SSDs? Because SSD much faster than any HDD but I think I need big capacity.. Samsung SSDs are the best or It was ok to buy cheaper one? all SSD same performance? for games and production
  4. But it was critical? or wait to better price? my computer works fine
  5. I have ryzen 2600 with SC at 2400Mhz. If I buy dual channel 16GB 3000Mhz, I see a big differences at the work and games? 69$ Deal for it.. Buy now or wait for drop prices?
  6. I have WD Elements for few years and the drive sometimes works and sometimes not.. and dont recognized with the computer.. I see some good deals at amazon like WD Book 4TB for only 65$ but I dont know if WD was a reliable company.. and I read some bad reviews on amazon.. What do you think? My drive was bad? I search for new drive with higher capacity so I ask...
  7. But dont have signature on the GPU.. Where I can buy the sticker?
  8. Because it was special I think.. or maybe buy radeon VII ? it was a limited time..
  9. I want to buy new computer and I tell I will be wait to ryzen 3000. But the 2700X amd gold edition is cool because the signature on the processor.. So buy it and dont wait to the new ryzen? It was cool or maybe Radeon VII GPU GOLD ?
  10. So wait to the next year? I upgrade DDR3 to DDR5
  11. it was auto enable XMP or must to enable it? How I check if it was enable and have 3000mhz?
  12. He was support? I need to enable XMP on the bios or something else? cause problems with R7 2700?
  13. HD 7970 DDR5 was release on 2020 I think..