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  1. New Blade 14 M8 Would be gr8 Such laptop, much beauty
  2. Stock nec keyboard, stock nec crap speakers and stock nec ips monitor. Mouse RAZER NAGGA 2014()Which is only the actual gaming peripheral) Motherboard : MSI B7MA-E23 Core i5 3470 Cooler Cooler master tx3 evo Psu XCAS 600w 80 plus bronze Currently using IGPU generic ram generic case OHH EAH ALMOST FORGOT A freakin watermelon mousepad.
  3. Never had a gpu Too expensive. Just bought a new psu that is more silent.I thought i would be able to buy an nvidia gpu and then the giveaway opened. Just trying my luck. I want to be able to play pong at full 15 fps man. So desperate.
  4. Wassup m8s? I watch dem VDOs everyday and they are awesome. Especially the 7 gamers one CPU. I am in a country where cool brand gaming peripherals are super expensive. I currently do my gaming on a toshiba laptop with an NVIDIA GT-740M. Its pretty good for playing TF2 and COD at medium. but i would like to do quickscopes and noscopes with ease. I am using a crappy wireless mouse with LOTS of latency. So I would like to have a gaming mouse just to up my level a bit. Thanks m8s.
  5. 2004 - I started using computers when i was about 4. I'm 16 now and when I think back to it I realize how much luck I have. My parents only knew the basics and a bit of word processing. Sometimes, my mom would teach me how to open and close programs. We did not have internet at that time. so we were buying CDs. I still remember the old programs Winamp, WMP Classic, Netscape which i Never got to use. We got internet in 2011. I was totally dumb and didn't know what ads were, I was just clicking on the fake download buttons and downloading viruses. Hell, you could say that i learned the hard way. 2010 - I remember one time when I completely messed up windows by changing values in the registry not knowing it. My dad had to spent quite a sum to get that fixed. Still windows xp by the way. Windows was so messed up that a reinstall was required. So we decided to upgrade to win 7. (Non-genuine) since my parents could not afford it and did not understand what the difference was between genuine and pirated. 2013 - I took a course about repairing computers and maintaining them. After that, I acted like a badass who seemed to know everything about computers. and opened the case of the ONLY ONE pc that we had in the house and started messing around. I removed the ram and was showing it to my parents, Their reaction was priceless. It was like my dad was going to have a heart attack. I was a little scared and in a hurry, i went to put the RAM back inside. When i closed everything,and tried to power onn..."BEEEEEEEEEEEP BEEEEEEEEEEEP BEEEEEEEEEP" RAM ERROR. I opened the case only to see that I put the ram the wrong way I did not align it with the notch and pushed only one end in. It was terrible.Had to send it to a certified technician to fix. He said that one of the RAM sticks was dead and when he removed it the other 1GB worked. Still using DDR2 by the way. After the fix when my parents left me home alone, I would open the computer and take a look inside, I remember once I put the processor the wrong way where the small triangle did not line up and forced closed the latch and messed up the whole MOBO. After that I took an A+ course where I got to experiment with some computers under the supervision of a teacher and he taught me how to do everything from beginning to end. He even made me take a pc apart and reassembling it...3 times. End of 2014 - I found this channel called LINUS TECH TIPS on you tube. I started watching his videos, reviews and was amazed by the way he describes how he does what he does. 2015 - My dad is a very busy man and he is the owner of a pharmacy and has to work all day from 9 in the morning to 7 or 8 at night you could say that its only half a day, But after work he gets really tired and wants to relax. He only gets Sundays to spend time with the whole family after work and he does his best to keep us happy. And I want to make him happy too and i want to give him a laptop he could carry around and do what he likes easily. I want him to be able to use the internet at ease without having to get fooled about misleading ads and stuff. Anything you can recommend That can be used to surf the net and get work done is ok. Thanks in advance.
  6. Never had anything like that before. I am currently using a GT-740M im my notebook. Never seen a GTX in action. And i like the form factor of this system. It is very discreet.