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  1. i7-4790K CPU 4 GHZ8gb x 2 DDR3 asus maximus viii hero 750w psu
  2. I just bought an EVGA iCX GTX 1080 Ti, and it has been black screening with the fans at 100% speed, while the temperatures have never went above 58 C. I thought this issue was fixed on the 1080 FTW, does anyone know if this is still an issue or possibly just my card doing this?
  3. I just downloaded this software and the RPM is really high for the cooler https://gyazo.com/0e996565de1f1638a8f35b6f6b51e374 and it's never been this high until I bought the 1080 TI. I wouldn't think that getting a new GPU would mess up my CPU? This is also with no game running
  4. Any one in particular? I'm assuming A14 is their latest
  5. My Corsair H100I CPU Cooler has started to sound insanely loud. The fans they come with make an annoying, inconsistent whirring noise. I used a random Insignia fan I had lying around that I used to replace one of the corsair fans and the whirring from the remaining corsair fan became bearable. The fan speed is getting crazy high now which is causing it to sound terrifyingly loud. I want to replace all my fans in my case and my radiator fans with the best, quiet fans out there. Anyone have any suggestions what I should buy? I don't have any knowledge about which fan does what better so I'm hoping someone here can help me out. The ones I've considered are Be Quiet! Silent Wings 3 and Noctua NF-A14.
  6. The monitor that gets clicked away gets extremely low FPS, which prevents me from being able to watch a video on one monitor while playing on the other. It feels like the low frame rate is intentional because I was able to fix it on WoW by a setting in their game that allows background FPS to be uncapped. However there isn't an option for that for YouTube (obviously). Is there any way to get rid of that cap? I'm sure my GPU can handle being able to run at least 60 FPS on both monitors at once.
  7. Which hybrid would you choose? The Corsair + MSI Seahawk or the one from EVGA?
  8. I meant the hand rest and the thumbstick. Also, the price shoots up really high for it being mechanical and RGB. I think I'll go with this one http://www.amazon.com/Genovation-Controlpad-CP24-Keypad-CP24-USBHID/dp/B00O1ASXKO/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1461006083&sr=1-1&keywords=macro+keypad
  9. This keyboard already allows macros on keys but It just doesn't feel right to me, those razer keypads have so many different functionalities that I feel like would go to waste since I'm just planning to give it non-gaming related macros
  10. I made the mistake of getting a Corsair K70 instead of a K95, and now I'm in the market for one of those peripherals that have 10-20 moddable keys that's supposed to sit next to your keyboard. Any suggestions on a good one?
  11. Rig name - No ideaCpu - i7-4790K CPU 4 GHZGpu - GTX 980 Ti HybridRam - 8x2 DDR3 Score
  12. Woaah that's alot of games, I'll wait and see which one gets the most mentions and play it Thanks
  13. Well built characters, nice narration, that stuff (Something like the last of us)