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  1. PWM via CPU or GPU

    Thanks but it doesn't exactly answer my question. I'm just wondering if I should base my pump and/or fan speed off my GPU PWM header rather than the motherboard CPU one because I do a lot of gaming and my GPU is hotter than my CPU more often than not.
  2. So I've been looking into liquid cooling my PC and I think I've got the gist of it except for one thing. What do I base my fan/pump control off of? CPU or GPU? I'm doing a CPU and GPU loop and EK (liquid cooling guys) recommend a GPU to PWM fan adapter to have your GPU control some or all of the fans in the case if I'm doing more GPU intensive tasks. Now I don't necessarily do GPU intensive tasks except for gaming but I don't know if that is enough to base my entire pump or fan control off of the GPU for. I was thinking about having my GPU control the PWM pump speed while my motherboard headers control the fan speed. Is that smart or should I just leave it all alone and connect all the fans and pump control to the motherboard like a normal human. Thanks for any help!
  3. Yeah I'm down for putting in as much time and effort needed to get it done. Thanks for the links!
  4. Pretty simple honestly, is it smart to go with hardline tubing right out of the gate if I've never liquid cooled before? I know it would definitely be more expensive not to mention time consuming with bending and probably breaking some pipes, messing up bends and what not. Soft tubing does look good at times but hardline is just on the next dang level. I'm thinking about just starting with a basic setup of CPU + GPU with a couple of rads etc. One benefit of soft tubing is that it won't be such a dent in the wallet if I decide I hate water cooling (but how could I honestly) and I can always move on to hardline in a couple years. Anyway, let me know what the pros and cons are etc. and your personal opinion thanks!
  5. How is Chrome OS?

    It's £900 for me
  6. How is Chrome OS?

    It would possibly do in a pinch should I really want to do some work on the go but it definitely wouldn't outright replace my desktop, I'd need a behemoth gaming laptop to do that.
  7. How is Chrome OS?

    Yeah I can't exactly do that as I still need a decent desktop for 3D modelling, Unreal Engine 4 work and gaming but I think what mostly attracts me to Chrome OS and the Pixelbook is the forced simplicity. It can't do everything a full Windows device can do which means I won't try to use it or be disappointed by it when it can't do something my desktop would be able to do.
  8. How is Chrome OS?

    Yeah that's one of my hangups but I already have a Windows desktop so getting another Windows device would just make me think "Why aren't I doing this at my desk?"
  9. Right out of the gate I'll ask, how is Chrome OS to actually use on a day to day basis? Do you find it severely lacking in any one or multiple areas? How do you use your Chromebook? The reason I'm asking is because I'm looking into getting a Google Pixelbook and I just don't know if Chrome OS will hold up to my needs as well as Windows 10 does, now saying that, I do have a desktop for all my heavy stuff in Windows 10. I'd be getting the Pixelbook for general use like watching Youtube/Netflix, browsing websites, writing papers in Word (Microsoft Office Online right?) and light stuff like that, no gaming obviously apart from Play Store apps. Also, how is it using Chrome extensions and Google Play store apps for everything rather than proper "download and install" programs? The reason I am specifically looking at a Pixelbook is because it is far and above most, if not all, Chromebooks out there. It looks gorgeous, feels great and the keyboard and track-pad are a dream (I've demoed it in a store). It also would work well with my Pixel 2 XL phone like unlocking the computer with my phones fingerprint reader rather than a regular password or using my phones data without having to setup a wifi hotspot from my phone like I would with a regular device. Thanks for any answers or information! I hope this makes my decision easier! If not I'll just buy a Nintendo Switch and keep using my desktop for everything.
  10. So I'm looking into buying a Nintendo Switch. I used to be a huge fan of Nintendo consoles back during the days of the DSi and original Wii. With the announcement of a proper Pokemon game coming to the Switch and a number of bigger titles already on it I think now is a good time to buy in. So I'm wondering, what are the first games I should be getting for my Switch so my first impressions are the best they can be. Thanks for the help!
  11. So I'm looking to upgrade my motherboard because it has a bum RAM slot and I want to get a z370 board as I'm looking to upgrade my CPU by the end of the summer. I'm unsure whether or not z370 is backwards compatible, any enlightenment would be wonderful. Or if anyone has heard anything about a new Intel chip coming out that I should wait for that'd be cool too. Thanks!
  12. Best ultrawide high refresh rate monitor?

    Whelp I feel silly now, coulda just used pcpartpicker. Thanks though!
  13. So I currently have a regular old 1080p 60Hz 27" monitor and I want to upgrade. I currently don't have space for a dual or triple screen setup so I'm looking for a large ultrawide monitor (27" or bigger) with a high refresh rate and I'd like to have G-sync as well. I don't really care about TN vs IPS or whatever but I do want a low response time as I do a lot of gaming. I'd like to go up to 1440p as well so it can be a proper full upgrade but 1080p is accepted as well just to have options. Anything out there that I should take a look at? Price doesn't really matter right now because I can always save up to whatever is required.
  14. Please explain TunnelBear

    Why is it not necessary in first world countries?
  15. So after hearing Linus promote TunnelBear video after video I decided to check it out and it seems pretty cool but I have some questions. What's the difference between the TunnelBear extension for Chrome and the base TunnelBear program for my entire computer? I assume the extension just protects Chrome while the program covers all data in and out of my PC. What is the usefulness of being able to "tunnel" to other countries? Does that mean I can watch US Netflix from the UK and vice versa? How fast is TunnelBear because I do quite a lot of gaming/streaming etc. and I really don't want my connection to be slowed down. And finally, is TunnelBear really necessary? Oh and is there a way to let TunnelBear know that I came because of Linus' videos? I intend to get an unlimited subscription once my questions and concerns are satiated. Any help, advice or personal experience would be great thanks!