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  1. Thats good to know. I thought it always needed a controller. I got suggestions also for a pfsense box from a small for factor PC with two 1 Ggbps NICs... I'll look for a used fortigate. Everyone uses the old ones for a backup one in case the primary fails before the warranty brings a new one. Anyone has experience with TP-Link Omada EAP225? Lot cheaper than Ubiquity. Thanks for all the suggestions!
  2. I work in IT. Moving to a new home in a month. Now I have: a Fortigate 60C - which has a dying fan and was always very noisy in any case some 20$ Asus router I installed DDWRT on and use it as an AP Draytek with VDSL2+ modem (that's fine and it is staying) In the new place I am wiring CAT7 and have a small 6U networking closet to put modem, router and a NAS in. Have RJ45 wall sockets almost in every room. It's a one floor apartment, but it has walls from concrete blocks. I am looking for: a good router (it not need be an AP at all): capable of IPSec - i need to be able to make tunnels to various networks for testing when working from home vlans IPv4 policies PPPOE dialing (via the DrayTek modem) At least 1 Gbps switch built in; PoE is a bonus not terribly noisy (not IT closet type fans please) DDNS.net support would be cool some internal logging would be nice too 2-3 access points: PoE without a need for an eternal controller(e.g not Ubiquity) AC support 2.4 GHZ+ 5 Ghz allows adding removing AP without hassle vlan support with multiple SSIDs (for light bulbs and other IOT junk that I want far away from my internal network) something discreet like the the nice and shiny Ubiquity dishes or Aruba squares. Don't want big spider antenas like ASUS. Its going to be on the wall or roof (prefer wall though) something stable i can setup and forget NOTE: The max internet connection I will get with VDSL2+ is only 100 mbits down and 3 mbits up. But I do lots of local file transfers. I want to invest in my home network, but am clueless about home networking hardware (routers and APs). I don't want to splurge on enterprise hardware (i.e. just buy a Fortigate, Ubiqyity APs with a controller). I am comfortable with Fortigates and know my way around a Mikrotik, but thats not really home hardware. I would appreciate any advice!
  3. Legion Y730 15 as you suggested. Love the ports on the back! Will wait till 2019 to get it though . Thanks for the advice again.
  4. I guess I can't have it all =P. I found your post here about the laptop googling =).
  5. This looks really great! All the stuff I am looking for and even teh bonuses! It's also cheaper that my other options! Just two questions about it that I need to research: 1. How is the keyboard 2. How well it survives (at least i want to see a teardown and see it looks like inside) Thanks a lot!
  6. I don't mind at all. As long as it is built well (most gamery ones aren't). Local stores? I use this website that has a DB of stuff from other websites: zap.co.il Just ignore the language - the prices are in ILS (NIS). Others: ksp.co.il ivory.co.il notebookclub.co.il Thanks!
  7. Don't care about battery life that much. As long as its still a laptop. 30 minutes is fine by me really. Weight - 2.2 KG (without power block) - no more. Sorted. Thanks!
