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    PC building, game development, game design, level design, game theory, 3D modelling, PC gaming, console gaming


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    i7 6700k
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    Asus Z170I Pro Gaming ITX
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    16Gb Kingston HyperX FURY 2400mhz DDR4
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    EVGA 2080 Super Black
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    Phanteks EVOLV ITX
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    Samsung 850 EVO 250Gb + WD Black 2Tb
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    Corsair RMx 650W 80+ Gold Fully Modular
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    27" ASUS VG278Q 144 Hz
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    NZXT Kraken M22
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    Logitech G213 Prodigy
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    Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum
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    Logitech G533
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    Windows 10 64-bit
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    Razer Blade 15 2018
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  1. Just playing some of the new games that have come out recently, AC: Valhalla, CoD: Cold War, Watch Dogs: Legion etc. and I've noticed I'm not really getting the fps I want. I have a 3440x1440p 144hz monitor powered by an EVGA 2080 Super with an i7 6700k at stock speeds (4.0Ghz) and 16Gb RAM @ 2400MHz. I'm getting maybe 120fps at basically all low settings in Cold War Multiplayer. Yes, I have the most recent drivers and no, nothing else is running on my PC apart from maybe a couple Chrome tabs and a couple background things. According to Task Manager my CPU is at about 70-80% usage
  2. How does the speed differ between different providers? If they all go to the same box and are on the same line (BT in my area) then wouldn't switching to BT give me the same speed as I currently have on TalkTalk or are they somehow throttling speeds to save on cost?
  3. According to my ISP contract I'm paying for "Faster Fibre" which is unlimited usage and average speeds of 67Mb/s, they guarantee a minimum of 48.3Mb but I'm getting at most half that even standing 5 feet away from the router. Our assumption that they have put fibre lines into the box at the end of our street and we have non-fibre lines running to each house. And here is the layout of our house, it is a one floor bungalow so no up or down. Approximate width (garage to kitchen) is 16.89 meters and approximate depth (bedroom 3 to office) is 13.43 meters. Our
  4. A little context before my question, I live in the UK and my ISP is TalkTalk (via BT but whatever). We've had our service for a few years now and during the first say year or so our actually internet connection was horrible, dropping from the source, poor coverage, the works. Currently the outages have stopped but we still have poor coverage across maybe 30% of our home and just having added a new addition we basically have no wifi in one section which means my dad has had to create a new network off of a powerline adaptor just so he can use his phone in his new office.
  5. After upgrading some hardware in my itx system I built back in 2016 I've noticed that it gets mighty toasty in there. So I'm looking to move everything into a new case and ditch the Evolv ITX which while it has been nice, the front panel lets maybe 10% airflow through, not so gucci. I have an ATX psu, 2080 Super and a 120mm radiator so my new itx case choices are quite limited I think. Any ideas on fantastic cases for airflow that will accommodate my hardware? My go to would be an InWin A1 but they basically don't exist to be purchased unfortunately.
  6. Nah that actually looks good. Tbh the backside doesn't really matter too much unless that side has a glass panel but in terms of organization I'd say you're fine. I'm just happy if the main part of my case looks good, cba about the back.
  7. I've suggested iPhones and she's really not a fan for whatever reason. An older model seems like a great idea especially on the cost side of things thanks
  8. With the absolutely insane amount of phones out today I thought I would recruit you all for some help. I'm looking for a decent phone for my mom. Her current phone is a Huawei P20 Lite I think? It's a bit sh*t and doesn't want to connect to Android Auto in her Kia so she's getting frustrated. She's almost 60 which isn't really that old but just old dog new tricks so something with as simple a UI and settings as possible will be a bonus, she doesn't care about Android's infinite customizability. Storage size isn't a huge issue either as she doesn't have many apps or photos. She wan
  9. saladcrack

    My Setup

    Just loving the dedication mate, nice job
  10. saladcrack

    My Setup

    1080 aaaannnnd plastic chair ? love it
  11. I mean I'd just go from Android to Android but definitely hop off Huawei cause America said bad Chinese do bad tings and Google said no no Android updates for Huawei
  12. Really no noticeable difference, games still aren't that dependent on CPU unless the game is made that way.
  13. The OS itself doesn't take up that much but I find that I have a lot of random programs and files that it adds up and I always like having a little wiggle room. Tbh it might just be me cause I did game design for uni and UE4, 3d modeling files and stuff take up a chunk of space.
  14. Seems good so far but if you're recording gameplay I'd definitely just get high capacity HDD for cold storage and finished videos just cause 1 TB fills up real quick with games and videos on it, my 1 TB SSD is basically 90% full just because of games. I'd also spring for a slightly higher capacity OS drive because just in my use case I maxed out my 250 gig SSD within 6 months of using my PC. My new build is either gonna have 500 or 1 TB SSD just so I don't have to think about space on my OS.
  15. You can totally setup everything without a case for testing purposes. Just use the motherboard box as a little stand for the mobo, plug everything in and go for it. Loads of people do this before building their PC in the case so they don't have to remove everything if something comes doa.