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  1. iBangAPES

    Alienware M17x R3 specific problem

    sorry, but i probably wasn't specific enough. the audio never worked for me to begin with. i didn't need the HDMI input until my last monitor i had been using for my PS4 broked and my laptop is the only one working. I've only been looking for a solution for months with no ends. i've seen many "solutions" and "solved methods" online but it never really raise the issue that they're using Win7. doesn't help that these videos/forums are years old. it be nice to find a solution with Win10 but its honestly not the end of the world if i can't find it
  2. I own an old Alienware M17x R3 and its one of very few laptops that exist with HDMI input. I'm able to connect a second source of video and display it on the laptops screen. i use this primarily for my PS4 but there's a problem. The audio signal from the PS4 doesn't pick up through the laptop. I've seen old video stating that switching playback audio to HDMI Audio will fix it but it doesn't exist. This could be a Win10 problem and i'm not sure if Win7 will fix it, but i don't want to downgrade for just an audio problem. currently only using an audio splitter from my speakers and connecting a physical 3.5mm cable from the controller to get audio, but i've been searching for a solution that doesn't require me to connect my controller just for audio. if anyone has a laptop with HDMI input with Win10 and has solved the audio problem. please share, i've been racking my brain for months
  3. iBangAPES

    Laptop HDMI in Audio problems

    i have a Alienware M17xR3 and i've been using the HDMI in port with my PS4. Video output is fine but the Audio isn't coming out of any external speakers. i've looked up other forums saying that you have to change the a Playback/Recording but it show up for HDMI output option. I've also set it to show disabled and disconnected devices not nothings changed. Luckily that i can use the controller 3.5mm jack to output sound but its not ideal having a wireless controller tethered for audio. Also have Wins10 but i haven't tried going back to Wins 7 to see if that option is there. can someone confirm?
  4. so i want to sing karaoke with YouTube through my Blu-ray player with my microphones. the problem is that i want to use my current 5.1 surround speakers that's connected to an AMP with HDMI switches. i want to connect both the Blu-ray HDMI output and my Karaoke machine R/L ,or with an adapter 3.5mm audio, into a single HDMI. Is there a Mixer or a HDMI pass-through box that can input HDMI and R/L / 3.5mm audio into a single HDMI ouput?
  5. iBangAPES

    Western Digital My Passport HDD connection problem

    through computer management > disk management. though i didn't want to, i tried to initialized disk with MBR partition style. but it errors me with; Virtual Disk Manager The request failed due to a fatal device hardware error. im assuming its not software but hardware related
  6. iBangAPES

    Western Digital My Passport HDD connection problem

    its doesn't show on the list window on the top, but its shows an "unknown" disk thats Not Initialized with 931.48GB Unallocated
  7. my cousin is having a problem with her portable hard drive where its been detected through device manager and Devices and Printers. but its completely not accessible from My Computer. need help because my cousin wants some data from it.
  8. iBangAPES

    HyperX Cloud Flight Question

    This is for people who own the new HyperX Cloud Flight. i was wondering if its possible to use the wireless dongle and the wired cable at the same time, wireless dongle outputting audio from a PC and the wired cable in another PC or a Phone. Then the headphones would be outputting 2 different audio signals. i personally use my PC and PS4 output on the same 3.5mm audio jack headphones i have, but it involved 2 male to male 3.5mm audio cables, 2 female to 1 male audio Y splitter, and a female to female adapter. its janky but it works. so i was wondering if i can include the Cloud Flight into the equation. i do not know if theres a Audio DAC of some kind that can input multiple audio signals and output to a usb headphones or a audio jack. if you do know i like to see some recommendations
  9. i've been keeping my eye on the 1700 for a long time now, but i found that the 1700X is selling for only $10 more than the 1700. is it worth the upgrade? keeping in mind that its cheaper for me to get the 1700 within my budget as i'll be using the stock cooler it comes with. Getting the 1700X for only $10 more seems to be a good (even if there's no different in performance between them as they can be both be OC), and i like the extra upgrades the "X" version comes with. but that also means i be need to purchase a cooler that would cost me an extra $60~$120. I just like to know other peoples opinions in this
  10. iBangAPES

    Galax Gtx 1070/80 waterblocks?

    howdy friends. its been a while this i submitted this topic and for reason why i'm back here. bcos Bitspower just annouced GALAX GTX 1080 HOF waterblocks!! http://www.performance-pcs.com/bitspower-galax-geforce-gtx-1080-hof-clear-acrylic-v1-water-block-for-galax-geforce-gtx-1080-hof.html is this good news. or GOOD NEWS?!?!?
  11. was wondering if theres waterblocks for the GALAX GTX 1070/1080 or even possibly 1060. EXOC or even the HOF series.
  12. So the Galax Gtx1070 and 1080 Hall of Fame editions have been out for a while now and I've been wondering if a 1060 version will be released.
  13. iBangAPES

    Feenix Gaming Bundle Giveaway

    Logitech MK250, Razer Naga 2014, Bauhn Headphones..... i need some upgrading...
  14. iBangAPES

    AMD Polaris Giveaway

    i actually have an alienware M17x R3 with AMD Radeon HD 6800M Series, and i've been meaning to build my own pc very soon, so this giveaway is a good chance for me to save a few hundred bucks off my budget list.