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  1. This ended up working. I knew it would though, I just wanted to avoid using kill to terminate the process before the world could be saved. So I bit the bullet and did it anyway - ended up rolling back about 2 hours, but no one was playing so not a huge deal.
  2. Yep this would work! That is.... if the server wasn't already running. I tried using rptyer to attach it to a new terminal but I was either unable to find the PID of the server or it would not give me permission. Even as sudo.
  3. Hello all, Asking here because I couldn't figure out how to word this question into Google. I am running a dedicated Terraria server on my linux machine. This machine also runs a webserver but that's unimportant. SSH sessions only last so long before they timeout due to inactivity. And when I start the server, I am greeted by the administration console. Problem is; if the server is already running, I don't know how to get into the admin console without starting the server again. And I'm not sure if running the start script again would cause a problem due to two instances running at once or if it simply woudn't work at all. I am moderately familiar with Linux but sometimes bash gets the best of me. Do you folks know how I need to proceed? I think I can solve this using Screen but i'm not sure how to set it up. Thanks!
  4. Yes this is true to an extent - however, if you use Gmail on your device, and you have the two Google accounts signed into your Gmail app, then anytime you get an important Youtube notification, those also get forwarded to your email and therefore will give you a notification via the Gmail app. You are correct that you cannot have multiple accounts signed into Youtube at once, but Gmail emails will give you notifications for both accounts assuming you have them both configured within the Gmail app.
  5. No. the drop down information panels you're referring to are called Notifications. They can only be displayed in that area by applications that are installed on the device. AND - here's a kicker - if you want notifications for your messages in addition to your regular notifications, you need to install Facebook's Messenger app AS WELL as the Facebook app.
  6. Well your problem is most definitely that you didn't do a clean install after changing all those parts. Beleive it or not, when you first install windows, it installs many of the required drivers that are needed for the specific hardware it's operating on at that moment. When you go to install new parts, Windows does not know (nor have the capability) to install the necessary drivers for those parts IF it can't even get past boot because it doesn't know how to communicate with the new pieces. (this is especially true for motherboards). CPU's, HDD's, RAM, and PCI cards are meant to be changed out with little to no issue. But motherboards are particularly bad at being swappable. I suggest you wipe your hard drive (back up any files you need on a different computer first) and reinstall windows fresh. Other than that, your next option is to put all your old parts back in, boot normally, and try to install all the required drivers ahead of time. And then reinstall the new hardware. Still though, it is rare that this option works without problems down the line.
  7. Facebook notifications should occur natively if you have the Facebook app installed. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.facebook.katana&hl=en_US
  8. Are you overclocked? Try disabling any overclock features in the BIOS. Also disable any unnecessary performance features.
  9. Capture card and OBS I believe. Not really do-able on console. PC can do it easily though.
  10. .Replay files hold no video data. They hold data that the game interprets and then renders on the spot what happened. It's like a file that has all the things going on at a given time on a server. Allowing you to pan, tilt and zoom as much as you want. You will need to literally replay the file on the console and use a screen recorder. OR I think you can upload them to the cloud or something. I think that's what my buddy did to get around it. Either way, you need to export the file as a video file. Not a REPLAY file.
  11. If you have any pads that are not in place properly, you WILL damage them.(the chips) It's best to place the pads directly onto the chips instead of the cooling block. that way you know they're placed properly. I would not use your card if you think you didn't place any of the pads properly.
  12. If you REALLY want to, find the backlight driver. It's usually encased in clear plastic to prevent you from poking about it. That driver is either damaged, or the connection between the driver and the backlight is damaged. Make sure to unplug everything and short out any capacitors or you may end up on the floor 20ft from where you were sititng. Now of course, if it uses LED backlights, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. And there probably isn't a backlight driver in that case. In which, you would probably just need to replace the whole display again.
  13. Again, hard to say because there are so many variables that can change at wildly different values. There's no way to tell how much damage you do. If you don't notice a change. then either A: you didn't do any damage, or B: you did so little it doesn't matter. Either way, you won't damage anything further by continuing to use it as normal.
  14. THIS THIS THIS THIS THIS. Don't splice. Risk of burning down your truck. Edit: i realize you're trying to compact the cables and that's why you don't want to use a strip. Just take some time organizing. You would be surprised how neat cables can be with some zip-ties or velcro.
  15. Ahh that changes everything! Forget the PCIe and power stuff. Doesn't concern you. Try updating the Chipset drivers and THEN try doing the graphics drivers. Someone else can chip in at this point because that's a little out of my scope of knowledge