  8. Looking for a Notebook replacement. Want to play matchmaker? Place I am coming from: I have an Early 2013 Macbook Pro (i7-3840QM 2.8 GHZ, 16 GB RAM, 750 GB Apple SSD). Great machine, no complaints - but its slowly dying on me. Swapped the battery, alt key stopped working, screen has some dead pixels, heats up recently (yes, I've cleaned the dust out) - in short a replacement is certainly coming soon. After my Louis Rossmann channel marathon (I watched 70% of it) and complaints from friends about MBP issues I am not going the Apple way anymore. I work in IT. Need something around 2000$ (in the middle East). Place I want to be (note the place I am coming from): (EDIT: sorted by importance) 0. Centered keyboard and touchpad (no numpad) - thanks Lenovo for having only the P1 in the 15inch size with this requirement! 1. USB type A - at least 1 port! (EDITED from 2 ports) 2. RJ45 - no bloody dongles! Enough! 3. Sturdy - lenovo T/P series sturdy 4. Good keyboard (Lenovo level). 5. Great touchpad - nothing will match the MBP though (in my mind right now anyways). 6. Fairly portable - under 2KG. 7. 16GB RAM for starters 8. 15 inches - high res. (not 4k) Anti glare - need that physical real estate. [9. Preferably good Linux support. I doubt I will bother with Hakintosh...] Place I dream to be (in addition to above): - just ignore this section really... 7. Witcher 3 and Kingdom Come playable on mids 8. High refresh rate display 9. VR (Vive) - i know its asking too much What I don't care about: 1. RGB 2. Touchscreen 3. Battery Life (if it lasts 1.5 hours under non power hungry usage and I am happy) What I've looked at: 1. Lenovo X1 Carbon - good, but no RJ45. Needs a dongle. 2. Lenovo P1 - no RJ45. Wasted money on Quadro. 3. Lenovo T480/T580 - 480 too small; 580 has thad madn off center keyboard and touchpad (Lenovo will burn in hell for it!) 4. XPS 15 - no RJ45. Read about too many issues. Does not look sturdy. 5. HP EliteBook 1050 - no RJ45. Keyboard and build quality look dubious (from no solid evidence whatsoever). 6. HP Zbook 15/15u - same as the T480/T580 issues (3) 7. HP Studio - same issues as Lenovo P1 (2). Any pointers would be highly appreciated!
  9. Yeah, I updated my BIOS as soon as there is any peep of an update. You're right, I do recall reading something about not being able to get higher RAM speeds for Ryzen stuffs (motherboards?). Maybe I'll email MSI with my spec.
  10. I tuned off the XMP profile and ran RAM check which had no errors at 60% so I stopped it. Played some Elite Dangerous - seems stable. I'll give it a couple of days. Why would G.Skill advertise 2400Mhz on the box and run at 2133Mhz at default??? Seems like some sort of marketing ruse. I feel like I've been cheated a little.. Albeit from Linus's RAM clock speed video it doesn't make that much of a difference...
  11. Issue: I am getting constant BSODs with different errors each time, game crashes and red screens when running Games and 3D applications. Detail: Sweet home 3D can cause BSOD (about the only 3D app I've run). Fallout 4 crashes randomly. I've tried playing Elite Dangerous Horizons (just the training sims) it crashes a couple of times and then I get a BSOD or a Red Screen. Attached is just a screenshot from NirSoft's bluescreenview. One additional thing to note I do have installed rdwrap, which of course I can disable. [Skyrim has low frame rates (from 20 to 40), but I think that has to do with my CPU being AMD] Attempted solution: Clean install of AMD Drivers with DDU in safe mode. Specs: OS: Windows 10 64bit - Business update branch CPU: AMD Ryzen 1700X (Noctua NH-U9B SE2) Motherboard: MSI X370 Gaming Pro Carbon - 1.5 (latest; happened on 1.4 as well) RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws V 2 x 16GB DDR4 2400Mhz CL15 = 32GB. Using XMP Profile top raise its default form 2133 Mhz to 2400Mhz as rated. Using slots advised in motherboard manual. PSU: SeaSonic 660W 80+ Platinum SS-660XP2 Video card: Sapphire Radeon RX 580 NITRO+ OC 8GB GDDR5 - latest drivers (no Wattman - causes to many crashes). Clean install using DDU in safe mode. OS drive: Samsung 960 EVO M.2 Secondary drive: WD Black 1TB SATA Comments: I want to try a clean Windows 10 install when I have time, but I am having doubts it will solve my issues. Could it be a bad video card or RAM? Microfractures or something. Thanks for any tips. I've spend so much money on the system I am quite disappointed with its lack of gaming stability (or stability in general). But then I should have expected that with bleeding edge hardware.
  12. I hate all this bloatware from manufactures including AMD. I tried using the new ReLive - so many crashes and frame rate drops it's amazing they released this crap.
  13. And I tried installing Android on it first... (The very first iPhone).
  14. We had a ghost computer in a repair shop once. Put it on a certain shelf and plug into the socker nearby - doesn't turn on. Elsewhere it turns on. Other appliances and computers work on that socket. Using any other socket solves the issue. I guess this is a weird problem than a weird solution >P.