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  1. At this point miners will just consolidate their currency into smaller groups with more of it. So they will become the new centralized power over the crypto market. Its going to become as rich and wealth based as normal markets. If you have it you can get more but if you have none you cannot get in.
  2. @LAwLzUm you also realize almost NO miners of serious level are using 1 card. Their using 4, 8,12,36,256 etc. Their using HUGE numbers.
  3. China limits how much of your wealth "determined by them" can leave the country.
  4. Another thing to remember, is tape drives compressed data can go up to 30TBs in some cases. BUT magnetic tape CAN degrade over time and is SLOW to read. Plus not every new system can normally handle tape drives so if you can do optical drives it's much easier to use on more modern systems. Also if more compact as stated before storage becomes much less an issue. Also possibly cost. 2.5TB 5 pack of IBM tapes is almost 125 bucks and thats on the lower side of some of them. If this optical is less that could significantly help.
  5. Banned for having a derivative avatar! That is also not a bird!
  6. Banned for having an anime Avatar that isint chibi!
  7. Parts yes but not the government and not the number of larger heavily populated cities. Parts of the US are super rural. Again this is syaing because parts of a state are not technological hubs none of it is.
  8. Its a mistake made by those who keep thinking China is some backwater country and do not realize it is a very big global player. We need to respect what China CAN do and has done. Not pretend like their still some farming community.
  9. The Chinese government has a capable military and has been proven to hack US companies before to steal intellectual property. So its not blaming rice farmers its blaming the government which has proven over and over it wants the secrets and IP of other states to bolster itself. Its fairly openly stated in many ways it rather not have foreigners at all ever but be the most advanced state ever and have power. It wants it all. Its making a concerted effort now to push foreign workers and such OUT of china by delaying passport/visa extensions so they get deported. Paperwork that once took maybe we
  10. Sadly most companies outsource IT now to overseas groups to cut costs. So their physical IT departments are much smaller. Rely on more external systems not in their control. Azure or AWS are common.
  11. It only DOES something aka make you money if people believe it does. Bit coin nor ethereum give me a service. They are simply "mine this make money." Thats literally it. Alot ofp laces pulled back on accepting bitcoin too because it fluctuates too much. Costs laot to do transactions and moniter price.
  12. Its technology has not really gotten into many places after the past few years. A few companies began experimenting with blockchain for stuff but thats since stopped being a big thing. Fact is this is really just now about getting rich. POS will basically centralize it anyways into those who have the most of it. Once this happens you have defacto centralization.
  13. Trouble is people want get rich quick and easy ideas. In this case POS is the logical step for those trying to secure their gains and lock out others. And not just etherium has thought about it. Many have figured it'd be great. All it means however is those with the most of a specific currency get the most of it. It centralizes it which was supposed to be the thing these coins did not have.
  14. I believe bitcoins more asics now. So GPUs are not gonna do great. In the end this is what I said it was. Mining is a get rich quick scheme the scheme just ending for new comers now. its about who has moeny makes money.